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Monday, November 01, 2010

Vintage and Christmas is coming...

 ~ hand made Christmas stockings ~
"Oh, good grief", I can just hear you saying. She's not one of those people, is she? And, the answer is, "not really." I don't count the days from 26 December until Christmas, nor do I frequent Christmas shops, but I do make a lot of Christmas gifts as well as buy out of season. Heck, in this any economy, it's the only way to afford Christmas. I've never been one to spend extravagantly but I do enjoy buying something rather grand at a sales price.

Selina, of Selina's Vintage, hosted a Christmas stocking swap and allowed me to participate, thus the wild tear on making stockings. My swap stocking was air mailed last week and I do hope it's well received. In younger days, I had...hmmm...not so good experiences, shall I put it, with my home economics teacher and my confidence levels aren't very high. At least, not when it comes to making and giving away things. My concern is, my swap partners will be some seamstress or knitter or crafter extraordinaire and will look, askance, at my humble offering made with love and prayers.

Now that I'm thinking about it, my experiences with my six grade art teacher wasn't very good either. On the other hand, I've had some fabulous English teachers; a Mrs. Ruby Osborne comes to mind as well as a couple of other most excellent teachers. Perhaps unfortunately, the rest have fallen into the memory abyss and I refuse to try and dredge them to the forefront. Let the dead stay buried is my motto.
 ~ stocking trims ~
Anyway, back to the stockings. Thus far I've made six and still have, perhaps, another six to make. They will be offered for sale at an upcoming Christmas Festival and, if they don't sell, will be given to family and friends after being stuffed with goodies. Each stocking has batting, is lined with muslin and quilted while the tops are all finished with binding or lace or bobble trim. Sometimes the thread is contrasting and sometimes it blends. One was made with the material upside down and has already found an owner who claims her life is just as topsy turvy. Re-thinking here...perhaps I should have kept that one for myself -smile-.
~ Moroccan silk ~
While in my studio, this basket of hand reeled Moroccan silk rests on the sewing machine. Thus far, I've yet to actually use any but simply look at all the brilliant colors and think of the sheer labor that produced such beauty.  I also remember those lovely trips Dave and I have taken to Morocco; one of my favorite countries in the entire world!
~ candle ~

Last week we were in Richmond and I visited a thrift store or three. I'm so blessed because when I visit thrift stores, I'm engaging in satisfying my wants and not my needs and, often, find fun, useful things. This "newel post" is, in reality, a candle and will look fabulous on our back porch as guests arrive for our Christmas party. You bet, it's going to be lit unless there's a sturdy wind and then will be brought inside and used as table decoration.
~ Thermos ~
This Thermos is still in working order and will provide cool refreshment next summer. It needs to be cleaned as it's a bit grungy from being so well loved used but it still provides plenty of vintage cuteness, don't you think?

Here's hoping your needs have been answered and you're working on your wants -smile-.

One last thing - for every post in November, I want to share a grateful heart. For this first November post, I'm grateful for Dave. When we met in 1989, little did I know God was putting my feet on the path to an adventurous life! Little did I know, what a gift He gave me, and continues to give me, in Dave. My life has been blessed well beyond my deserving and I am over the moon grateful.

Blessings ~ vintage ~ Christmas ~ Selina ~ stockings ~ a beautiful day ~ Dave ~

Grace and Peace,


  1. Your stockings are adorable....your finds really neat....and Dave is definitely a keeper!!! Have a good week!

  2. Oh, Sandra! I can only dream of having the talents you have when it comes to everything you make with your hands and heart! God has blessed you with an ability to make people swoon with gifts from your hands! So poohy on the
    home ec teacher!! :)

    You and Dave have the kind of love for one another that J and I have for ecah other. It is awesome, isn't it!

    I love the line from "Steel Magnolias"
    "I would rather have 15 minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing"
    So true.
    xo, misha

  3. I love that..."over the moon grateful" for your sweet husband! There is so much to be thankful for, eh? And a kind, wonderful husband is at the top of my list!

  4. I love your stockings! I want to try and make some for us this year. And such a beautiful idea to show a grateful heart during November... and always. :) xx

  5. This post made me smile. Reminded me of all the Christmas stockings I've made through the years. Every few years I made new ones which seemed more in style. My daughter still likes her very first one best though, a white felt "bought" stocking. Somehow along the way, through the years, it got lost. I know I didn't throw it away and will probably some day run across it again. I hope so. She just had her 50th birthday, and she would still like to have that white stocking. Probably because it is her first stocking that it has so much meaning to her. It can't be that it's better than the ones I made. LOL
    Have fun getting ready for Christmas.

  6. Great stockings! I love the trims. I'm sure the recipients will be pleased!

  7. My needs have been answered, yes.... but if I work too hard on my wants, I might just get in trouble. *sigh*

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  9. Those stockings are wonderful!
    Love your Grateful Nov. too. I think if everyone would look at the blessings in their lives comapred to the challenges we'd feel ashamed for whining.


  10. Hi Sandra,

    Thank you so much for stopping in at my blog. I can relate to being super busy, I haven't been visiting my favorite blogs (like yours) at all lately. Everything has been crazy.

    I also loved your "over the moon" grateful statement. I feel the same about my Michael. It's so lovely to see that kind of devotion in others whom I admire.

    Have a lovely week,

    (your stockings are adorable btw)

  11. Your stockings looks lovely!
    And I love the way you write about's really full of love and that's heart warming...

  12. This is a sweet post Sandra. I do not think I would use those lovely silk threads from Morocco, they are so beautiful to look at as is.

    My junior high home ec teacher at Woodbrook Jr. High , WA, pretty much did me in as far as discouragement in all things "home-ec". I taught myself to sew out of need when we were close to poor and our 3 children were little, just so they had pajamas and a new item of clothing to wear for holidays. That was when it was still economical to buy fabric and sew it yourself!Now I wonder at the unkindness of my home-ec teacher, and find it sad she probably discouraged a lot of students in this highly practical art.

    Thankfulness, what can I say? I am thankful for so much, and for you and Dave.

  13. I love your vintage finds :) We make lot of our Christmas gifts too, out of necessity mostly but also out of the desire to give with love and not just "price tag".

    Everytime I look at your blog photo, I take a deep breath and smile. It's a wonderful view and you're very blessed to have it. Thank you so much for sharing it with us :)



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