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Monday, May 11, 2009

National Apron Day

Of course there's a National Apron Day! Ahem. You DO have an apron, right? Some folks may think aprons are silly but for those of us who wear them, we know they are as necessary a tool as the stove to the kitchen. I've been collecting and wearing aprons for decades. I well remember Grandmother Hattie Gaye Hamrick Bennett wearing her apron, morning to late night. She was never without her apron and it was always the pinafore kind. None of those silly little half aprons for her! She kept home on a homestead farm in Webster County, WV, was born in the late 1800's and knew a woman was only as good as the work her two hands produced.

You see, that was back in the time when survival, quite literally Survival, depended upon knowing how to fix a fire in the cook stove, butcher a hog or chicken, put up food the hard way - by canning on the wood stove and a slew of other tasks that were, simply, hard work. Clothes were washed on a scrub board or, later Glory Hallelujah! in a wringer washer. Sheep were kept for wool to be spun into yarn to be woven into cloth; cows were kept to raise a calf for meat and then to milk for cream, milk, butter and buttermilk; hogs were kept for slaughter and to have hams, bacon, middlins and such in the winter and chickens for pot, chicks and eggs.

Many the time I've watched Grandmother or Aunt Bonnie catch a chicken, wring its neck off and toss it to the ground while they swept up another. Or, if the chicken was near the chopping block, they would catch it up, place its head on the block and hold it while, with their other hand, they would use the ax to cut off the head. Watching a headless chicken run around while it bleeds out is an unusual sight, indeed!

I don't rightly recall Aunt Bonnie wearing aprons, I need to call Aunt Esther and ask her. Come to think of it, I don't recall Aunt Esther wearing aprons either but I do have an old Brownie photo of Grandmother and she's in her apron, sitting on the front porch with Granddaddy. A million dollars couldn't buy that photo!

This apron was purchased in Alaska when Dave and I visited last September. It's a great apron, very useful - the bodice is of heavy duty cotton with a fishing print while the bottom is a towel. The neck has a velcro piece so it can be, somewhat, adjusted and the ties go 'round the waist. I use this apron when I've got heavy duty work - making apple butter in the kettle outside, gardening or dyeing wool. It's a great apron...but I've already mentioned that, eh? -smile-

The Apronista is having a nice little contest to celebrate National Apron Day and I've decided to play along. I think I have only one apron that doesn't look well loved nor well worn. It could be because that's the one I was given as a gift this past November or because I've yet to wear it. It's so lovely and I'm not one who can wear an apron for looks alone. I wear aprons because they are Useful with a capital U. They are used for wiping hands, wiping sweat from my brow, gathering veggies or fruit, carrying a kitten, wiping a dogs' paw, as pockets when I have none on my dress or pants, carrying the mail or flowers and yes, even in the kitchen to retrieve something from the oven or stove. Aprons have myriad uses and each day brings another use.

This is the gift apron. Someone at the nursing home made a few hand embroidered things for their fund raiser and this apron was bought by someone who knows me fairly well. She knows I have a "thing" for aprons and had admired this one. At the end of the day, she surprised me with it and it's a gift I cherish. I'd probably wear it at Christmas, after the work was done, so I could look nice while carrying dishes from stove to table.

This is a close-up of the hand embroidered work at the hem. Absolutely Lovely!I've had this apron for decades, probably forty years or so. It's so cute...One cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs...and all hand embroidered. It's a half apron.

This is one of the first aprons I ever bought and my, then, boyfriend didn't think it so funny. It says "A fool and his money are some party"...I thought it a cute play on words even if he didn't.

So, there you have it. Some of my aprons that see daily use. I've several dozen more that are vintage and well loved well worn that I'll show you later. I enjoy looking at them, wondering about who used them for what purpose. Some are old shirts made into useful aprons with just a bit of life left.

Just like us, eh? A bit old but still useful -smile-.

Blessings ~ aprons ~ vintage ~ family ~ fun ~ heritage ~


  1. Think I like the last apron the best and would wear it often! LOL

  2. I wear an apron nearly every day, tho no one in my family ever did. My mom always thought I was born in the wrong heart was always towards homemaking, unlike many of my peers back in the 70's.
    My favorites are my vintage ones...they don't make 'em like they used to!

  3. Love all of your neat aprons! I've had fun today reading new blogs! Love yours! I'm wearing my apron today, too!

  4. I did not start wearing aprons until a few years ago. I find them very practical and now need to have aprons on hand. I have a denim apron that I fill one pocket with dog biscuits to treat the dogs throughout the day and gather eggs in the other pocket. I have started collecting nice full aprons to wear for different occasions and have decided this year my Christmas gifts will include aprons to all my included! Men need aprons for barbecuing and my Hubby does a great deal of cooking too!

    Nice post, love your aprons, especially the embroidered one. Wouldn't that be a lovely apron to wear while hosting a tea?

  5. My Mother always wore an apron. I do not. Aunt Mary always wore a denim apron of a very distictive design, kind of like what you'd see on the "prairie". Wish I had the pattern...she never shared it and now she is gone.

  6. What a fantastic roundup of apron images and facts! I had no idea there was a national Apron Day, but will mark my calendar for next year - there's no way I'm letting another one of these slip by unnoticed :)

    Thank you very much for your lovely words on my blog, I hope that you're having a beautiful and blessed week!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I Love the Towel Apron! What a Great idea!! I also Love the Omlet apron:)

    You have a Lovely blog!
    Thanks for visiting mine:)

  8. Hi Carol - that last apron always brings a chuckle!

    Hi FarmGirl Cyn - aprons are SO useful, can't imagine why more folks don't wear them.

    Hi Lavender Dreamer - glad you're wearing your apron...enjoy! Thanks for visiting and, please, come back soon.

    Hi Kathy - aprons are so practical and I find I need many for different chores. The pockets are Very Handy! Yes, it would be a lovely apron to wear while hosting a tea...what a nice thought.

    Hi June - Oh yes, I think those are the pinafore type aprons, right? I love those kinds, my very favorite!

    Hi Jessica - many thanks for visiting and please come back soon. National Apron Day is a great day to unite -smile-.

    Hi BEELICIOUS - yes, the towel apron is fabulous and the omlet apron is "vintage". Thanks for visiting and please come back soon.


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