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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Tale of Two Kitties

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the spring of despair, it was the day of hope. We had everything before us, it was the day we almost drowned.

Okay, my apologies to Mr. Dickens but, tell me, who among you could have resisted, eh? -smile-

These, now lovely, kittens and their mother, were almost drowned a week ago Sunday. Red, our neighbor, called to ask if we would take the little family and allow them to live in the barn. Yep, bring 'em on, I told him and he loaded them into their cat carrier, put their litter box in the back of the truck bed as well and proceeded to come to the farm. He didn't realize how full of water was the truck bed; we'd had rain for about two weeks straight and if trucks aren't parked on an incline, the water collects and doesn't drain out.
Red only lives about a mile away and by the time he'd arrive, the water had sloshed into the carrier and Old Yeller and her two kittens were a soaked, sodden, clayey Mess! I was headed to church and stopped at the barn to make sure everyone was settled in when I saw how dreadful everyone looked. I wrapped the kittens in towels and took them to the house where I fed them warmed milk with an eyedropper and then gave them a warm bath. I wrapped them up in dry towels and then used the hair dryer, set on low, to dry them and warm them further. When I'd finished their baths, there were enough towels for a small load of laundry!

On Monday I went to the barn to bring Mother back to the house where she got the same royal treatment. She is a dear thing, never once offered to bite or growl or hiss. I used a five gallon bucket, two third's filled with warm water and placed her so she could hold on to the side with her front two paws. She had a sturdy grip and suffered her bath with a great deal of dignity and grace and then was wrapped in a warm town for toweling dry.

The kittens have been given two or three baths, each, and the mother has been given one bath. They are looking much better now than when they arrived and loving how they have been rescued. Tuna in water, twice a day, kitten chow, fresh water, a portion of half 'n half each day...not a bad life for what started out so dreadfully.

If the day is sunny and warm, I take them to the yard for play time which they enjoy. They are kittens and if there's anything so fearless and unafraid as a kitten, I've yet to meet the animal.

The little family is ensconced in the parlor...the very same one that Still Needs Repair from the flooding back in December 2008! At least they can't do very much's already a wreck but I Am Very Hopeful work shall begin this weekend and the little family will be moved to the granary to live. They will be fed and watered everyday, have wool fleeces to sleep upon and, eventually, be spayed and given vaccinations. Some humans should live so good.

This little family isn't the only new life we have on the farm but that story will be continued another day. Right now, I've got to get this posted so I can get a morning snack ready for others.

Blessings ~ life ~ baths ~ warm towels ~ a sunny day ~ good food ~ enough loving on to make a body forget ~


  1. Bless you for helping these poor unwanted kitties. They will love you for it, and I admire you all the more!

  2. Our "garage" cat, Sophia Loren, had 5 kittens nearly 6 weeks ago, and they are a hoot and a holler to watch! Unfortunately, they need to find a good home, as we already have 4 full grown cats, and I am concerned that if we so much as think about keeping one of these, we will officially be labeled the "crazy cat folks"!

  3. OH, what a lovely post. I have a soft spot for kitties, too! I love the photo of them playing on your legs, with your pretty house in the background! (I love that house and would like to see more of it!!) But, kittens are so much fun, and it seems to me that rescued kittens have the most grateful of personalities! ENJOY!

  4. Wonderful tale - I am sure Mr. Dickens would approve!

    And lovely photos - each time I read your blog, I am overwhelmed by a (tiny) bit of envy... I just remind myself, one of these years...

  5. Hi could I possibly turn away unwanted animals...the unicorn flying over the farm would jab me with its horn! -smile-

    Hi Farmgirl Cyn...surely you DO realize you're already labeled as "the crazy cat folks"...right? Seems like if anyone has more than one, they are 'crazy cat folks' -smile-.

    Hi Joni...I have puncture marks on my left leg where the kittens played 'Queen on the Hill'; I'm just now getting past the pain! I'll do a house post in the near future, how's that?

    Hi're more than welcome to visit, just as long as you bring work clothes -smile-.

  6. Cute cute kittens.
    Love 'em.

    What a great place to call home.

  7. Kittens! Doesn't the very word 'kittens' warm your heart and make you smile? They are cute, as are all kittens and it is a good thing for them to have it so wonderful at Thistle Cove Farm!

  8. We have a new litter from our barn cat, unfortunately she won't bring them down from there nest made over the ceiling of the tack room yet. I so want to see them and know what they are. We keep getting 'drop off's" and the spaying bill is getting high so hope no females...HA

    Thanks for posting on my blog and remembering us from MSWF.

  9. Anonymous8:26 PM EDT

    Thank you for saving those kittens! My cat was a stray that showed on our doorstep and never left!
    I love your blog. =)

  10. Hi, so glad to see the kittens are all better and Mom, too. So, glad that YOU were there!!! Have a lovely weekend. ~ Jeanne

  11. Hi Deanna, this is a Wonderful place to call home until we're called Home. smile.

    Hi Kathy - the kittens were moved to the granary with food and water and their very own fleece to sleep upon. They love it and does Mama Cat.

    Hi Barbara - thanks for visiting TCF; you're always welcome here.

    Hi Annette - thanks for visiting and thinking your part of the mountains should be beautiful just about now.

    Hi Jeanne - hope you're feeling better and thanks for visiting.

  12. The unicorns have been busy for us both my dear new friend. You have 3 new little ones staking their claim with you & I have 4 little tiger-striped munchkins that have found their way here to expand the clan!

    Lots of love to go around..

  13. Hi Jules - Your little ones sound as AAAdorable as do mine! You think we need to name the unicorn? -smile-

  14. I want to be a kitty and come to live on your farm.....bliss!


  15. found you via Cat. What a wonderful story. The kittens and Mom are very lucky that you could take them in. Starting in life with so much water they may like it. I once has a cat the was dropped in the toilet when his mom try to relocate the litter to the linen closet about it. Samson used to get in the play pool with my daughter.


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