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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Instant Knitification

It's that time of year, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere to cozy up to something warm. I've a hankering to learn how to rug felt and would love to take a class from Nicole Chazaud Telaar at Festive Fibers...that woman rocks! One little big problem... she's in New Hampshire, I'm in southwest Virginia and there's a lotta asphalt in between. Her class schedule is here and, like I said, I'd love to make a felted rug or an ottoman. Taking one of her classes is on my "goals and dreams" list; does anyone know of a similar teacher in the south, preferably VA, NC, WV or SC? 

All year long, I knit, but this time of year, I'm churning out hats like heads depend upon my needles to keep warm this winter. By the way, is it just me or just anyone else find it mildly amusing that needles is spelled need les. So does that mean if one has knitting, one has enough? Or, one doesn't need to knit...nope, cannot mean that! Perhaps Maslow had it, shelter, clothing and knitting...ya think?! Hmmm, I look for hidden meanings far too much! smile

In process of going through the house and labeling things to sell, give away and keep, I've found several knitting projects that need some serious attention; as in, finish me now or frog me now or pay someone to finish me now. And, frog means to ripit, ripit, out the knitting...get it? No? Oh well, it's knitting lingo and a lot of knitters find it wildly amusing. 
These knitted and purchased goods were supposed to go to those folks taking shelter in the National Forest. That was last year and my intentions were good but the grief felled me so I just kept knitting and now have even more goodies to give away. I've asked a neighbor preacher to help find a contact person who takes supplies to those forest folks; hopefully, that will happen soon. If not, there are a lot of people locally for whom finances are tough and a small "God loves you" gift will warm them twice. No, I won't wait for Christmas, it's chilly now, especially for those living in their cars or tents.
These huge balls of wool yarn are going to be knitted into a shoulder cowl for me and I'll dye in a jewel color either before, or after, knitting; I'm not sure when. I rarely knit something for myself and have determined to change that. Each year, I'm going to knit something for me; this year it's going to be this cowl and I'll finish the scarf I started while Dave was in cancer treatment. Even though I've been knitting for donkey's years, I'm not an accomplished knitter, perhaps a middling one, at best. The nearest yarn shop  is more than fifty miles away and at the price of gasoline, I just don't jump in the car and go. With not much band width, the i-net is, for the most part, a foreign land to me as well. Pretty much, I'm a self-taught knitter and keep to the simple patterns. Simple patterns are best because I have to steal time from the farm, Dave's estate...still haven't finished that!..., the house and the community. We're all busy, crazy busy, and in order to get my knit fix, I keep it simple, sweetie.
Having said I rarely knit for myself, this mobieus was knit with acrylic wool yarn purchased in Budapest. Dave sent me to Eastern Europe the summer before he died in November, 2011. He wanted me to grow my wings, batten down the fear and not forget how to LIVE just because he wouldn't be around to catch me should I fall. Dave, I'm in process, Beloved and thank you.

Thus, the "instant knitifcation"...cute, eh? Yeah, I like quick, simple, easy projects that I can churn out in a day or even a few hours. Hats, scarves, hand arm warmers, throat cozies, shawls and socks fit that bill, although, I'm still...still...trying to learn how to turn a heel! It's insane! I'm relatively smart, have taught at University and lower levels, taught in Russia and Eastern Europe, navigated this first year without Dave, traveled by myself to foreign climes and I still cannot turn a heel. I'm flummoxed! If I had more time, I'd send out invitations to my pity party. Would you come? Note to self...change your self-talk...begin saying, "I knit wonderful, fabulous, fantastic socks with beautiful heels!"
This yarn needs to be dyed! Again, last year, I gave the kit to Millie for a Christmas gift and told her I'd dye it for her. Good intentions...good's time to DYE! Perhaps I'll dye my white cowl yarn purple at the same time and use one dye pot; come on, good weather! Do you think purple and gold yarn might be nice together?

There's a fine line to walk when I visit knitting blogs of Very Accomplished Knitters. I want to ooohh and aahhh but not compare myself with folks like Vicki at 2 Bags Full. Vicki is one of those Very Accomplished Knitters who has a huge heart as well; visit her Sacred Yarn Room and then, sign up for her Grow Your Blog Party coming mid-January. 

The gas logs are lit, chairs and side table pulled front and center, cozy on a full tea pot, mug waiting, lamp at the ready. Now all that's needed is me and the knitting bag; there's a spare chair, care to join me?

