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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ruffled Spiral Scarf

 ~ ruffled spiral scarf ~

wool mohair worsted weight 150 yards, on left
cotton mercerized yarn 136 yards, on right

size 4, 6, 8 circular 29" knitting needles

I found it easier to have two sets of size 6 and size 8 29" circular needles

CO 130 stitches using size 4 needles

Row 1 - knit

Row 2 - knit in front and back of each stitch

Row 1 - knit off the size 4 needles onto the size 6 needles

Row 2 - knit front and back of each stitch

Row 1 - knit off the size 6 needles onto the size 8 needles

Row 2 - knit front and back of each stitch

Knit last row.

Bind off.

Be sure and take frequent breaks to rest your hands; your hands will ache. Use this pattern for yourself, gifts or even to make and sell. If you can make money with it, more power to you! It's my gift to you.

Blessings ~ knitting ~
Dei Gratia,


  1. these are darling...

    i started knitting classes last winter..then Buddy died and i lost that Teddy is settled in this would be a great Fall project...i think i will try.....

    kary and teddy

  2. Now if only I could knit~ :)

  3. soooooo darling! what talent you have. those would be such great gifts.

  4. Those are so cool! My gosh, there anything you CAN'T do! Hmph! (I can't do much of anything...just ranting...)

  5. What fun playful scarves. I know it would much more work, but imagine if they were made with fancy, textural yarns, like feathers and sparklies.
    I wish I could knit with needles. I just need to find the time to learn.
    For now I just use my round and straight looms for knitting projects.


  6. This looks fun, must give this a try. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

    I think I should make one for my niece, she's 13 ish? I'm terrible with remember how old she is. Do you think this would be a good gift item for someone her age?



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