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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hurtling Toward Autumn

 ~ TCF Studio with Abbie and Sadie ~
We've been having fierce thunderstorms lately, last night was no exception and we have an 80% chance of more thunderstorms today. This morning, however, is beautiful and the dogs and I had a lovely walkabout. My studio looks lush with the cottage flowers, bird feeder, grape vine wreaths and little screen door. We're going to have the studio re-sided as this siding is "vintage", as in ancient, and been there for decades. The interior is new but the exterior is sadly in need of replacement. We bought rough cut poplar siding but will keep the hemlock trim as I like the look of the white clapboard with rough hewn natural trim. I'm in process of making things to sell out of the studio but with everything on my to-do list, I'm just about as slow as Moses. Check out the TCF Studio and let me know what you think of my beginning. Also, can someone recommend someone to make and add buttons on my blogs? I've got a watercolor of a thistle a friend did for me and would like to use that but need some instruction and direction.

Lately, I've been making time for the studio and have some delightful, to me at least, jewelery to show for my labor. Later, I'll take photos and show you.

Today I need to gather the last of the basil, make pesto and freeze it, wash a couple of fleeces and put them outside on the racks to rinse in the next rainstorm, send some things to Leslie so she can work on updating my website and I should workout but there's only so much time and winter's coming on. Time's a wasting and this winter is promising to be like last winter, perhaps a tad better, perhaps a tad worse, but it's still going to be winter and that promises snow, cold, etc. We've still got to square bale our alfalfa field and get that hay put in the barn too. Then, there are the quilts and fleece throws I need to make for Christmas and though Christmas is four months away, it seems much, much closer. Can you feel my panic? -smile-
~ looks dangerous to me spider ~
But this morning, the dogs and I took a leisurely walk around the farm. "This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!" So we did.

The above beauty, and I use the word advisedly, is hanging on his/her web attached to my studio. Although the "real" name is unknown to me, it's been renamed "looks dangerous to me big butt spider"; kinda fits, don't you think?
~ sheep, running for their lives ~
 All the dogs have to do is walk behind the sheep and the sheep beginning running as if for their lives. The dogs are sniffing around, minding their own business and when the sheep begin running, the dogs start running because they want to see where the sheep are going. I'm telling you, it's hilarious! No one knows what they're doing but they're doing it really, really well. Silly things...just like humans, eh?
~ farm bathroom ~
There's a metal farm building on the place and it's about 100 x 100 feet with a small bathroom and small office. We've been in process of remodeling both as well as cleaning up the entire building and, in days past, it was used by men and was as grody as all that implies. Stinky boys. They couldn't hit the pot unless they were sitting on it and why bother to wash their hands when all they're going to do is get grease on them again? There's a perverse kind of logic there but still and all, it did make for a grody space but not much longer! Instead of the "normal" kind of sink, I used this bushel metal tub and that means I can wash an entire fleece. The fleece water is captured and then used for flowers; great ideas, don't you think?
The thirty gallon water heater and the rest of this small storage space will be behind a curtain as a  conventional door wouldn't work because heat needs to circulate.
The vintage mirror in the first bathroom photo will hang on the wall above this heater.
The small office was painted a rich, deep, not quite sienna orange which is one of my favorite colors. Probably my favorite as there are three rooms in our house painted this color and we never tire of them. It's been outfitted with a small table, chairs and lights on either side where one can snug up and knit, crochet, weave, read or do nothing except think deep thoughts. There are cozy rugs on the floor so the dogs won't get cold, a small heater, refrigerator, microwave and cabinet.
This Hoosier cabinet came from my MIL's home and is filled with different teas, coffees and snacks. I still need to furnish plates and utensils bought at a thrift store...vintage, of course -smile-... but, essentially this space is ready to go. The heater is to the right and the rag rug loom waits to be dressed.
The white metal cabinet is filled with roving, fleeces, dye materials and other tools while the black refrigerator is filled with water and the book case with odds and ends. I need to straighten up a bit but the space is workable now and a nice respite when I'm on the upper pasture and need to get to a restroom or have a quiet moment to sit.
My outside washtubs may be filled by water hose from the bathroom and more fleeces washed.
The vintage blackboard is ready for the day's program to be written.
~ Sadie, thinking dark thoughts about kittens ~
~ headed back to the house ~
 So, that's been our morning; it's almost noon and dinner time so bye for now but before I go, one more thing. Do you have any idea how much your reading my blog means to me? The gift of your time is a precious gift, gratefully received and treasured. I so enjoy reading your blogs, getting to know you a bit, putting your names on the prayer list and, throughout the day, as God brings you to mind, you're tucked into prayer. Thank you for that privilege.

