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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

One World One Heart

I am late. Woefully late but, hopefully, as it's said, better late than never. I'm a self taught person in, just about, everything I do. While it's true I do have an undergrad degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Recreation, Parks and Tourism, it's also true that program no longer exists at VCU. Why, you ask? Good question. Some person, somewhere along the line decided it was no longer useful or needed. Frankly, that boggles my mind. Tourism is the Number One industry in Virginia, and just about every other state as well, and it amazes me people have no vision. Proverbs 29:18 says, "without a vision the people perish" and it's just as true today as it was some few thousand years ago.This tea cozy is my offering in the One World One Heart 2009 event. Using wool sweaters, bought from thrift stores, I felt them and then use them for various projects. Tea cozies are one of my favorites. They offer a large canvas that's forgiving and easy on my poor hands. My hands take a beating and, right now, I'm still suffering from a fall in January of last year. My left hand broke, somewhat, my fall but it still pains me and there are days it's, virtually, unusable. Lately there have been many such days. I've been getting ready for sheep shearing and my hands have taken a beating and have given me pain in return, especially the left one.

The tea cozy is a felted wool sweater embellished with ribbons, beads, felted flowers, wire ribbon, rick rack, embroidery, angel pin and whatever else I turned my hand to. It's going to Katie S. in Springfield, MO and I'm sure she's wondering if it was all a bad joke. Nope, Katie, it's not a bad joke and you should receive it by early week. I hope you enjoy.

My work in fiber and textiles is from trial and error. I did try taking spinning lessons, once, but the "teacher" was abrupt, hasty and lacking you think I've gotten that across yet? -smile- so I took the one "lesson", left and never returned. I like my work, I enjoy my work and others have told me they do as well. Still and all, there are times I question what I do but then...don't we all at times?The back of the tea cozy has a small, felted heart button. I could have tarted it up a bit more but felt this little heart button said what I wanted to say. The tea cozy was made with love and prayers in the hopes it will get lots of use. Perhaps Katie will even say a prayer for me when she uses it. I hope so.

Blessings ~ OWOH ~ felted sweaters ~ the fits of our hands and heart as well as the work of our hands and hearts ~


  1. Lovely little cozies! I use tea cozies and have made them too. I can keep a pot of tea hot for hours with my tea cozies, unless I drink up all the tea in a short time!

    I hope your hands are feeling better. Does this also affect your typing? Just wrap your hands around a warm cat or dog...

    So, are you busy washing fleeces now?

  2. Just lovely tea cozies! Hope your hands soon feel better. Have a blessed Easter. blessings, Kathleen

  3. Good Morning Kathy - thanks for visiting and glad you like the tea cozy. If I'm seated, there's a cat on my oap and a dog on either side. I keep thinking a warm parafin treatment would be sooooo good!
    I'll wash fleeces at end of April; it's still a bit cool. We had 3 inches of snow and it's still hanging on the mountains.

    Good Morning Kathleen - thanks for visiting and it pleases me you like the tea cozy. Enjoy Easter - renew, reflect, recreate.

  4. Love the idea, cozy and everything! The embellishments are delightful!

  5. Hi Sandra,
    I'm at work but just had to let you know how much we loved the bars you brought by today. They were gone pretty quick. Yummy! We all appreciate your kindness towards us here at the library:) Gotta go, but love your blog. Will stop by and read more when I'm at home. ~peace~

  6. I love your tea cozies..very creative. i love that you are recycling sweaters like that. I love the life that you are living. Right on about the importance of keeping our vision...without it we will perish. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Good Morning Leslie - thanks for visiting and glad you like the work; it's fun and something I enjoy making.

    Good Morning Jeanne - thanks for visiting and for joining TCF. I like your blog, keep up the Good Work. I'm glad you like my tea cozy. Reduce, Renew, Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse...all things my family...any mountain family...have always done. The only thing we had in spades was love -smile-.

  8. This is precious! just precious. Hope your hand feels better.

    You are so creative! Thanks for participating in Fiber Arts Fridays. Love to see what you're up to. :)


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