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Monday, November 29, 2010

Another Monday

 ~ yeah, I blend ~
 Just this week, I received the most wonderful e-mail; I'd love to share but will refrain until given permission. Suffice it to say, it brought a smile to the lips and warmth to the heart of  "Granny Sandy".

Ahem. Take a gander at the above photo; what do you see? Let me assist as the light is rather dreadful and help is needed. A chenille pink bathrobe, a pink nightgown (these from the woman who does not like pink!) and shoes. Ah, yes, the shoes. I couldn't find the mates to either pair so wore one of each to the barn this morning. I well remember Aunt Bonnie wearing two different shoes and me asking, "Aunt Bonnie, did you know you're wearing two different shoes?" And, Aunt Bonnie saying, "They fit, my feet are covered so what's the problem?" Oh, yes. What I thought was amusing then, I find par for the course now.

The dogs and I are awake and, usually up, well before dawn. Dawn as in the sun is not yet peeking above the horizon and it's still d.a.r.k. I make coffee, hand out treats and then, coffee cup in hand, settle in to read my Bible and then listen to Pastors Youseff and Begg on XM radio. At some point later, the dogs and I head to the barn to check on the sheep and horses and feed the cats. Frankly, I see no reason to dress for the occasion and will stuff my feet into whatever is available, drag on whatever coat is handy and shuffle on down.

I'm here to tell you, it's a picture! Perhaps, now, you're beginning to understand why I haven't much of an ego. Those things are pesky and just get in the way of living left aside.
~ what is this? ~
 Any clue about the above photo? No? It's frost on the metal gate piece. I'm telling you, when you live a simple life, things like this absolutely Amaze and Astound! People are always carping on a "simple life" but do they really, I mean really, want a simple life? I don't think so. It takes a person of fortitude to admit to being enthralled by frost on a metal gate piece.

Yeah, that or the village idiot.

Blessings ~ shoes that fit ~ frost ~ happiness ~ simplicity ~

Merry Christmas,


  1. Love it! If I were up at dawn feeding animals there is NO telling what would be on this body! Standing upright with eyes open would be the blessing for the animals and for me. Those simple things of frost on metal signs and the like enthrall me, too. The older I get the small stuff really stands out or the stuff others dismiss! I am thankful GOD is making me more aware of the small, yet important things in my life.

  2. frost on the gate? i'm enthralled by your
    shoes, robe, and nightie. :)

    i love these little vignettes of your very
    busy, rich life. me? just enjoying a cup
    of tea, with my feet up on a chair, blissful
    that my youngest daughter is back in the
    states and that i can call her whenever i
    feel like it.

    sometimes i just do, and when she answers,
    i sigh with happiness. she will soon tire of
    this. :)

  3. I loved this post. Made me giggle. Giggles are good.

  4. Well then I am right there with you. :) I think that frost is just beautiful and I have never seen anything like it before and I too am enthralled.

    I have fed like that too, many times. :) I hope you have a good week. I will be praying. :)

  5. I can identify. I had a small farm in my backyard a few years ago. Nothing on your scale but enough to get me up and feeding animals at the crack of dawn. To be happy with the simple things of life is indeed a blessings so God Bless You.

  6. Anonymous3:30 PM EST

    That could easily be me in that first photo! When I go to the cold garage first thing in the a.m. to feed the cats and dog, I'll put on my shoes, John's shoes...whatever is there ~ it doesn't matter! Beauty can be found in the simplest things. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh Sandra~
    I think your posts are just so charming! I love that I am not the only one to do my morning chores in my jammies and whatever shoes I can find near the door! And listening to Alistar Begg is a delight as well! (And he doesn't care what I am wearing, either!)
    I do love the simple life! I am forever showing photos of things I am sure no one else gives a hoot about, but I just am enthralled with the way the light sparkles on the snow in the sunshine, or the look of moss or mushrooms in the fading light, and even the curl of tiny shoots sprouting up from the ground in the springtime! Don't even get me started on baby animals! (happy sigh!)
    Tis bliss to enjoy eimplicity!

    (I will be keeping you and Dave in my prayers.)

    Christmas Blessings, to you!

  8. Lovely post! Isn't it interesting how the way we look at things changes.

  9. I'm right there with you - wearing my hideous red plaid fuzzy robe, clark sandals (hey they are easy to slip on) and under the robe anything from a nightgown to gown with sweatpants pulled up to keep my legs warm (nevermind about the sandals - my feet are like a chicken - used to being cold!)Nobody can see me and the goats are used to that ugly red robe! Simplicity is just that - not silly rulz - if it fits -I wear it - even it if is only loose I'll wear it.

  10. As we grow older and become comfortable with ourselves and secure in our self worth, we worry less about how we look.
    I can be enthralled by frost. It can make such beautiful and intricate patterns.

  11. Your post gave me a chuckle, Sandra. And then a fond memory of a home once where I, too, enjoyed the freedom of actually going outside in my nightie. hmmm, not sure I could do that any more, no matter how isolated. At my age, I could frighten myself! ;-)

  12. Ha ha, you would not want to see what I wear as I let the ducks loose on the pond,feed the animals, and then begin my daily chores.Let's just say that if someone comes to the front door when I am dressed thusly, I run upstairs to change or simply hide.Just like you too, whatever shoes or boots are conveniently placed by the door will be worn by me to run outside, thru the grass and mud, to free the ducks...

    This post brings to mind a happy memory of my grandmother, and maybe I will share it soon. Thank-you.

  13. A good laugh to go with my morning coffee. I really like those shoes, where can I buy a pair? Have a great day. Blessings, Lady Jane

  14. Well this village idiot LOVES the frost on the gate. Any simpleton would...But I find the mismatched shoes much more amusing...

  15. That is what I call ordinary beauty! I love the simple things. :)


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