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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Daily Commute

 ~ sheep treat ~
The local WalMart, only fifteen miles across two mountains, has pumpkins for fifty cents. What a bargain so I bought four and brought them home to cut up for the sheep. They like pumpkin and it's a good treat for them...full of the same vitamins and nutrients our bodies ingest and it pleases me to please them. I like to think I'm a good steward of what God has entrusted to me. Dave certainly thinks so as everything on this place is a trifle fleshy. "Best", I say, "to have a little too much flesh than too little. If one becomes sick, the little extra flesh means weight can be lost without too much danger whereas, if one is too thin, it's a faster slide." That's what I tell myself anyway -smile-.
 ~ Run, turkeys, RUN! ~
Today I traveled the one lane, dirt road and saw a large flock of turkeys. I counted seventeen and think there were more. I pulled over to take photos and turned the car engine off; the rustling of turkeys walking through the brush was loud and you could hear them, softly, chirruping to each other. It was, in a word, delightful.
~ one lane bridge ~
It was a lovely day for a drive. Heck, any day I wake up on the top side of the flower bed is a lovely day. This one lane bridge crosses the same river we crossed a few weeks ago when we did the Paint Lick ride. So much fun, so many good memories.
~ daily commute ~
In our agricultural, rural community horses are still used to round up cattle and sheep. Most of the neighbors have ATV's as well and it's a common sight to see them riding to and fro, to one pasture then another to do chores, check to see how many calves have been born, etc. My commute doesn't require the use of an ATV as I walk to the studio or farm office, dogs running ahead, to do whatever is on the day's agenda.

It's not a good life; it's a great life!

Today I'm grateful for clean air and a wonderful drive over the mountains. To see a flock of wild turkeys is a gift, to have a healthy flock of sheep is a gift, to have healthy horses, dogs and cats is a gift and I'm grateful for all. God has blessed me well beyond my deserving and my heart is grateful.

Blessings ~ wild turkeys ~ healthy animals ~ one lane bridges ~ dirt roads ~ pumpkins ~

Grace and Peace,


  1. That is a great photo of your sheep. I'm sure they greatly appreciate the treat of pumpkin. Love the turkeys too - it would have been nice to listen to them. Georgia is finally getting rain and much cooler temps. I hope you have a restful evening.

  2. Today I am grateful for a "red" Virginia again!

  3. Thanks for giving me a duh moment. I have a bunch of pumpkins that were given to me. I will cook some but never even thought about giving them to the animals... how dumb am I! Thanks from me and all the animals that will be getting pumpkin treats tomorrow.

  4. I'll have to see if I can get some pumpkins for a few bucks. My gang loves them too!

  5. I hope to get sheep one day, so that was good to know that they like (and can eat) pumpkins! I guess if I'm going to get some I better do a little readin up on what they can and can't eat. :~P

  6. God is good. It's amazing to me sometimes just how good. I try to thank him every day, even if it is while I'm driving to work! Love the photo of the sheep. Blessings!

  7. i love the gorgeous glimpses of your
    land and sweet animals.

  8. Our sheep love those pumpkin treats, also. Wonderful picture of the turkeys. They sure seem to be plentiful this year.

  9. Mildred, I loved the photo of your sheep enjoying the pumpkins. I didn't realize they like things like that. I also enjoyed the photos and comments, especially about the turkeys. I don't live in the country, so I enjoy these little walks with those of you who do!

  10. Every time I visit here I leave feeling more peaceful and centered. Thank You!!!


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