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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

In One Day

 ~ first snow ~
It's been a warm autumn and we still have flowers blooming on protected porches although, in one day, I took photos of beautiful blooms and snow. I wonder if this is an indication of the coming winter?
~ still blooming ~
 ~ summer gifts ~
Each summer, humming birds use horse hair to make their nests. God has blessed me with four of these tiny wonders and I keep them in a squirrel's nest tucked into a small basket.
~ a table full of God's provisions ~
Recently, we were able to eat at Mother and Daddy's, joined by my Beloved Sistah, her son and her husband. Mom prepared beans and corn from their garden, apples from our tree, potatoes from my brother's garden, carrots from a friend's garden and hamburger meat loaf from a small, family owned WV slaughter house. The rolls were from Tavern on the Rail Restaurant and the butter and tea were store bought. One subject we spoke about...wonder how many people are eating this close to home tonight? Wonder if most people are eating fast food, prepared food, store bought food?

Mom and Daddy have almost always had a garden; Daddy would work the garden and Mom would can the food and taught me to can the summer I was thirteen. I found some fox grapes, large white grapes, and Mom told me if I picked a goodly amount, she'd teach me how to make grape jelly. All she had to do was say the word! I picked enough for a couple dozen jars of jelly and we had that good grape jelly all winter long. It was delicious and, as you can see, memorable. I've been canning, freezing and drying food ever since and feel rather proud when I walk into the pantry and see how well we're prepared for winter.

How about you? Do you prepare for the winter? How? What is it you do to prepare yourself and your family for hard times? Certainly putting by food is one way; delving into the Good Book is another. Don't rely on someone else to feed you; rely on yourself. Take what God provides and put by for hard times because, I assure you, hard times are coming; with God's help, you can be prepared.

A grateful heart include God's word and reading it every day. The Holy Spirit comforts in so many ways and one, very important, way is to bring Bible verses to me as the need arises. By daily reading the Bible, I find my mind and heart are able to find peace, eventually, by focusing on His promises. It's all I have, His promises, and it's all I need.

Blessings ~ KJV Bible ~ God's promises ~ winter ~ a full pantry and freezer ~ blooms ~ gardens ~

Grace and Peace,


  1. G'eve Sandra ~ What a beautiful write, & so nail on! So you got snow before me, not fair! I have all the weather prognosticators saying it will be an icy & cold winter here, prob for you, too.

    How is Dave doing? Any news yet? I tried to call & left a message. Hope things are settling down ... prayers lifting for you both, sweet friend.

    Have a wonderful eve ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs of love, Marydon

  2. Anonymous6:57 PM EST

    Hi Sandra, Can't believe you had snow. Thanks for showing those little hummer nests ~ so very sweet! I never learned how to can etc. but sure admire you and many other blog friends who are so smart to work hard and be prepared for the winter months. Keeping you and your husband in my heart and prayers. Love, Mildred

  3. We do a little more of our own food each year. The last two years have been a challenge because of my new food allergies. I get attached to a food and then find I'm allergic! I think I am closing in on the very last item so I hope to have better guidance for Chris' garden planting in the Spring.
    I love "real" food. Chris will bring home lots of pheasant from his trip to Nebraska. That's probably my favorite meat of all.

  4. Yikes! Snow already?! And we have only had frost a couple of nights. But I do hope for snow for us this winter ~ we don't always get it.

    Oh, the dear little hummingbird nests! And in a squirrel's nest? How sweet!

    What a wonderful meal you had with Mother and Daddy, along with sister and her family! Simply delightful!


  5. I didn't know that the humming birds use horse hair to make their nests....It's very interesting!
    And you are right: reading God's word every day is like eating every day...

  6. Your words and your pictures warm my soul this morning. Your posts of late have spoken to me of contentment. I keep hearing the words of Mary to an angel, "Be it unto me as you have said."

    Your peace with the ebb and flow of life, your storing away for lean times, and using what's stored - it's a beautiful thing. My favorite is the homegrown dinner table image.
    Blessings, today, dear sister.

  7. dear sandra,

    i think this is my favorite post of all! i adore
    your horsehair nests. we wear horsehair
    bracelets. :)

    and your grape jelly! i would love a taste
    of that past.

    my family does eat many meals at our kitchen
    table, and i look forward to the 30 or so who
    will come for thanksgiving, my favorite

    how am i preparing for the winter? i don't
    know a thing about canning, etc. i think i
    just prepare my heart to treasure all the
    good gifts He showers on us.

    He is SOOOO good.

    and last, how precious is your comment,
    "he thinks his job is to protect me, and i
    think mine is to take care of him!"

    that is premarital counseling reduced to
    its essence.

    you are such a treasure.


  8. Hello Sandra! Love your post. We too do a lot of "preparing." We have a freezer full of beef and we can green beans, we freeze corn, we make salsa and pickles, and I make strawberry jam and apple butter. I too feel very proud when I look at all my jars. Not proud in a boastful way, but proud in a self-sufficient way. And I have prepared for the most important thing, eternity. I accepted Jesus into my heart at an early age and have tried to live for him my whole life. He is my Savior. Thank you so much for your kind comments about a recent blog post. I too think people get WAY too caught up in their OPINION instead of the WORD OF GOD. People's opinions can be wrong. The Word of God is NEVER WRONG. I too know of many Christians, even pastors, who I believe have taken something from the Bible completely out of context to justify their own actions, or more often completely omitted something they didn't feel "applied to them" in order to do what they KNOW is wrong. I agree with you completely on tattoos. While I don't think they send you to hell, I think, like alcohol, it is something to be avoided and I believe that is scriptural. When we get to heaven God will judge, and our opinion will have counted for nothing. I am glad to know there are others who feel the same way. Very few places in the Bible are things such as right and wrong not spoken very clearly. Why can't people see that. So we will keep on bloggin' my sister, and we will keep on tellin' it like it is. Have a blessed day!

  9. Beautiful post, Sandra... I love your little hummer nests- I always squeal with delight when I stumble up on one.
    You are so right- the Spirit does speak to us and bring scripture to mind just at the right time... I think it's one of the many ways God comforts our hearts and stills our fears!

  10. The hummingbird nest are precious. You always share the most marvelous things, both pictures and words. Daily reading of the Word gives me peace and reminds me of my purpose. It's a necessary start to my day. Thanks for all that you share. Blessings,

  11. My mom and dad always made jams and jellies and pickled pears and hot peppers. I've not ever canned anything! I need to. I've been wanting to learn for years. I envy those who are able to eat close to home, close to the earth. We need more sustainable farms (but I won't jump on THAT soap box here!)

    Have a good weekend,


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