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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sam Spade and Sadie Hawkins

This week, I've been counting my blessings between naps or, to be more accurate, long sleeps. I've been sick with a cold or something resembling a cold and it has taken its toll. The animals, particularly the dogs, have been most unsympathetic with my plight. They still expect to be fed, given treats, let in and out of the house, walked and all the other duties our dogs think humans are put upon this earth to perform. When I've been unable to perform, according to their satisfaction, they give me these long, doleful looks that say, "Are we not the least bit important in your life? Is it asking too much for you to come play with us?"

Somehow, going to the barn to do chores, just isn't quite the same as actual playing. Who knew? I was certainly fooled!

One huge blessings is Sam Spade; he's living with us as companion and, it appears, has found his home. Sadie Hawkins thinks so but the other two older girls, Abbie and Gracie, still need some convincing. I thing perhaps a year or two might convince them but, certainly, no less. They, like so many of us, have become set in their ways and the least bit of interruption in their schedule is not to their liking. Every now and again, I see in Abbie the beginnings of acceptance but Gracie still snarls and bares her teeth should the youngins' get too rambunctious too close to her.

Here, Sadie waits for Sam to catch up and Abbie is gone to yonder and back. Abbie is always the point and seldom, if ever, waits on the rest of us. Goodness! There might actually be a ground hog or rabbit someone else might sniff out first and then, there goes Abbie's reputation. She can't have that!

Sadie and Sam will play with virtually anything. Which is, yet another, blessing as it takes some of the responsibility off me. I'm one of those people who believe the best way to socialize a puppy is lots and lots and lots, as in round the clock, human interaction. I like using firm commands, interspersed with yelps of pain and, I'm sorry to admit this but God already knows anyway...a few choice curse words when blood, my blood, is brought forth. Sadie and Sam both have puppy teeth, which means shark sharp teeth, but their teeth have been, somewhat blunted with age and my skin. They are both getting better about biting though and it only takes a firm, "No Bite" for either of them to get the message, "Don't bite the human" and return to biting each other. Unless I see blood, I seldom interfere and, truth be told, I've yet to see blood, at least their blood. I, on the other hand, don't have much vitamin K and am a free bleeder. Makes it interesting in church...I'm sitting there, listening to the sermon, thinking how it applies to my life and Dave will lean over to me and say, "Do you realize there's blood dripping down your arm?"


All those expensive toys we bought them and they play with a basil plant wrapper. King Kong toys...a complete and total waste of money as they are simply Not Interested! They figure if they hold out long enough their human will give them a treat free and working for it. Just like Uncle, eh?

One of those rare, peaceful moments where Sam found the, heretofore, cat basket, and claimed it as his own. Poor baby, he'd worn himself out playing tug with Sadie.
Even though Abbie will snarl, growl and run from Sadie and Sam she does have a soft side. It's to be found when she's sleeping and Sam claimed a soft spot on her flank to take a morning nap.
There are times when both puppies will curl up in the dog basket and noodle. That lasts all of a few seconds and then it's back to puppy play which is loud, boisterous and lively. As to the's some better due to Sambucol, cough drops, copious amounts of water, as much sleep as I can stand and time. As Daddy likes to say, "Father Time and Mother Earth will take care of way or the other."

Blessings ~ Sadie ~ Sam ~ Abigail ~ Grace ~ the humans ~ good health ~ natural remedies ~


  1. Sandra,
    Try 1500 mil. of Vit.C and 1000 units of Vit.E every 4 hours. It will knock anything out in 48 hours and you can't overdose because your body flushes what it doesn't need. I haven't taken an antibiotic in 20 years!!

  2. I use EmergenC. It works pretty well. Lots and lots of Vit C in there! They have it at our health food store.
    Love all the pictures of the pups. Especially your new sweet!

  3. I love the way Sam just fit right in with Sadie. They are both so cute, and I foresee and very happy life for the two of them as pals and co-conspirators in all kinds of wonderful mischief!

    I spent the day next door at my sis-in-laws and she showed me her COUNTRY magazine with YOU in it. Loved reading about you and yours, while visiting with all our family / neighbors.I hope you are well rested and feeling better.

  4. Oh I do hope you get better soon.

    I love your puppies. No, really...I LOVE them. I have no dog. And I need one. But I need one that needs me, so I am waiting for him to show up. I think Sam was supposed to be mine, but that's ok, he has a nice home. I'll just keep waiting.


  5. Praying that you will soon be over your sickness and that God will restore you to good health soon.

  6. Hi, there; I am still fairly new at this and usually find it difficult to get where I want to go. Thankfully I guess I, "stumbled" on to your blog. It is wonderfully surprising that there are so many women whose hearts are atuned whether they live on a farm in virginia or a small apartment in a rural town in Washington state.

    I am truly taken with your blog.
    Thanks for your interest in mine. Primarily, I am a humorist...with some serious stuff thrown in.

    And I love our Lord Jesus


  7. Hope you're feeling better soon! It's tough to be sick when there's so much to do. And two puppies aren't any more trouble than one, right? Both are darling!

  8. Hi Carol - thanks for the wise advice. I'm really sleep deprived with taking care of two puppies!

    Hi Mountain Home Quilts - I think with the lack of sleep, my resistance was down. I'm feeling some better. Both puppies are AAAdorable!

    Hi Kathy - Sadie and Sam are fast friends and that's wonderful. Abbie and Gracie are older and we'll probably lose Gracie this summer. She's losing ground daily.
    Thanks for your kind words about the Country article; it was great fun.

    Hi Lisa - well, you just come visit Same any ole time!

    Hi June - I'm feeling some better; thanks for your good wishes and prayers.

    Hi Audrey - I visited your blog and left a comment; perhaps that's how you came to visit Thistle Cove Farm.

    Hi Leslie - you're right...two puppies aren't any more trouble just double the clean-up! -smile-

  9. Healing hugs to you, sweet dear! I hope that before the week is over you'll be feeling as good as new!

    (BTW, your pups are too cute for words!)

    Wishing you a beautiful week,
    ♥ Jessica

  10. Isn't Sam a little cutie!! Isn't that the truth about toys? If you buy a toy .. they are not interested. But a left over box, or grocery bag or other free item .... big hit.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  11. what a little punkin all tuckered out in the basket!
    have a wonderful night and get better soon...

  12. They are so cute but oh how they can lay the guilt trip with their very sad little eyes when they don't get what they want...It gets me every time..


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