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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude

 ~ latest visitor ~
Answer me this, please and thanks...what bird is this? A type of woodpecker, perhaps? S/he's been visiting the bird feeder, early morning, stays a while and then flies off. I've managed to get a few, not so good, photos but the bird is extremely sensitive to motion at the window. Even so, s/he has brought me much joy and it pleases me to see the feeder being used by lots of different birds. I especially love the cooing of the doves in their soft, gentle gray cloaks.

Most of you are hurtling toward Thanksgiving, probably overdoing and extending yourselves to the point you'll be frazzled, anxious and maybe even a bit testy. Better a crust of bread eaten joyfully than a rich feast eaten in strife...or so says something similar in the Good Book, Proverbs, I believe. Please don't overdo; please don't lower your standards but please do lower your expectations. Let's face it, you will be disappointed because that's who we are as human beings. We are imperfect people who, not meaning to, disappoint others even as we are being disappointed. God save us from ever meaning to disappoint; how utterly cruel and heartless that would be of us!
~ sun bow ~
Of course you know about rainbows but do you know about sun bows? Every now and again, when the sun and clouds are arranged "just so", there's a sun bow. And, no, it wasn't raining nor had it been raining. Just another little God giftie to be admired and appreciated.
 ~ animal cereal ~
We've a barn loft full of square hay bales and two lots full of round hay bales. Words fail me at knowing my animals will eat well this winter. If there's anything I hate to see, it's something hungry and, as Dave is fond of telling me, "no chance of that on this farm!" Going hungry, especially in this country is a sin against God and our fellow human beings. How do we allow such things to happen?

Rebecca Writes of a grateful November; this Thanksgiving my grateful heart includes you folks who stop by to visit, perhaps leave an encouraging word, maybe put us on your prayer list. Recently, I've been hurt by people who want to "know the news" and once they find out, they are seldom seen but they spread "the news" far and wide. Truthfully, I never figured them for friends, mere acquaintances at best, but it still hurts especially when they are so absolutely full of bonhomie and "Christian speak". Well, as it turns out, from my view, it looks like, to put it bluntly, mere b.s.  I'd just soon a person not say anything as slander their Christian witness.

Blessings ~ people who walk the walk but not people who talk the talk ~

Grace and Peace,


  1. You have a red bellied woodpecker and now that it's found the food, it will come back every day!

  2. Anonymous8:34 PM EST

    Hi Sandra, I'm glad Vicki could identify your pretty visitor. John and I will spend this week quietly alone and like you and Dave, we will enjoy the simple joys of life. I was just reading the lyrics to "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" before clicking on your blog. "Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow." You and Dave are in my heart and prayers. With love, Mildred

  3. We have one of these woodpeckers at our feeder and I think they are so handsome. You are right about not overdoing. What joy is there in that?! Sharing the meal responsibilites with family members. That makes things much better. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  4. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. It has been so nice to get acquainted with you. I love your woodpecker. We just have Red Flickers but I have never seen one and pretty as that.
    I wish you many blessings.

  5. No overdoing here! Meal prep is shared by three of us this year. We have some red-bellied (I think?) woodpeckers here as well.. several of them as the winter chill moves in. My sister has a hummingbird who is *still* hanging around. I'm thinking she may have an indoor guest for the winter! Lovely pictures, and some great Thanksgiving food for thought as well :) Have a blessed Thanksgiving! -Tammy

  6. Hello, Sandra- I have one of those woodpeckers at my suet cake every morning! I just love to hear the woodpeckers' raspy call, don't you?
    I agree with your very wise words- to celebrate the holidays simply and not overdo anything is always best.
    I'm so sorry you've had busybodies to contend with- they can be so hurtful.
    I am thankful to see your abundant hay supply- I know firsthand it is a blessing to have animals and know you have enough food to keep them fat and happy through the winter! *giggle*
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, dear friend!

  7. Sandra - Thanks for the reminder. We will entertain 30, everyone contributes to the food, and we're using paper plates (yuck!) but at least that will keep the dish washer (me) from being testy, as you say. Our focus will be enjoying each other rather than the table finery.

    May you find much pleasure in your Thanksgiving this year and your well-fed barnyard all winter long.

    Blessings, friend.

  8. dear sandra,

    i am sorry to hear about the 'woodpeckers'
    in your life. hopefully, they will soon go
    pecking around someone else's barnyard.

    my prayer is that His consolation and
    nearness will cover any hurt, and of course
    for complete and swift healing.


  9. Thank you for that timely reminder about not over-doing/over-expecting. I'm looking for some moments tomorrow for reflection --before the busyness of the coming day.
    Wishing you a peaceful and joyful Day of Thanks Giving.

  10. I have never seen a sun bow before...thank you for the photo :o)!

  11. Sandra, and Dave, we know for sure God will not disappoint us, tho many of our brothers and sisters will. I hope those who have disappointed are reminded by Him, and they have time to repent and restore, and those who have been hurt have the mercy and forgiveness to love anyway. That is a prayer and a thought I would like for those who have hurt me, and for those I have hurt. Prayers for you both this season of Thanksgiving.

    p.s. I will have to overcome this little feeling of envy for your abundance of hay for your are truly rich in so many things, and I know you and Dave are aware and thankful for this.Praise Him!

  12. It is indeed the red-bellied woodpecker, very poorly named because it does not have a red belly, but a read head!...

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Sandra -

  13. Sandra, you have red-bellied woodpecker. We have those and I purchase really good suet cakes just for them. They are very comical trying to take over the feeders. They actually try and peck the little birds. Love to watch em'. We also have NA flickers which are just gorgeous.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  14. Thanks for your visit Sandra...I have enjoyed your thoughts here today. I can't imagine why anyone or anything would be without food in this country...the thing that bothers me is the amount of money paid to movie stars and those in the sports world etc. I think they should have to help others a lot more than they do!
    This year for our Thanksgiving, it's just me and my hubbie, so we get to take off to some place a little warmer! Have a good week :D

  15. I like your proverb and that is how I am thinking today. I just don't have it in me to cook all day and clean, so keeping the dinner simple this year. I just want to enjoy the day and my family.


  16. Sandra, I love the verses you chose! So true. It pains me to know that it took me half my life to get comfortable in my own skin...but that is the way our bent is. My crumb of bread will be a GF corn bread that turned out perfect and delicious....everything else will be gravy tomorrow! At least I have a crumb of bread and for that I am grateful.

    There is nothing like knowing that you are prepared for the storms of life. I'm glad your barn is full and your animals will not go hungry. My Joy is looking rather plump on hay and grass. It's a good thing since grain prices are on the rise.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  17. I would have sworn it was a Flicker at your feeder. I have a couple of them that frequent my back yard, the males have a red head and the females are a soft grey and brown. Flickers also like to eat insects and will often peck the ground -- when I was little I used to call them "ground-peckers" but a flicker is not a woodpecker.

  18. My first thought was a Flicker, too.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. You have a beautiful place here. Now if I could only knit...


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