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Monday, August 16, 2010

Bits and Pieces

~ wild turkey hen ~
 Sometimes, the camera is at hand and God, graciously, allows a moment to be captured. He's given several such moments lately. Above is a turkey hen who was walking and flying from roadside to roadside which made me wonder if she had chicks somewhere. A while back, one fine day, I had to stop, no camera at hand unfortunately, to allow a mother turkey hen and her eight off spring to cross the road. It was a pleasant sight and one I've remembered fondly for years.
~ flying hen ~
 It's not the greatest photo in the world but do you know how difficult it is to capture a turkey in flight? They are fast and not only are able to fly far, they can fly high. She flew to a tree then drifted to the ground and calmly walked into the woods; above, she's the blur mid-center right.
~ Mr and Mrs Deer ~
Coming home from quilting I caught a glimpse of this wild doe and buck.
~ white tailed buck ~
His antlers are in full velvet and will stay that way until rutting season. White tail deer are native to the United States and are also known as Virginia deer; read an interesting story about a white tail buck here.
~ heading home ~
Abbie went with me to quilting, had some snacks and then, on the way home, a snooze. She's gray and grizzled but with a heart still as big as all outdoors. Abbie has been my constant companion for more than thirteen years and was an adult when we found her. Over the years one of her nicknames has been "my heartbeat". And, it's true, we live in tandem.
Jules, over at MoonCat Farm, has gifted me with an award and I'm still shaking my head. You know when you hear something about someone and think, "what a nice thing to say about so and so"? Well, Jules gave me A Blog With Substance award and said, "Sandra, at Thistle Cove Farm, you center us and bring us home." Now, I ask that not one of the nicest things you've ever heard? It's certainly one of the nicest compliments ever given me and, Jules, thank you from the heart! I'm still shaking my head and thinking, "Wow. She likes my blog." Remember Sally Field when accepting her Oscar for Places in the Heart? "...I can't deny the fact that, right now, you really like me!" That's how I feel and have felt since Jules contacted me to tell me of the award.

Jules asked me to sum up my blogging motivation, philosophy and experience in five words. Hmmm, I do hate pop quizes -smile- but, perhaps, calming, connectedness, encourager, blessed and grace sum it up, quite nicely I hope.

She also asked me to pass along this award to five bloggers of substance. Mildred, Misha, Kathy, LindaSue and Paula. All these women are women after God's own heart and that warms my heart. Mildred is a new blog-friend with beautiful photography and a gentle tone while Misha is my next state neighbor who has become a friend. She's the kind of person you'd want for a next door neighbor if you could pick your neighbors. Kathy lives on the other side of the country and is an encourager; the world needs more women like Kathy. LindaSue is in Texas and raises goats and, probably cain in her younger days. I don't really know that but I figure she's such an interesting woman now, surely she has some notches in her belt from earlier days. grin. Paula is also a next state neighbor and I'd love to share a cuppa with her. Paula and Kathy are shepherds so we share that in common in addition to our faith. There are many, many more women I'd love to bestow this award upon but time calls me to a halt.
~ Tim Ivy, Two-Rivers Multi-Media Solutions ~
Before I go, may I interest you in viewing a short video? If you recall, a couple of weeks ago, Tim Ivy  came and shot video and stills here at Thistle Cove Farm. Today, he sent me an e-mail telling me the video was on his website and asked me to take a look. Tim, you've done an incredible job and thank you from my heart.Why, I ask, am I so blessed? Don't get me wrong, I am also extremely grateful but to have Tim capture so beautifully this farm and what I do brings me to tears. The older I get...thank You, God...the more I realize each breath and blessing is from Him and He brings people like Tim into my life for a reason. Thank You, God. Thank You.

Blessings ~ awards ~ videos ~ Jules ~ Mildred ~ Misha ~ Kathy ~ LindaSue ~ Paula ~ Tim ~ and always, God ~

Dei Gratia,


  1. Why, thank you, Sandra! I so appreciate your friendship :)

    I will be your neighbor any time!

  2. Well Sandra - now my secret is out - I've sown wild oats, raised cain and caused my poor Mama to wear out the carpet by her bed on her knees praying for me! Thank you so - and oh my heart just leapt in my chest - the video shows me the lovely creative woman and your homeplace - what a place. Your are blessed because you are a blessing - and love that Rhodie in the background.

  3. Oh, Sandra - such a wonderful video of you and your farm. I hear your love of the land in your voice as you speak of the Appalachian Mts. You are a wonder! Thanks for sharing. God bless you, my friend. Take care, from KY.

  4. I've watched the video and it is great! It's so good to see you, although we've never met (yet :o))
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Boy Sandra, what a surprise. I thought i would check out your links and also that "Kathy", and it was me! Aw shucks, and thank-you!

    I was so excited to see and hear you on a video~ may I say, when you speak about your passion you light up and I can see a young girl there, excited about what she loves...and your place is so beautiful. What makes this even more special is I know you love Jesus.We're sisters in Him! Thank-you Sandra.

    BTW, turkeys get such a bad rap, even farm-raised turkeys are not as dumb as people seem to believe, but I know those wild turkeys are very smart at keeping out of the hunter's way. You got 2 good pictures, I could spot the turkey, blur and all.

  6. Hi Sandra! Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit. Just this weekend I was looking through the wonderful photos I took while visiting your farm for sheep shearing day, such a magical place!

    I signed up for blogging your way just this morning. I hope you will too! I'd love taking a e-class with you and I've heard that this is a really excellent course. I'm needing some inspiration right now as grumpy gremlins have invaded my spirit lol. I think registration ends on the 20th.

    Nora is teething right now and hopefully when this passes she'll be back to her normal sleeping routine and I can get some rest too. I'm sending up prayers for her :).

  7. I love seeing wildlife too - so glad you had your camera with you - that Abbie looks so sweet!

  8. Wow! Thanks so much for the sweet words, Miss Sandra- and some day really soon I want to visit Thistle Cove Farm and have that cuppa with you!! You definitely have a "blog with substance"- I always enjoy your posts and I know the words come straight from your heart. (Especially Sabbath Keeping- I always look forward to those!)
    Beautiful pictures- we have seen a few turkeys around, but LOTS of deer- in fact we have a doe that has been hanging around our fence all summer- last week I noticed she had two little ones with her and like you, didn't have the doggone camera with me.
    Love the picture of Abbie taking a ride- too cute!
    Hope you're having a wonderful week, dear.

  9. The Lord was truly guiding your hand and your camera, your pictures are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them.

  10. Hello Sandra! I have perused many of your posts and enjoyed each one. And look at that sweet Abbie! If I didn't name one of my daughters Abbey, I would give the name my dog too. :)

    Nice stopping by!
    Kindly, ldh


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