Blessings ~ Dave ~ knitting ~ Millie ~ gas logs ~ Vicki ~ tea ~ good light ~ instant knitification ~


  1. I'd love to join in with the knitting but it's been donkey years since I've done so. I gave all my yarn, needles, books, etc. away. Just walked away from it. I mostly made plastic canvas projects. They used to be my constant companions. It would be so healthy of me to get back to working with yarn again. You've inspired me! I might do just that. Our weather is getting nice too ... I love Fall! yum
    Blessings to you and yours ~:)

  2. I love knitting! Its a heavenly meditation! Your knitting-works are beautiful, the wool, too, the plans of giving them to poor people is great. Compliment!!

  3. If you haven't already check out YouTube for knitting tutorials. I learned to knit dishcloths, hats and socks and I didn't know how to knit at all before that.

  4. Loved your last paragraph and yes, i would love to join you.

    I used to knit as a kid ... the basics, nothing else. Maybe I should take it up again.

  5. Hi Sandra, I never learned to knit but have such admiration for those who do. Your hats, scarves etc. are lovely and will make such treasured presents for those in need. I love to visit KathyB @ Cedar Pond blog; always fun to see what wool she is spinning/dyeing from her sheep.
    Wishing you a nice evening and sending love from here!

  6. Good word...Knitification, and what a nice collection of warm and cozy pieces you have to give. Even nicer that your generosity and giving heart will benefit those who are in need.

    Your yarn balls look wonderful and I think a one dye pot of purple would be perfect for all that needs dying. And YES, it will look great with gold. Thank you for the invite to tea and knitting beside the fire. I'd love it. Right now I'm crocheting, but as long as it's yarn...right?

    I enjoyed this post so much. Thanks for sharing your special thoughts and projects.

  7. you can compare yourself to me, who has
    never knitted the teeniest anything! i like
    your idea of knitting something for your-
    self each year. i hope we get to see the

  8. Loved this post. You're making me want to learn how to knit! No, I don't know how.

  9. You'll be a knitting angel for some folks who need to be warm. Bless you, dear!

  10. Oooo - those balls of yarn are so beautiful. I'm entranced by yarn. I'm a slow and VERY indifferent knitter. I'm practicing, but it's slow going. I turned a few heels, but only with good instructions and lots of brain power! I prefer scarves :) Good work, girl!

  11. I would LOVE to join you!!! :o))) But I can't knit...maybe you can teach me! :o))
    When I looked at the 3rd photo it seemed familiar to I know why! :o) You bought this yarn in Budapest :o))) Oh, I remember that!

  12. I'd love to join you, only it would be with my crochet hooks instead! Although, you could teach me to knit? That's something that my grandma attempted to teach me back when I was around ten (the time she also taught me to crochet) but I couldn't get a hang of it. However, her love for crochet has been ingrained in my heart. :) This was such a nice post! That undyed yarn looks so lovely and soft! I would love to crochet something with yarn like that! I have visited some local yarn shops and I'm afraid that I can't afford their yarn. But it's still fun to look at! Have a blessed day!

  13. 'So much to comment on here, but wow: "Dave sent me to Eastern Europe the summer before he died in November, 2011. He wanted me to grow my wings, batten down the fear and not forget how to LIVE just because he wouldn't be around to catch me should I fall." What a husband and person your Dave was. Wow, Sandra. That says so much. How blessed you've been by his love! ♥

  14. My daughter loves to knit; finds it very relaxing. I, however, have no talent for sewing or knitting. :( Beautiful shot of the yarn stacked on the ledge with the mountains in the background. Have a great day and stay warm!

  15. Now that we've cooled off again here in MT, Cortney has her favorite shawl about her shoulders again*wink* She washed it by hand and it came out lovely :o) She thinks for her friend who made it for her with much love, Thank you for being who you are, she'll NEVER forget you. Have a blessed day

  16. I'm a horrible knitter and crocheter - never knew before that I frogged things all the time LOLOLOL try to knit, ribit out LOL, and give the yarn away. Too funny! It is getting that time of year but I think I'll make soup instead of knitting. Hmmmmmm maybe I've found a place to send all my yarn that's been sitting around forever LOL

  17. Your knitting projects look beautiful! Hope you're having a nice day.

  18. My dear, dear blogger...

    I just happened to be looking at a past post on FRIENDS and I see that you came to comment; you must have commented after I put up my new post.

    I am so sorry to hear about the sudden passing of your beloved, and yet I am very blessed to know that my attempt to write struck a chord in you...this is why we write: TO KNOW WE ARE NOT ALONE.

