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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


 ~ traffic jam ~
 It's been said before but bears telling again, if you don't mind, going to town takes a lot of time, a lot of time. Generally, there are many errands because I'm not wasting time nor fuel for a trip to town that accomplishes only one thing. Nope. Trips have to have, at the bare minimum, four things or I won't go.
~ you looking at me? ~
 There are times we're in a traffic jam and that eats up another ten to twenty minutes as the cows, heifers and their calves pass by. Of course, they have to stop and investigate which is amusing, probably for both of us. Dave and I will stop and allow the cattle to swirl around us; it's safer that way for them and us.
 ~ Mama and little one ~
These are Angus cattle, a mix of white and black face Angus and are, originally, from Aberdeen, Banff, Kincardine or Angus counties in Scotland. All these counties are in the northeast and touch the North Sea and, except for the North Sea, are quite similar to our topography here in the Cove. Some of those counties have mountains as well and lends a greater similarity and, as many of the Cove families have Scots, Irish, Welsh and English in their backgrounds, it's fitting Angus cattle are bred and raised here.

My background is quite similar to Dave's background; the Hamrick's came here from Ireland in 1654 and made their way to the Appalachia's because it reminded them of home. The other side of my family, the Lipscomb's, hail from Ireland as well while the Bennett's are from Wales and the---the---oh gosh, can't remember the other name but that side came from England and, on both sides of the family, married with the American Natives in Appalachia. That's the family lore at any rate. It's funny because I look Irish, head to toe, while my siblings look more American Native. Amazing, then there are those eejits who say it's all a big bang theory. I feel sorry for them and their lack of faith ; must be a lonely bed at night.

Dave and I were in the Marrakesh Airport, waiting to leave and I, accidentally, bumped into a gent standing in front of me. Apology at the ready, when he turned he looked down...he was about 6'5"... and said, "Irish". I told him, "no, American". He told me, rather more sternly, "No, Irish". It took a few moments before I realized Daddy's people are Irish and Welsh so I, sheepishly, said, "Yes, Irish". He said, "You could never deny your heritage, it's written all over you." Wouldn't it be wonderful if the same could be said for me as a Christian? Alas, it cannot because being a Christian is a daily struggle, a daily process and I admit to being a "practicing Christian" because I've not gotten it down just right and probably won't, this side of the veil. Sinful nature struggles with saintly nature but, thank God for the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, I'm going to heaven anyway. Come, go with me, please.
~ my monkeys ~
Today is a go to town day and my to-do list is full; crammed actually, and, once I leave, I'll be gone for hours and hours. I'm tired and haven't even left but when I come home, it's to Dave and the monkey's; more fun than the originals and a lot better at loving, to be sure! I love the above photo, it's one of the few where all four dogs are together, two pups on the left and two senior citizens on the right.

And so it goes.

Blessings ~ cattle ~ my monkeys ~ a full life ~ to-do list ~ heritage ~ family ~

Dei Gratia,


  1. must be a grand sight to see those happy faces when you return home:)

  2. Anonymous12:48 PM EDT

    A very enjoyable post and I love the rare picture of all the dogs together! What a sight to come home to.

  3. Those of us with the Irish usually can't deny it!! :)

    I love the monkeys - looks like here.

    Congrats BTW, you're a winner at MoonCat Farms and everywhere you go. I'll also be emailing you in the info :)

  4. I like your kind of traffic jam much better than ours.

    Love the mutts too :-) I just lost our senior, we have a pup, a mutt (sadly with cancer) and a fiesty hotdog. Getting all four of them together used to be almost impossible.. this looks like it might have been near dinner time when they're looking to go in, and you've just snuck up on them with a camera. I oughta try that.

  5. So those are the little cuties that will destroy the duvet! Gotta luv 'em.

  6. never forget "you're an irish girl!" if i
    could choose an heritage, that would
    be it.

    how funny to be slowed down by
    those sweet faces on the way to town.
    we had to stop for some lovelies while
    in colorado.

  7. you come from great stock!!!
    Have a sweet life,

  8. Hello Sandra! What a sweet place you have here! I have perused several of your posts and enjoyed each one. Very cute photo of your dogs on the deck. I have a soft spot for dogs :)

    So nice getting to know you!

    Kindly, ldh

  9. Ah, errands. I have some for tomorrow. I, too, save up until I have enough to make it worth while.
    Time is precious! I'd rather be spending it with all "my monkeys" than driving into the little town each day!

    But, the food store is calling my name. So is the veggie mkt and the thrift store so I can pick up my fixins for our laundry powders.
    And then a trip to the post office to mail a box to a dear friend in Va. who has been waiting (patiently) for some horsey gear.

    I do believe I will muck stalls first, as we are still having 100 degree days! And the wonderful news from the weatherman is to expect this heat to hang on another 30 days! Oy.

    Sandra, we have a Doe who resides in the woods behind our home. We have a deer plot (actually a wonderful buffet that J planted just for them. It just took one deer to eat a meal here and they spread the word)On Saturday morning the doe was not alone. She had *twin* fawns with her!! About the size of Annie when she was born. The family has visited twice since then! We just stand in awe.

    have a wonderful day! And by the way-you are Good Stock!

    xo, misha

  10. "Come go wih me, please."
    I'll meet you there-sooner or later.

  11. I haven't seen cattle on the road since I was a little girl...:o) Lovely post!

  12. Going to town always requires a lot of preparation so I can be gone awhile and not risk calamity when i return home.But I have not had to stop for cattle, ever. Deer, yes, not cattle.

    I agree with your words regarding our spiritual heritage, and hope very once in awhile it peeks out in spite of myself~

  13. That's quite a welcome committee you've got there.
    Love the airport story. Have you done your family genealogy? I've done quite a bit, but haven't done anything recently. Need to get back to it.
    Mom's side been here forever; I'm 14th generation if memory serves me right. At least her Dad's side that is. Haven't done much research on her Mother's side. Believe both would be English though. (Barrows and Watson). Dad's side I'm only 5th generation here in the States from Germany. That research I've been very lucky and successful with, his mother's side lots of work still needing to be done.

    LOVED the traffic jam picture!

  14. Hi Alice - nothing like friendly faces to remind you life is good, eh?

    Hi Mildred - I loves those friendly faces -smile.

    Hi Jules - hurrah! Thank you and I'm going to love choosing photos for my cards; thank you, thank you!

    Hi Karen - my traffic jam smells better than exhaust, at least I think so -grin.

    Hi farmhouse - in a NY second!

    Hi Lea - couldn't deny it if I wanted and I don't want -smile.

    Hi Deanna - it is a sweet, God blessed life and I'm grateful, always, always grateful.

    Hi LDH - you're always welcome at Thistle Cove Farm, thank you for visiting.

    Hi Misha - the box was picked up and is still in Dave's car, he keeps forgetting to bring it in so I'll do it today and thank you. I hope your deer stay safe this hunting season; that's always a tear jerker for me...hunting season.

    Hi Lindah - GREAT! Looking forward to it!

    Hi Timi - come for a visit.

    Hi KathyB - like you, in spite of myself -grin.

    Hi Sandy - on Daddy's mothers' side we go back to 1654 in USA but not sure before that other than Ireland. Nothing on the rest of the family. It is interesting, isn't it?


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