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Monday, October 29, 2012

Car Tip

You've got jumper cables...right? Jumper cables have always been a staple in my vehicles, even when said vehicles are newish or with low mileage. You never know when you can do someone a kindness by using cables to jump start their car battery.  
Since April, I've run the car battery down twice; stupid mistake but it happens. The first time, was at the Pruitt's fire and Ashley, using my jumper cables, gave me a jump. The second time, after lunch out and in a pouring rain, a kind gentleman gave me a jump using the Stanley tool pictured above.
He advised, "If a woman drives a car, she needs one of these babies!" He then told me how unsafe the world was, suppose it was after dark and I was on the side of the road, etc. Little does he know, I'm so seldom out after dark, it's almost considered a miracle when dark finds me not home! 
There are several very fine features...this booster has a plug to charge or use a phone, GPS, etc. as well as a USB port...although I'm not sure what a USB port does...? smile
There's a light which can be twisted and aimed to either side, up or down.
On the back, an air hose and gauge allows for a tire to be pumped up. 
All in all, this is an amazing tool and less than $100 US. Within a week, I purchased one at Lowe's for around $80, not including tax, and it's been in my vehicle ever since. Each month, I top off the charge to ensure it's always in working order if and when it's needed. 
Almost the best thing? It's American made in New Britain, Connecticut!
Joining in with the Homestead Barn Hop Number 85.

Blessings ~ Stanley tools ~ auto battery jumper ~ American made ~ 


  1. Good idea, glad you got one. May have to go shopping too.

  2. That's awesome! I want you safe, dear Sandra.
    Sending love and blessings your way.

  3. Hello Sandra:
    Well, this all sounds very useful indeed. Just one question....does it make lunch?!!!!!

  4. Yay! I've been wanting to get one of these for years, but haven't seen one made in the US! (Same reason I haven't got a table saw. Even the "American" companies say "China" in the small print.) Thanks so much for posting this one; I'll look into ordering one online if possible.

  5. Sounds like an awesome product. I always have jumper cables and have used them more for others rather than for me.
    Take care with the storms coming your way!:)

  6. I am almost always home after dark, too, but love this advice to be prepared.

  7. Hello Sandra. With the USB port, I wonder if that means it can charge things like cameras as well?

  8. As I'm reading this my hub is looking over my shoulder wanting to know 'what is that'. He just realized there is a gadget he doesn't own and will probably use my Christmas present for an excuse to get one. He already got me a 38 which is a great thing to have when you get stranded anywhere. :D
    I know you are equipped as well.
    Thanks for showing us such a good thing to keep in the car. USB? I see those all around but don't know either. I don't have a USB.

  9. Hey! Just found them on Amazon for $79.99.

  10. This is a great thing for a woman driving alone, really for anyone! Good post.

  11. What a useful post, Sandra. I'll look into getting these for my girls who have to drive through a National Park to get home. Sounds perfect. I bet there's not an Australian made one though.

  12. I bought something similar for my boys one year for Christmas. Peace/piece of mind. xo

  13. My daughter's battery went out this am! sandie

  14. I haven't seen these before...a good idea! Thanks for sharing!


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