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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blog Gal!

What a Wonderful Surprise!Christine Gonzalez, in Michigan, sent this delightful Blog Gal. Can you see the little clothespin body? The scrap of lace apron over the flower print dress? Raffia hair with blue hair ties, a bouquet of red flowers and a beaming smile all made my day!

The accompanying poem is by Helen Steiner Rice and called Friendship's Flower

"Life is like a garden and
friendship like a flower
that Blooms and Grows in
beauty with the Sunshine
and the shower

And lovely are the blossoms that are tended
with great care by those
who work unselfishly To
make the place more fair

And like the garden
blossoms, friendships
flower grows more sweet,
when watched and tended
carefully by those we know
and meet

And if the seed of friendship
is planted deep and true
and watched with

Friendships flower will
bloom for you"

Christine, you're incredible! This gift came Out of The Blue and absolutely stunned me with its beauty of both hand crafted love and poetry. Thank You, a thousand times Thank You! What a great ministry and what a great blessing to be on the receiving end of your ministry. Thank you.

Please, tell me more so others can learn of you and your ministry.

Blessings ~ Christine ~ Blog Gal ~ Helen Steiner Rice ~ poetry ~ unexpected, lovely gifts ~


  1. What a cutie Blog Gal is. Sandra,it's neat you're enjoying her so much...I'm sure that makes Christine heart shine.

  2. Hi Jami - sure hope you've been well and caught up from vacation. Blog Gal is cute but it's all a wonderful mystery!

  3. I don't remember any vacation! I have no clue what you are talking about. Ha. I'm off to Wyoming today to visit the in-laws, road trip! Been working my tush off around here and the paying job too. No rest for the wicked as they say. I love that top pic on your blog. Enjoy the day.


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