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Monday, June 01, 2009

Keniba Thistle Cove Sadie

The huge hole left in our hearts by Shaddie's passing in January, is, slowly, being filled by Sadie. Her registered name is Keniba Thistle Cove Sadie but she's known simply as Sadie or, sometimes, in a moment of weakness, Sadie Mae. Dave doesn't like Sadie Mae but I'm not crazy about him calling her Killer, Fang or other such nicknames. I feel Sadie or Sadie Mae fits her. Sadie is a nickname for Sarah, Hebrew for Princess, and is a good, strong Appalachian moniker. She'll grow into a good, strong dog, probably seventy to eighty pounds and we've already bonded.

She has started going to the barn, can climb up the porch stairs, comes when called...when she wants -smile-...and does a multitude of other, wonderful things that only people who have had dogs as puppies can appreciate.

We spent most of this afternoon in the studio where I quilted and Sadie napped. I think she's better at her job than I am at my job.
Someone, I believe Edith Wharton, once said, "My dog, a heartbeat at my feet." She's almost right as I believe, "My dogs, heartbeats at my heart." There's something special about companion animals and, more specifically, a dog. People who think animals are dumb are people who have never had companion animals. Once you've lived with a dog, in the house, at your side, you realize animals are not dumb. If anything, it's the other way around, it's we humans who are, sometimes, dumb.

Abigail and Sadie are still working out their roles; Abbie as big sister and Sadie as tag along. Even in sleep, they know their roles. Gracie is Grandma and just wants to be left alone. She's patient with Sadie but doesn't put up with a lot of puppy stuff. That's Abbie's role as we believe she's younger, by a few months, years...who really knows?
Here's we're headed to the barn to feed cats and horses. Sadie didn't know to go around mud puddles but she's a fast learner. Now she avoids them unless she wants to splash or, like Abbie, flops down into the puddles to cool off. Most of the barn cats are okay with the dogs and now with Sadie. All the animals here at Thistle Cove Farm must live together peaceably; it's a fore taste of what's to come...the other side of the veil.

Blessings ~ Sadie ~ Abbie ~ Gracie ~ puppies ~


  1. Sadie is a cutie and such a pretty color! Puppies are fun.

    Sadie has a beautiful place to call home and somebody to love her.


  2. She is adorable! Is she a Rhodesian
    Ridgeback? Do you have this breed to protect your flocks, or just love that breed?

    Killer, Fang, NO WAY! she is a Princess, just look at her sweet eyes.

    Puppies keep you young and we don't train them, they train us!*wink*

  3. Your husband is funny! Killer? Fang?
    Sadie seems a perfect puppy, and seems to have fit right in , and very comfortably too.

    My dogs are sleeping at my feet right now, and my cat is interfering with my typing, I think she wants to see more of Sadie, or your cats.

  4. Welcome, Deanna - people should have it so good! I can't save everyone but I save the ones God puts before me.

    Oh Kelle - you are SO right; she's training me and not I training her!

    Hi Kathy - yep, Dave's a laugh a minute but he's slowly calling her Sadie as he doesn't like me calling her Sadie Mae. Seems we're all training each other around here - grin-. Miss Kitty usually sits in my lap while I'm at the computer, she's the one with cancer and receives meds every other day. She's a doll baby and I'll miss her dreadfully when she's gone...just as I miss all the others.

  5. Sandra....I have a Sadie too! We call her Sadie Boo most of the time. The girl at our boarding kennel says Sadie is the most common female name for dogs.
    Yours is a cutie. I subscribed to the MJF magazine!

  6. What a cute pooch and I love the ears. I read the column about your farm on Country Magazine. You are truly living a dream. Congratulations.

  7. Love the picture with the "flying ears" she;'s adorable!

  8. Hi Carol - Sadie Boo is such a cute moniker! I'm sure we'll get around to calling our Sadie - Sadie Bo Hunkus, Sadiekins anda slew of other fetching 'I love you' names. You'll love the MJF magazine, now check out her forums to learn a lot of neat stuff is the site.

    Hi affectioknit - thanks, she IS a sweetie...most of the time -smile-.

    Hi Margaret - thanks for visiting my dream, I LOVE living at Thistle Cove Farm and even the hard work to keep it going. Please come back soon.

    Hi Carol - flying ears...reminds me of Dumbo -smile-.

  9. Too cute! We are having a giveaway on our blog, stop by to enter.

    Linda & Dixie
    The Funky Junk Sisters

  10. you have a beautiful pup that will grow up to be a loyal and loving friend just as shaddie..looking forward to her growing up on your blog along with all your other animals...xoxo~kim


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