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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm not voting for Mr. Romney...

I'm voting against Mr. Obama.

Blessings ~ the right to vote ~ wisdom ~ USA ~ 


  1. I am glad you will vote as we sure struggled years to get that right. And because we live in the USA we are lucky beyond belief... And the nice thing is I can disagree, YAY.... Not that I am so crazy about Romney, but he is a business man and perhaps that is what we need to get us out of this mess we are in. I have my fingers crossed he is not politics as usual. That Big Bird thing? Well Big Bird is a huge corporation and makes millions and has nothing to do with NPR except it has the rights to be on their station. Please go in and read about big bird.... You will be amazed... I am interested in the economics of our country and the millions, whoops trillions.... we just throw around... We are throwing money at corporations for green energy that have folded one after another. One just last week... Dang it, thats my money being thrown away... Our debt revolves around everything we do. From defense, the poor, seniors etc... We borrow money like it is going out of style and how soon will it be that the USA goes bankrupt because after awhile you just cant print money anymore because it will be worth absolutely nothing... jeez, I got more interest when I was a kid on my savings acct than I get now. That was 50 years ago... We are not better off. I cant imagine what it will look like in 2016 if we keep spending. At least we had money when Clinton left office. (yes Bush spent it all on war). Obama has had 4 years and what has he done, put us so far in debt we will struggle to get out. He is a spender and spenders spend!!! Especially when it is other peoples (my) money... Well thanks for letting me have my say. Thats what this great nation is all about...I dont care who you vote for as long as you vote...

  2. At reading your title I was totally like.....huh what?? But then I kept reading. Very good hook. :o) And I agree.

  3. Way to go girl!
    I just saw you in the side bar at Cindy's and was wondering... that title... it got me curious, so I hopped over...
    And I am totally with you, let Big Bird take care of himself...
    We need to take care of OUR AMERICA!
    Because divided we will FALL.


  4. Ditto. :)

    How-some-ever ... 'ol Mittens may surprise all of us. He may end up being a really good President. At least he's using his real name, doesn't hate America, doesn't use drugs (Obama was a drug dealer in College), knows how to run a business profitably and is truly American born. We can only go up from here.

  5. I'm voting for President Obama again, but I agree with the gratitude for the right to vote. We live in an amazing country, indeed.

  6. What a clever poster. My husband, who's a truck driver and out talking to a lot of folks, says he's run into countless Christians who won't be voting at all. Not because they're not against Obama, but because Romney is a Morman. That does not bode well I think.

  7. The very last thing Sandy said is so true.. Divided we will fall. What I find very very sad about the political climate as it stands today in this country is the tremendous division between the parties, the unwillingness to come together and work on the mess that is ALL of ours and was not created in the last four years. We only contribute to this negative environment when we use snide remarks, racist comments and outright lies to bolster our own views and agenda as voters, reagardless of who we are voting for.

    Your post sends a very important message - We all need to vote.. voter apathy is never a good thing.

  8. I love early voting - I have done my part, continue to pray Americans will prove to be smarter than their current cultural evidence shows and definitely am tired of hearing political venom disguised as information. Like the old joke "how do you know so and so is lying?" "their lips are moving".
    I'm a values voter - I value life and liberty. Thanks Sandra - good post as usual

  9. I had to investigate further. I for some reason always thought you were a Republican. I just couldn't imagine you would vote for Obama. Now, I for one could never find it in me to vote for Romney. Nope, just can't do it. I'm not a big Obama fan, but I worked in Mass and know what he did to that state.

  10. Kelly - I wonder why others don't know his true record in that state.. I live nextdoor, in CT.

  11. I don't know anything about US politics, so I won't comment on that. But what I will comment on is that I remember that women died and suffered in the UK so that I could have the right to vote. That is why I ALWAYS voted (even if it was a "spoiled paper" ) in the UK elections. I don't think it is a "right" to have the vote. I think it is a "duty" TO vote!!

  12. My boys really, really liked that when I told them what you said. I hear them telling their friends. It was a good way to look at the election.

  13. i think you will represent the most people this election.
    if romney wins, he may surprise us. if obama wins,
    then the churches will have to enlarge their soup
    kitchens for the "poor" persons tax: inflation

  14. It is my firm conviction that if the best reason we can come up with to vote for someone is that "he isn't ______," we oughtn't be voting for him, either. If he has NO merit of his own - well, then, why support him? The lesser of two evils is still evil.

    I will not be voting for Obama OR Romney. (And, yes, I'm planning to vote. Much as we like to forget it, we are not limited to two choices.)

  15. Seems like you need to re-post what you really meant! many are taking the title at face value!!!!

    I loved this, tho....and agree wholeheartedly.

  16. Although I don't hold the same opinion, I respect yours my friend.

    Just vote.


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