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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Almost Full Moon

Life is what happens when we're busy living but when we slow down...ahh, we open ourselves to the magic and mystery that is older than time. The magic and mystery that is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. That time before everything else, when His creation was new, before we humans had begun to rid ourselves of that which we did not understand.

From our back porch the, almost, full moon rises over the wild cherry tree. You can see the fog rolling across the mountains, drifting into the valley, wafting across the pastures. The glint on the right hand side is from the celler roof as the moon light floods to my eye.
Here, from the sun room porch, the walnut tree in the foreground with the moon starting her glide across the valley and sky; the mountains show the fog beginning her descent. This is a magical time of night, full of sounds and whispers of small animals and the horses in the pasture next to the sun porch snuffling their pleasure at being a part of it all. We're not sure but we think we heard faeries floating and sighing on the breeze as the fog rolled over the mountain. Certainly we didn't hear the nightingale nor the coyotes; this time is far too mystical and the animals and birds know not to disturb the mystery. All hold their breath as if waiting for the Son to whisper, "this is my Father's creation and all is well."

Blessings ~ fog ~ night ~ moon light ~ breeze ~ whispers ~ mystery ~


  1. Whooohhhhh..unbelievable shots! Makes me feel Lisa commented. Great job!

  2. Just beautiful! The photos and your words....I too love to sit on my porch , very late at night, or in the early a.m. and just listen. There are so many sounds most of us are unfamiliar with in the quiet night, because we are walled up inside with so many other distractions. The night time is mysterious and beautiful in its' own way....your descriptive words gave me pictures to imagine the next time I sit in the dark and listen.

  3. Good Morning Lisa - God's handiwork is usually humbling, isn't it?

    Good Morning Carol - I'm glad you like the photos, it was fun taking them.

    Good Morning Kathy - it's one of life's greatest blessings to take time to porch sit and reflect. I find "just listening" to be the balm of Gilead to my soul.

  4. "In the beginning God created..."
    On the occasion when our doofus dog needs to go out in the night, I am usually the one to get up and let him out. The night sky never fails to amaze me. I will stand out on the deck and praise His Holy Name. How could I not?

    Those are simply magnificent photos.

  5. Quite lovely, photos and words!

  6. Stunning photos! Amazing!

    Maybe it was fairies and wood elves dancing in their fairy circles under the light of the moon. Magical!

    word verification: 'honest'

  7. Hi Cyn - thank you and perhaps 'doofus dog' is a blessing in disguise, eh? God allows us to grow accustomed to His fellowship and often times the dark hours are the sweetest.

    Hi Leslie - thank you for enjoying my photos and words. I love the early wee hours.

    Hi Lisa - you and I are in accord, I'm quite sure it WAS fairies! Love your word verification -smile-.


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