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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Time Is Fleeting - Wear Purple Now!

"Time is fleeting and I'm not waiting to wear purple
Or red or kiwi or orange or magenta or any other color
I'll spend my time sitting under the sunflowers
while the mares snuffle my hair and kittens play in my lap
Today I'll take my knitting to the pasture
and chance a wet bottom when I sit on the ground
Samuel and Carly will nuzzle my pockets for treats of corn
while the other sheep bleat at their boldness

My needles will lie quietly as I watch birds float on unseen columns of wind
The barn swallows and goldfinches and robins and even the buzzards will
bring me joy on their outstretched wings

Tonight at midnight, the dogs and I will walk in the pasture
I'll whisper secrets to the horses and sheep
I'll look for falling stars and the big and little dipper
and will nail Orion's belt with the north star

I'll drink good wine and strong beer and sweet water
I'll eat chocolate for breakfast and pastry for lunch
mix cream in my flavored coffee and
turn up my nose at powdered milk and ill mannered people

Tomorrow I'll give compliments to perfect strangers
and speak to people on the street just
to watch their reactions as I grin at my silly self
I've worn hats for over thirty years and see no need to stop
I'll not waste happiness on tomorrow but spend it willy nilly today
Time is fleeting and I'm wearing purple now"

I wrote this in 2004, in part, a year memorable for the numbers of family, friends and acquaintances we lost to the grim reaper. The sentiment is still the same; don't expect to find joy, take it with you on your travels. Take it with you on this journey called life. There's never a better time than NOW to celebrate being alive, to celebrate what you do have and not what you don't. Make time for yourself, for your friends, for your family, for all your loved ones.

Tempus Fugit. Don't allow a precious moment escape you.

Blessings ~ memories ~ hats ~ time ~ your one wonderful life! ~


  1. Love this...and really love that picture in your header!

  2. Dear One,
    Greetings from the Kansas Flinthills! Thank you for becoming a follower. It will be nice to get to know you through blogging.

    I'm new to your site and love it.
    Your header is outstanding. It looks heavenly and I can only imagine walking about in a daze due to the beauty.

    The poem you've written and posted speaks volumns. I will read and reread it again.

    We're not living in the country now, but did for two years after talking about it for 20 years. After the deaths of 5 loved ones and friends, I asked my husband Are we going to try living in the country or just talk about it?
    We raised Airedale Terriers.

    If God would allow it, I'd be in the country again.

    Talk to you soon,

  3. Love the poem. Very wonderful sentiments. Who are your relatives in Webster Springs?

  4. Good Morning Leslie - thanks, it's a great photo, caught at just the right time of evening.

    Good Morning Deanna - thank you for visiting TCF; it pleases me to share the photo header with folks. This valley is one of the most beautiful on earth, we're blessed to live here.

    Good Morning Becky - nice to see you and my Daddy's family is from Webster County, not the town. Hamricks are his mother's people and Bennett's are his daddy's people. Bennie Cowger, Marty Cowger are preacher cousins in Bergoo and Cowen.

  5. Oh, Becky, that poem is so beautiful! You are multi-talented and I'm so glad you share that talent with all of us!

  6. It is alwaysa joy to stop by Thistle Cove! My summer vacation from school begins this evening! I still have a graduation to participate in, but that is a joy! I plan to "get busy living" tonight! Now where is my purple.....

  7. Hi Joni - glad you like the poem, I loved writing it although the circumstances were stressful.

    Hi FireLlight - LIVE to the fullest and wear what you want -smile-. This isn't a dress rehearsal.

    thanks to you both for stopping by;
    greatly appreciated, xoxo - Sandra.

  8. Your header photo is so peaceful looking and makes me feel a little humbled...

  9. Just beautiful, the sentiments expressed in your poem, and oh so much a more worthy pass time and endeavor!

  10. Your place is lovely!! I can just imagine sitting on your porch and taking in the peace and tranquility.
    I would enjoy all your animals too...we have miniature donkeys and really enjoy them.
    Have a wonderful day!!

  11. Hi Carol, thanks for stopping by and I do love looking out of my sun room windows every day, the view never changes from beautiful.

    Hi Kathy, hope you've been well; you've been in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for liking my poem.

    Hi Mary, thanks for visiting and I've always wanted a miniature donkey...what cute little things!

  12. Anonymous9:07 AM EDT

    Your farm and animals are lovely. The poem gives some good advice, I'm going to write it down, just to remind myself, to do this. I feel life is fleeting...

    I'm a customer and friend of Leslie S. She is a nice person and glad I've met her through her shop. I'm also a spinner and knitter. Thanks again for your words of inspiration!

  13. This is just well written. So gentle, quiet, calm, yet bold and with such a strong message. I will take it to heart, my friend.

    I love the photo of you as a shepherdess watching over your flock with your spinning wheel.
    Maybe you could have dressed like Little Bo Peep? No...that'd be silly! hehe!


  14. I LOVE this!!!! Thank you for sharing...I laughed & laughed at some of the "I will..." Yes, let's live TODAY!


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