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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Remember the water damage from our heating pipes freezing, bursting, thawing back in January? We're finally getting around to fixing that part of the house...HURRAH! It's been a huge job, taking weeks and weeks as it has to be repaired as people have time. I choose a wall color called "Amber" and love how it warms up the room as the sun moves across the sky. Every single wall in this house has, at the bare minimum, one opening and some have two or even three openings. Every wall has either a window or door and some walls have a fireplace and a door...or even two doors! The windows are 9 feet tall by 3 feet wide and the rooms are 10 feet tall. The floors are pine, sometimes heart pine and are all beautiful.

The dogs and I get up early, not as early as the dogs would like but I feel 6:00 a.m. is plenty early enough, especially as I'm not getting to bed until late...or what poses as late for me. Not enough sleep at any rate and I feel always drained, always tired, exhausted even, and during the worst of times, stumbling around on my feet. Dogs don't care though so I try and catch up as I can.

Last night I made a pallet on the sun room floor where I attempted to sleep but, at 2:00 a.m. I gave up and moved to a bedroom. The floors had their second coat of poly yesterday and the stench was amazing! It closed up our throats and choked us so Dave, the dogs and I all tried to sleep in the sunroom as it's the room fartherest away from the parlor. Even so, the smell was truly amazing. We had windows and doors open and around 2:00 the smell had either dissapated enough for me to stand going to the bedroom next door to the parlor or my hips just couldn't take any more of the hard floor.

This is the hall, loaded with stuff that's been moved around and around and preparation for the fix-up. I've given a lot of things away and have yet more to unload on someone. One man's trash is another man's treasure, eh?

Sadie Hawkins loves me

Sadie wanted to be close this morning as we watched the kittens play. I had dropped onto the small flower bed timbers and was sitting there, fair stunned from lack of sleep and energetic play. Sadie just said, "it's okay Mom, I've got your back." -smile- She's a good-un and I'm enjoying watching her grow up.

This little kitten came up from the barn; she's one of the kittens I bathed when they were drowned in our neighbor's truck. She's doing fine and seems to enjoy visiting, especially now that Miss Emma is here. This little girl has yet to be named; any ideas?

Sam Spade and Sadie Hawkins

Sam is the terror of Sadie's life! He absolutely delights in pouncing on her, growling like a little lion and making her life miserable. And Sadie? She adores it! Thus far the only blood drawn has been mine so all's well.

Sam Spade and Miss Emma

Sam Spade adores making everyone toe the line. He pounces on Miss Emma like she's a big girl and here, Miss Emma is boxing Sam's nose for his trouble.

Marti, a friend from Richmond, gave me her Great Grandmother's Singer treadle sewing machine. It's long been my desire to make a quilt on this machine but it needed some fixing. Mr. H. is my Go-To sewing machine repair man and as he put it, "I can fix anything."
He can too. It's not bragging when it's true.
He fixed this machine for me and it works like a charm and will go into the parlor when the time is right. The Singer is dated 1887 and Mr. H. said the cabinet is the best he's ever seen. It needs a little TLC but nothing that can't be put right.

There's a quiche ready to come out of the oven; lunch is overdue. I've been cleaning all morning and needed a break so took some time for the computer. I want to get to the YMCA for a swim and workout today as well as work in the studio. There's always something to do and I'm never bored but figured out, early days, the work will always be there so it's best to just find a stopping place and then...stop. Stop to eat or rest or drink some water; stop to play with a kitten or love on Miss Kitty. Stop to cuddle with a puppy or give Abbie or Gracie some loving. Stop to share a glass of wine with Dave. Stop is one of my favorite four letter words!Blessings ~ sewing machine repair man ~ sewing machine ~ beautiful new to me room ~ lunch shared with friends and family ~ digital cameras ~


  1. I love the color you picked for the walls... it is warm and inviting! I also love the tall windows and the stone fireplace.
    My paternal grandmother was born in 1889 so your sewing machine is just a little older than my Nana would be, were she still with us.
    Have a lovely day and evening,

  2. The wall color is lovely. So warm. I just love the architectural detail of old homes. Your windows are gorgeous, it is nice how they start right at the floor. I can just imagine the smell of the polyurethane, it must not be good to breathe the fumes.

  3. Wow- that color looks FABULOUS! :)

  4. The room is beautiful!
    Can't wait to see how you arrange your furniture to suit the room.
    Job well done!


  5. Decorating will be so much fun...the room looks warm and inviting with the wood floor and the wall color.

  6. I have to agree with the others, the wall color is so warm and just perfect! Your home is wonderfully built, and after you have repaired , re-painted and rearranged things, your old home will be like new, but better!

    Lunch with our husbands is the best, isn't it?

  7. Hey Sandra, I am interested! We are having a horriable situation right now of which I will blog about later but didn't want you to think I was ignoring you! :D

  8. Hi Cat, oh yes, the color is wonderful and it's going to be lovely using the parlor. It's difficult to see but the fireplace is actually made of slave made brick that needs re-pointing but, probably, won't get re-pointing -smile-. I'll probably use candles in the fireplace instead of gas logs.

    Hi Leslie, the fumes stink. There's just no better way to say it but time has caused the horrid smell to tame somewhat.

    Hi Mountain Home Quilts, glad you love the color; so do I.

    Hi Deanna, it's so much fun...planning the room arrangement. Glad you like the room and thank you.

    Hi Carol, I think the room is going to be very useful.

    Hi Kathy, we're just taking care of it until the next folks come with all of "belongings". Yep, lunch with beloveds are always best.

    Hi Carol, hope and pray things are better!


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