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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Fat Quarters SEWN Winner

Along the blog way, I've read that generator "never" picks number one but I know that God has His ways higher than our ways, thoughts higher than our thoughts.

Kathy at Spot on Cedar Pond has been a Thistle Cove Farm blog reader for some years. I know I've come to rely on seeing her notes of encouragement, wit, wisdom, just to say Good Morning and always keep her tucked in prayer. Actually, I tuck all folks who comment into prayer; it's my way of doing something nice for you and I believe God brings each of you into my -blog- life for a reason. I don't have to know the reason either -smile-.

Anyway, Kathy was the first to comment on the SEWN fat quarter give-away and picked number one out of all thirty-three entries!

So, Kathy, please let me know of you want the fat quarters and, if so, send me a PM with your snail mail address.

Thank you, all, for entering my little contest. I hope you enjoyed your visit to Thistle Cove Farm and found it soothing to your busy life. Please come back soon.

Blessings ~ Kathy ~ all folks who gave their gift of time to enter my giveaway ~ blog land ~ fat quarters ~ SEWN ~


  1. Thank-you! Yes, I do want the fat quarters...I won, I won! Thank-you also for the kind words Sandra, they mean a lot to me.

  2. Hi Sandra
    Did you know that you won a gift voucher in the SEWN draw? I hadn't heard form you so I was't sure if you knew - congrats! Send me an email with your addy so that I can get the prize off to you. Yay!


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