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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Spring into Summer

This has been one of the wettest springs in recent memory and yet, our water table is still, dreadfully, low. Perhaps as much as twenty inches low. In May it rained all but about five days; some days it simply poured so fast the water rain off the earth's surface. Other days, it was a slow, gentle soaking rain that restored lushness and moisture to the parched earth.

Yesterday it rained one-half inch in a short period of time and today, it's a slow, soaking rain that will help heal the earth and restore water to the underground rivers and creeks.

My studio is on my left and I'm standing under the small eave, somewhat protected, watching the storm move down the valley. The dogs and I went to the studio so I could quilt and they could rest quietly; each of us doing what brought us happiness. My clothesline is an L shape and leads from the studio corner to a pole where it turns and goes right, making the longer part of the L shape. I've always used a clothes line and believe it's responsible for blissful sleep when sheets are dried on a bright, sunny day.

Looking down the valley, from the side pasture, shows how the rain clouds move from the head of the Cove down to our end. I've actually stood in the yard, arms outstretched and watched the rain moved from one side of my fingertips to the other, drenching me like I was moving along in a car wash rather than standing still. I've done the same thing with a snow storm and the weather never fails to amaze me. It's an always changing scenery that's somehow always the same.
I love it.

This is my view as I sit at the sewing machine. I'm able to keep an eye on the horses and the sheep, although it's only a horse, HayJ, now visible. Usually, in the distance, there are cattle but I think my neighbor is letting that pasture grow so he can cut hay later in the season.

Here's the work of an afternoon: a group of eight baby quilts sewn together, ready, some of them, to be hemmed, others to be hand quilted but, soon, very soon, all to go to their new home. Most of the quilts are for boys which is silly because I know more girl babies. I do believe boy babies have cuter material though; girl babies have those insipid colors, pastels, that do absolutely nothing to stimulate mental growth. I think mother's like those colors but I sure don't. -smile-

The quilt that's second from left is a John Deere quilt and the two quilts on the far right are a purple Laura Ashley material, that reads "baby" all over one side. It's an excellent fabric and I'm sure the babies will feel quite loved and tucked into prayer once they are sent to their new homes. Jenny is at the lower right; she felt she had to inspect my work and, at the same time, drive the new puppy, Sadie, crazy just by being in the vicinity.

The work of a woman's hands is, almost always, doomed to a short life. We sew, quilt, make a nourishing meal, clean house, do laundry, iron, put a bandage on a hurt knee...all those things that are so important to our daily lives, so important to both ourselves and to our loved ones and yet, so fleeting. All of those things that, in day's past, we were told weren't nearly as important as having a "corporate job". Well, Sister's, I've had a corporate job, several of them actually, and they aren't nearly all they are cracked up to be. I'll take being a homemaker, wife, farmer, shepherd, mother to my critters, beasts, varmints; good neighbor, baker, friend, maker of nourishing meals, quilter, knitter, spinner, practicing Christian...all of those things that spell L-I-F-E to me. In those roles, I'm good to go as long as I'm able; in a corporate job I'm good to go as soon as they can push me out the door.

Ah, let's see...and people think that's a difficult choice?! Not hardly as the smart money is on living a life well lived over work and patching life in somehow. I have a friend who recently left a 'corporate job' and is now making a go of it on her small homestead. She has plans to make a life with her hands and her brain...brawn too...and feels what she's given up pales in comparison to what she's gained and is gaining. I believe the same thing and am trying to be as supportive as possible. I applaud her decision and feel she's absolutely made the right one for her life. Another friend has given up her corporate job to make a home for her family and I believe her family, and she, will be the richer for her decision. Yes, both are difficult decisions as it means income will be reduced but the quality of life, er...make that lives...will be richly increased.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,'s amazing how one can make quality, nourishing meals on a small amount of money when one learns the basics. It's amazing how making a simple quilt adds so much to one's being...both in the making and the receiving and in the sleeping under. It's amazing how much L-I-F-E one adds to their lives when difficult decisions are made to live more simply. It's amazing how good life can be when lived with courage.

Blessings ~ courage ~ life ~ gardens ~ rain ~ quilts ~ sunny days ~ blissful sleep ~


  1. Dear One,
    Such nice pictures. Such beauty.
    I would find it difficult to ever leave this place!
    You're a blessed person.


  2. Amen sister! Yes, it is true much of "womans'" work is fleeting, except the greatest of all, the intangible, the blessings and enrichment, love, and nurture these simple things contribute to lives . A good home cooked meal, cozy quilt, clean home, all offer a comfort not to be undervalued! ( and much missed in many homes now a days)

  3. The scenery your blessed to look at is awesome!I love my clothes line too! Sheets dried outside are the best! And I say....Lord thank you that you made me woman!

  4. Good Morning Deanna - I am in total agreement - BLESSED! Every day I thank God for my many blessings. Thank you for stopping by.

    Good Morning Kathy - how nice to see you this morning. I think all, save the most important work of women, is fleeting and the most important won't be realized until the other side of the veil. A praying woman brings the God of the Universe to her side!

    Good Morning Carol - God did some of His most incredible work in this valley -smile-. It's good to see you this morning, have a blessed day.

  5. What beautiful pictures and beautiful thoughts! I really enjoyed your blog this morning! :)

  6. Oh, I would soooo take a homesteading 'job' over corporate. Living by someone else's schedule is not living. *sighs*

  7. Just down the mountain range, life is very similar. I've made big money & paid big bills. That's in the past. What I've found living here is truly priceless. God is good to me & I am grateful. My neighbors are horses, cows, bunnies, birds, and foxes. A Pileated Woodpecker came to my yard looking for breakfast. To me, that's exciting.
    Love your blog. Your decriptions are spot-on. Hope to see you soon...

  8. what pretty scenery! loved your post about the very lucky kitty family...cats are so special and so much fun. looking forward in country magazine to see the article about your farm.

  9. What a beautiful home you have. It sounds so nice to be able to look outside and see a horse instead of cars and concrete.

  10. Good Morning Mountain Home Quilts - thanks for visiting and I really like your name...all cozy and descriptive! Thank you so much for visiting and look forward to seeing you again.

    Good Morning Annette - you are SO right, living by someone else's schedule is not living!

    Good Morning Peggymoon - how nice to see you and am so glad you stopped by. What's your e-mail these days? The old one I have doesn't seem to work. Let's get together.

    Good Morning Kritter Keeper - what a great name! You look lovely astride your Jesse, beautiful horse!

    Good Morning Thea - thank you, we love living here and love our 'neighbors'. Right now they are all standing in the rain, hoping for sunshine.

  11. nothing better than sleeping on sheets that are dried on the line
    i've done a post on this myself...and it makes for the loveliest pictures!!

  12. This post, like your others, is LOADED with wisdom. I love how you ruminate and let us listen...I agree wholeheartedly, and I too, chose to stay home after long years of AGONIZING. I should have done so sooner, that I now know. But, still I am so glad that I didn't live my WHOLE life like the walking the corporate world!


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