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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Grow Your Blog Party

Vicki, 2 Bags Full, has opened up the sign-up for her Grow Your Blog Party. The party is January 19, 2013 and sign up is here. I'm joining in and will give away three be announced later.
Just thought you'd like to know -smile-!

Blessings ~ Vicki ~ Grow Your Blog Party ~ gifts ~ 


  1. I wasn't sure what to do with this. I signed up and have the logo saved, but I gathered that I was supposed to wait to post anything about it until the night before. I like advertising it sooner like you've just done, but am unsure of the protocol.

  2. A party! I saw this on Vicki's blog a while ago, and thought maybe this could be the incentive needed for me to actually start a blog. I had a simple website until a couple of months ago, but never a blog. Hmm.

  3. Have signed up and put pic in my side bar. I need to do these things in small steps. I need to do everything in small steps! Thanks for the heads up- when I got to comments I found two other bloggistes I read besides you, so I wasn't quite so scared to walk into the room!

  4. I am thinking this looks like fun, and I think I already signed up. Have to check on that !

  5. Sounds good, but right now were are waiting for a moving truck.
    will check back when the smoke clears.



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