    Thank you for visiting and I apologize for not coming sooner..Anita

  19. I have never learned to knit, I have tried to learn the last 2 winters, uh, still not there yet. I have crocheted all my life, but it has lost the zeal for me. Maybe it will come back, when the cold winds blow. We shall see! Bless you for warming someone in need!

  20. Oh how I have missed you'. I just figured out how to read blogs on my cell phone! Sad but true. I have been thinking about you and with Nov rolling around you have been on my mind even more! Glad to see you are busy. I just dyed wool for the first time! What fun! Will visit again soon. With love, Colleen

  21. Oh I just love this post and always love your writing.
    My grandmother taught me to knit when I was a little girl but I went with crochet later in life and really can't, or I should say, don't knit. I admire those that do. I always have a throw going in my lap and mostly the vintage style of broomstick lace. Mainly like you said, to keep it simple as I pick it up here and there after days of painting. The pattern is just a no brainer!!

    I hope you get to your class in felting sometime. It sounds wonderful.

    Thank you for stopping by and your entry in my giveaway. Have a great weekend and sending hugs your way.
    Blessings, Celestina Marie

  22. Such a poignant post filled with much meaning. I too am a widow and wish I had learned to knit!

    I love the creamy white yarn and for myself would keep that color for a a continuous scarf/ cowl, how cozy!!

    If you love purple go for it though!!

    Art by Karena

  23. I'd love to come sit in your spare chair and practice on my limited knitting skills. I did buy 2 nice pairs of wood knitting needles, wow, makes knitting all that much easier than metal ones, at least I enjoy knitting more.

    If you can blog you can work your way around the internet and find lots of lovely yarn.

    I bought a second hand spinning wheel and just sent 60 pounds of wool off to be processed. Figured with 20 Shetland Sheep and 15 Angora Goats I better learn to do something with it. Should be ready to pick up in about 10 days, can't wait to see all of it.

    I'll bring some cookies to go with the tea.

  24. 'm beginning a Sheltering Party this Wednesday on my blog and was hoping you would link this post. I think this is a beautiful way to shelter others. Added to that is that in spite of your own heartache you are continuing to care for others. My sister lost her husband three years ago and inviting others to her home for tea parties and baking her famous pumpkin muffins to share has helped her, too.

  25. Oh sweetie- I had no idea--
    Your projects are amazing. What a generous soul you are to knit for the homeless-- those hats and scarfs will warm in so many ways- such a wonderful charity.

    I did a little gasp at that gorgeous green cowl-/ it's simply stunning. So special that you bought that yarn in Budapest.

    The photos of your yarns are gorgeous-,you know yarn photos just make my heart sing-- these are incredible.

    I want to start knitting more for ME too-- I'm going to be like you- knit at least one thing a year. I want to knit a dress--

    Such a beautiful post-- just made me smile and smile and smile--

  26. Sparky, good for you! anxious to see what you knit.

    Dori, "heavenly meditation"...what a lovely phrase...beautiful!

    Sparkless, I don't have bandwidth so can't watch videos...sigh. thanks!

    Glenda, surely Chi-town has a LOT of wonderful knitting shops?

    Mildred, I learned from books but am still a basic knitter; good enough to make stuff for others though.

    Sue, crochet counts, yep!

    Lea, depending upon memory...yes!

    Karen, surely there are wonderful yarn stores somewhere near you...?

    Patrice, thank you muchly!

    MK, yes, but you do fabulous crochet work!

    Timi, that's the day we went to the large market; what a FUN day and memory!

    Amber, yes, crochet does count!

    Val, yes, Dave was a huge blessing in my life...then and now but I miss him SO much.

    Gail, I taught myself so it can't be all *that* difficult! -LOL-

    Kelle, so glad Courtney is enjoying her shawl; may she be blessed always.

    Jill, if you keep trying, you'll get better and better -smile-.

    Hi Sunshine, having a very nice day, ta very much!

    Vicki, buying that yarn in Budapest was wonderful...I was with Timi, a blogger friend, and her daughter. We were wandering around Budapest, having a great time, making wonderful memories!
    Yep, knitting for "me" is long overdue!

    Anita, bless you for your visit to Thistle Cove Farm; you're always welcome here.

    Annie, crochet will come back to you; just try.

    Colleen, you've been missed! so glad you're visiting Thistle Cove Farm; I went to your blog, it needs updating...hint, hint -smile.

    Celestina Marie, crochet counts, as long as you're making someone happy and warm.

    Karena, I am sorry to hear we both have widowhood in common. It's been awful!

    Tombstone, waiting.................

    Pamela, don't forget to let me know about your Sheltering Party.


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