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Friday, October 05, 2012

More Lily, Please!

Lily, marching to the beat of her own drummer.
Lily, keeping Sada in line.
Lily and Sam P. Spade, Secret Agent, aka Lover Man.
Lily and Tippy, deciding what happens next.
Oh yeah, PLAY!
Not sure if you can see this very clearly, but it's an eagle in my alfalfa field. The day before, the dogs killed a ground hog and the eagle claim it for his/her own.
The eagle flew to the top of a tree, treasure in claws and that was the last I saw the eagle.
It's never dull, never boring on the farm. That's what makes the work so much fun...always something to gaze upon in the midst of toil.

Blessings ~ work ~ eagles ~ Lily ~ Sadie ~ Sam ~ rest ~


  1. Anonymous8:32 PM EDT

    Hi Sandra, Oh how I love these photos of your babies. Lily is growing and cute as can be. They are all precious. Wishing you a restful night and a good weekend.

  2. Oh my, she's a cutie! How exciting to see an eagle. You had a great photo day!

  3. I love Lily dancing. She is adorable. We haven't had kittens in so many years. They have all grown up on us. Do the eagles kill your chickens? We had to kill a fox they other day. They have killed so many of my grown hens. We now have around 150 chickens and guineas that hatched out this past fall.

  4. Cute Kitty with a cute name. Nice post about farm living...never a dull moment. Thanks for stopping by CITexas Gal and commenting on my Texas Plates. Have a great weekend...Sue

  5. A little one always seems to bring some sweetness to life!.

  6. Cute kitty. Your dog looks like the one in the commercial, for Travelers Ins. He wipes the floor, carries in groceries and puts his dog bowl in the dish washer. I love that ad.
    I just sigh when I see a Dalmaltion too.

  7. Lily is beautiful, give her a big hug from me!

  8. Everything looks busy in your neck of the woods; computer time here is a bit rare. too many school holidays and the boys friends love to visit maybe its the chocolate chip cookies I make a ton of them and the jar is always empty.( its not me honest)

  9. HI Sandra!
    Oh, Lily is a cutie pie! Kittens are so hilarious!
    You have such eyes of wonder. You do. I love the farm pictures!

  10. WOW! That eagle!!! You are right, your life is never dull!!! :o)))
    Lily is very cute!

  11. Cute photos of the animals! Loved Lily's interaction with all of them. Yowzers on the eagle!

  12. Love the pictures around the farm. Making this country girl's heart happy.

  13. Ah, to have the energy of a playful kitten...and nothing much beats her cuteness!

  14. Happy animals. Happy Sandra.


  15. Love, love, LOVE kittens!! Puppies are too much work ... give me an adult rescue dog any day. Kittens, though, are another story entirely. I love their attitude, their spunk, and everything about them. Your photos beautifully capture everything that is wonderful about a kitten. (I especially love the last one!)

    Eagles are just vultures with better PR. :) Had one swoop down over the top of my Jeep once, to grab a dead rabbit out of the road. THAT was cool!

  16. you stinker! I keep telling myself I need less to care for, less animals to tend and then you keep slapping up pictures of that adorable, irrepressible kitten! Nifty about the eagle visit - looks like life is moving along - as it seems designed to do. Just like there is a Plan to the whole thing, ya think?

  17. Oh I love seeing your animal pictures - cats are so fun to watch. And an eagle - wow - something I've never seen around here for sure. Hope you've had a peaceful week. Hugs!

  18. I'm not a "cat person" but have to admit that is one cute kittie! Glad she is improving and that she can run with the Big Dawgs.
    Luv from Gawga ~:)
    Dogs Rule, Cats Drool *giggle*

  19. Lily is adorable times two.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  20. Tombstone, Lily *is* AAAdorable!

    Mildred, my critters are my family and love them, mostly, all. Some of the sheep are wild and crazy but I stay shy of them.

    Vicki, even with a long range lens, I still couldn't get a clearer photo. The eagle was a LONG ways off!

    Kelly, I don't have chickens and buy eggs from neighbors.

    Sue, on a farm there's never a moment unfilled -grin-.

    Lynne, so right and now I've 3 kittens in the house plus a pregnant mama...want some cats?

    Yvonne, my SIL's Dal just passed away from old age, she was 17.

    YONKS, because Lily is so small, I gave her a little hug...she said THANKS!

    Cathy, a good cook/baker always taste tests her wares!

    Pom, you are so sweet to me...eyes of wonder, thank you!

    Timi, I couldn't handle a larger farm -smile-.

    Misha, Lily is full of good loving in return.

    Gail, Lily isn't afraid, that's for sure.

    Mary Ann, visit some old posts and you'll see lots of country farm photos.

    Karen, not sure I'd want that energy; I go now like tomorrow's never going to come.

    Glenda, some happy, mostly contented.

    Heartwood, "vultures with better PR" hahaha...SO true!

    LindaSue, a plan, eh? I'm sure there is and today, weeks after this post, I'm also sure all I want is rest and a lighter workload!

    Jill, up the valley some eagles are nesting and raising their young.

    Sparky, ummm, with all my critters, it's more "dogs drool, cats rule". As you can see, Lily runs a tight ship. -grin-

    Sandee, Lily says "thank you!".


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