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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A Full clothesline

 ~ grateful hearts unite ~
As yesterday's post ended, a grateful heart was mentioned. I said it was my intent to end each November post with something my heart held in gratitude. And, so I did. Later in the day, traveling around the i-net, I visited Mama Craft who led me to Walk A Mile who, in turn, led me to Rebecca Writes. From there, my journey went to Lisa Notes where she's made the above beautiful button for folks to use.

Rebecca, for the past five years, has "declared November to be the month of Thanksgiving at Rebecca Writes!" As the Preacher said, "there's nothing new under the sun" and were I to not express humility at this point, would say, "great minds think alike." Unfortunately, as my great mind is just now coming around to express a grateful heart in November, I think the word great is, rightfully, stricken from the record.


You are encouraged to join in. Rebecca is posting every day but that's not a criteria. All you have to have is a grateful heart and be willing to say so in every November post.
 ~ blooming iris ~
 My days have been full of efforts produced in the studio. The above panel was doubled, turned right sides together and sew about ninety percent of the way 'round. Then, it was "birthed", meaning it was turned inside out and the opening then hand stitched closed. About two inches from every side, it was sewn on the ole Featherweight in order to produce a nice, mostly even, hem. This is going, I think, to someone whose birthday is next week. I've another fleece throw to sew so it's going to be a toss-up between the two; the one that doesn't go for the birthday gift will be sold at the Christmas Faire.
~ thundering herd ~
Fleece is, as you may know, a petroleum product and High Flammable! It always bothers me to use fleece but it's so warm and cozy that I reserve using it for adults only; rarely do I use it for children. The above "thundering herd" is going to a friend who is an encourager. There aren't many in this frosty world and if you have an encourager, or three, in your life, you are blessed indeed!
~ tri-shawl ~
This acrylic tri-shawl is perfect for a smaller woman or child. A lot of my knitted shawls are made in acrylic as it's easy care, easy wear with no need to worry about natural fiber allergies. Yes, it's bright but as we're going into the shortened days of winter, brightness is a plus.
~ scarves! ~
At church, someone told me when they think of me they think of hats and scarves. I wear dresses or skirts to church, always, and find a nice scarf adds a statement, as does a hat but my summer hats far outnumber my winter hats. My winter hats tend to be hand knitted affairs designed for warmth; I lost the ego some time back. The two scarves on the left are fabric, the third from the left is a knitted woolen blend spiral and the red scarf is my wild child. I love knitting scarves, or even shawls, that make a statement. Every so often there will be someone who isn't afraid to wear them but, unfortunately, so many women think it's too bold and shy away. So sad.

There hasn't been any studio time today; time has been taken up with town errands and voting. Please God, let men and women after your own heart who walk the walk be elected. Those folks who talk the talk only and have been in office for decades need to find gainful employment. They have forgotten, if they ever knew, what real work entailed. They have, for far too long, sucked at the government teat and have become their own masters. They do not serve but strive to make servants slaves of the rest of us.

If you are a Bible believing, man and woman after God's own heart who is in agony over the direction our country has taken and the, so-called, leadership, my heart goes out to you. You, dear saints, who read God's word and speak to Him daily, who strive mightily to do as His word commands and not as you "feel" is right are to be commended. You put aside yourselves and seek to make Him greater and that's not easy to do in this frosty world. Recently, I've been blasted by people who think I'm old-fashioned and out of touch because I  believe what God's Word says...radical indeed! One woman told me she was glad "we each have our own opinions" and I told her "our opinions don't mean spit, it's what the Word of God says that we should agree upon. I am sorry my words angered her but not sorry I said what I said yet, it would seem tolerance is given only when two are in agreement -wry grin-. It's a frosty world and even we Christians have trouble getting along. If we have such troubles in the here and now, what bodes for eternity? I'm sure God's great heart is grieved and I ask forgiveness for my part in grieving Him.

Now, perhaps you understand why my studio receives so much of my time...? I am grateful to have my little studio, my sewing machines, my cutting table, material, scissors, measuring tapes and a modicum of talent to make things to give away and, sometimes, sell. I am grateful for the work of my hands and heart that, sometimes, brings comfort to others. I am grateful God brings into my life folks who are in need of encouragement in the physical form, in the form of a scarf, shawl, quilt or throw.

Blessings ~ Sara ~ Beth ~ Rebecca ~ Lisa ~ You ~

Grace and Peace,


  1. Giving Thanks for you Sandra ..

    And Amen and Amen to being Old Fashioned ..How many generations have accused those who follow Gods word as old Fashioned ..well Take it as a compliment my dear ..I'm a younger old Fashioned Girl ..which leaves me very much alone among my own age group ..but He's worth it !!!

    Blessings ..Sara

  2. God bless Sandra!
    I appreciate your post today. Of course, I always do, but especially today.
    Your work is beautiful. Love reds. And textures. Beautiful.
    We have prayed much about this election. We always do, but more so with this one, I think. The need is so obvious. The nation needs to return to God, from the grassroots right up to the oval office. There. I said it. And I'm glad.

  3. Anonymous6:38 PM EDT

    Another beautiful post Sandra. You have created some treasured keepsakes; each and everyone is special.

  4. Your creations are beautiful - and your heart is aligned with mine about the elections. Thought I'd share one of my favorite Chuck Swindoll"isms" - please make an effort to be humbly grateful instead of grumbly hateful -
    yep - would be a good starting point for most of us wouldn't it!?

  5. Watching the election returns with glee :)
    Praise God!

    Your hands do such beautiful work; and your heart too! Love this post!!

    xo, misha

  6. dear sandra,

    i can vividly remember the first time i
    visited your beautiful blog. i was stunned
    that someone could have over 20,000

    it is now apparent that you should have
    twice that many, as you offer such great
    riches here!

    i visited lisa and loved her blog, too. now
    i'm off to see sara, beth, and rebecca.

    thank you for the wisdom you offer. dave
    is in my prayers.


  7. I love reading your blog each day. You need a fleece that if for inspiring!

  8. i always leave your blog refreshed and inspired....

    i love you scraves and shawls...i love anything old fashion too...

    sending love today,

  9. I LOVE your red scarf!! And I'm very glad you're 'old fashioned'. :)


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