Dei Gratia,


  1. Hi Sandra~ ~ Thanks so much for your comments on my consideration of the antique wood stove for cooking and heating. Its just what I was looking for to help me to make a decision.
    Thanks again for stopping by to see.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  2. well, i loved the tour about your
    busy farm. my favorite was sadie
    "thinking dark thoughts about little
    kittens!" ha ha!

    i wish i could help you about buttons,
    but they are way out of my league.
    some helpful person will pop by, as
    they always do.


  3. I love reading your blog and I share your sentiment. To think that someone would take time to read what I write, and hopefully be blessed by it, is an honor. Your farm is absolutely beautiful. You are a blessed woman. I live on a farm too, in MO, and we raise cattle and turkeys. I love your little office area -- you have done a great job decorating it. wish I could help you out on the buttons, but I'm afraid I'm not very technology advanced! May the Lord bless you today my friend!

  4. Hi Sandra - thanks for the wonderful email this morning, I will get back with you later on this afternoon. I loved your walkabout with the dogs - it cracks me up about the sheep running, then the dogs running - then all of them running like their lives depended on it. Aren't animals wonderful? My cats are such good company. I love to visit your blog because you always post neat photos and interesting posts, so thank you for having us included in your life at Thistle Cove Farm. Take care, from KY.

  5. oh how i enjoyed this today...your studio is just charming..and your sweet dogs look so happy...

    i wish i had some thunderstorms....

    everything looks so lush and green !!!

    thanks you for taking the time to stop by happy to see a friend...and i love your prayer list...

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  6. I enjoy reading your post!
    Specially when you write about the sheep and the dogs...very funny!:o)
    Our sheep are the same: they run when our dog tries to sniff around...
    And that spider really looks dangerous to me, too.

  7. What a beautiful place, nice photo's. It's my first visit, I scrolled down and enjoyed it.


  8. Anonymous5:43 PM EDT

    Just like being there with you to read your post and view the photos! I love the story about the dogs/sheep! Sounds like you are going to be really busy between now and the end of the year. Have a great evening.

  9. I have some of those spider around my farm and have recently learned that folk refer to them as "writing spiders". Being that if you speak someone's name near them then that person will die. Old wives tale, but interesting. Love your workspace and your dogs....and sheep!

  10. Dear Sandra, It was a pleasure to visit with you and read about your day!

    This is fun. Thank you for sharing. You have such a great studio! Your whole farm is so neat.

    Sandra, I covet your prayers and thank you for praying. Thank you, dear friend for praying.

    God bless you!,

  11. Walkabout...I haven't heard that word since my Paw Paw used it about 15 years ago. I smiled. Thanks for that.

    We have those spiders too. Beautiful, huh? and their webs, too. We call them banana spiders, and pretty much stay out of their way.

    Christmas is in 4 months?!

  12. Sandra~Thank you for commenting on my teeny blogette. You have beautiful pictures, a lovely farm,great dogs. Yet the thing we have in common is the great and most wonderful love of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Right now as I am writing this I am listening to Newsboys singing "It Is You" (we adore, praises are for...). Amen!

  13. What a nice get-away place you have made - very cozy and with everything you need. Love it! And love the views around it too.

  14. Oh, how I love your place, Sandra!! That studio is to die for!! Beautiful.. all of it. I so enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing :) -Tammy

  15. Wow 100x100 feet of wonderful space with all the amenities! You, my friend,are most fortunate.

    I visited your new studio blog and think it is a great idea. It's funny because I have been thinking of doing the same thing to show/sell my hand-dyed yarns, jewelry and soon to be hand-dyed fabrics too.

    I love visiting your blog. =) I always walk away blessed.

  16. I would do the buttons for you. Just send them to me. And if you dont like them, will not hurt my feelings one bit. Just need to know the size you wish them to be and if you prefer them to be bordered in a certain color.

  17. Oooh! I just love that little bathroom and that unique metal sink. And your studio is precious.

    The orange walled space is beautiful, too. Orange is also my favorite color, as well. I could picture me enjoying that charming space with you. :)

    I do enjoy your blog and wish I could stop by and visit more often. Your photos always make me smile (especially the sheep running with the dogs. hehe!) and your quotes often make me think a little deeper about life. Thank you.

    And I never tell you this, but I also enjoy your kind and thoughtful comments you leave for me over on my blog. Seeing your name in my comments brings me joy knowing you've stopped by to say hello :)


  18. Sandra,
    Angela does good work and I almost suggested you ask her but knew she read your blog and would probably offer on her own... smile

  19. What a beautiful part of the world you live in. Love your studio.


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