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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chatting on the porch...

~ Miss Lily ~
Today, Patrice of Everyday Ruralty, is hosting her Chats on the Farmhouse Porch; I'm playing along.

1. Who do you look like in your family?  Used to be, I looked like Sam P. Spade; we both have had...which is it?...blonde hair which was is...which is it?...usually rather unkempt. Mine because I forget to brush it, except with my fingers, and his because he's part Spaniel Terrier. Since I've started going gray white, I look like Lily except I'm older than dirt and she's a young'un.
~ Sam P. Spade, Secret Agent ~
2. Would you rather read a novel, poem, magazine or how-to book? Depends. Don't you love those kind of answers? not. I read mysteries for diversion, poems for comfort, and my magazines and how-to books are, usually, along the same genre; I enjoy reading about fiber and textile arts.
~ Sadie Baby ~
3. Is there anything in your future that seems challenging, daunting or larger than life? No, but then I get out of bed and the challenges try to overwhelm me! Actually, since Dave died, each and every day has been a challenge but God has been faithful each and every day so life has worked out well. Currently, I'm getting the farm and house ready for winter and that takes a lot of physical labor. When the days aren't sunny, I spend them inside tagging things I want to sell at an auction house. It's the season of downsizing, selling things, giving things away, deciding what I want to keep. Change is the only constant in our life, save Christ, and I'm dealing with change as best I can.
~ Sophie Lauren Butterball and Miss Lily ~
4. Do you have any big projects for this season? Autumn and winter bring quilting, spinning and working the studio but that's after getting the farm and house ready for winter. For Christmas, I usually make gifts - quilts, knitted hats, scarves, hand warmers - and now is the time to quilt, spin and knit. 
5. Please finish this: It made me so happy to ____...weeeelllll, I'm a contented person, much more so than happy. So many things bring joy into my life...watching the kittens play, looking at the fawn across the fence, watching eagles soar over the valley, walking amongst the sheep, petting the horses, spinning yarn, quilting, drinking a good cup of coffee or tea. Indeed, my middle name, Kay, is Celtic for happy and I suppose my disposition is happy although, like I've said, I think of myself more as contented. So much of my life is spent in solitude; Dave and I were contented to be with each other, to spend most of our time together and that really hasn't changed. I need solitude, probably more so than most, and that solitude also has to come with silence. The noise of the radio or television, mostly, is grating although I do enjoy some programs on both. So, happy...not so much; contented...greatly!

P. S. Hiya Wendell...this is HayJ, I live with Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm. For a little thing, she takes pretty good care of us; she does her best anyway. Not her fault she doesn't have thousands of acres for us to enjoy. I'm an American Curly x Percheron and don't think there are that many in the world. I know of only one other black and white and he's not as big as me; I'm about 18 hands and two thousand pounds. Anyway, just wanted to say hello; hope your day goes as perfectly as I expect mine to go! Sandra always says our farm is "beautiful one day and perfect the next"!

Blessings ~ contentment ~ my family ~ 


  1. Loved the American Curly Percheron . . . Handsome!

    Liked your reflections and the "Getting To Know you, getting to know all about you."

  2. What a nice read today, Sandra. I love the photos of your beloved animals. HayJ is incredibly beautiful. Wishing you a blessed Autumn day.

  3. Sounds like you have a lot of projects coming up. I have always wanted to learn to quilt.

  4. I like solitude, too...but would be lost without my hubby. So glad you have the Lord to get you thru and so many other activities to keep you busy!!! Love your view!!!

  5. What wonderful warm pictures Sandra. I love them all but especially want to throw my arms around the big dog sitting in the chair - he just looks so huggable!

  6. You keep so busy...! Love that little blue-eyed kitty!

  7. Beautiful one day and perfect the next. Just like you! Solitude a recurring theme for me this week!

  8. Most lovely animals!! Sophie and Lily are sooo sweeeet!!

  9. i just love your beautiful animals but know they
    are a lot of work. i'm sure they love you to

  10. Beautiful animals. I like # 3, I am the same way but you write it so more eloquently than I can describe it to others!

  11. oooh SANDRA!!! I am in LOVE with your Curly Perch!!!.. WOW, an unusual combo, and just beautiful! and did you say 18 hands??? GOOD GRIEF!!.. more pictures ... please? How about a post devoted just to him? I know, I'm pushing it.

    What a fun post, loved reading it...

  12. Lynne, thanks for stopping by; you're in my prayers today.

    Mildred, my animals are my family until I move to be nearer to my human family -smile-.

    Mamaw Bee, quilting is easy when you have an easy pattern; otherwise, I couldn't do it -smile-.

    Debbie, if I didn't have Christ, I wouldn't get out of bed in the morning!

    Jill, Sadie is a big love bug; she loves to snuggle...that means sleep on top of me!...and snores like a freight train -smile-.

    Madge, Lily is a cutie; she's growing really nicely.

    Mags, you are SO sweet! Solitude is a good thing.

    Dori, thank you; I love my critters.

    Lea, they love me as long as I keep the feed coming -haha-.

    Mary Ann, you are so kind, thank you! My animals are my family right now.

    Karen, I will do a post on HayJ and the rest of them. I just sold 2 mares, going to a good home, so that brings me down to 6.

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed all the pictures of your critters. Lily is adorable. I liked the hair comparison with Sam Spade:)Being content is much better than being happy. It sounds like you have lots to do on your farm to get ready for the cold weather. We do too, but we still have farmers' market year round. I'm so glad you decided to join the chat this week. Have a great week.

    ***This is Wendell- please tell HayJ that she is beautiful. I would send her some virtual carrots as a gift, but I don't know what button to push on the computer. She's a big horse like me.Actually, she's bigger. I'm half Hafflinger and half Belgian. Give HAyJ a hug for me. Wen:)

  14. Hay J is truly beautiful! I know what you mean about this season of life and what we do.It is good there is still time to take in the abundance of God's blessings, even if we know they are fleeting.

    Miss Lily looks very much like my Blizzard.

  15. I'm glad you sat on the porch with Patrice, Sandra!
    Good words about you. I like you so much.

  16. I love all your animals, but that horse: beautiful!!!!

  17. Always nice to learn more about you Sandra. Love your little kitten and our view on being content, to which I subscribe. xo

  18. I want to come have a visit on your porch.

  19. Hello to all at Thistle Cove Farm and can I just say what a beautiful place it is to visit!
    Thank so much for visiting my wee blog yesterday and kindly commenting.
    I do believe you're right about being content - it is more enduring for the long haul.
    God bless you each day you get out of bed and it is reassuring to know that He will never leave you nor forsake you.

  20. Wendell is embarrassed that he thought HayJ was a girl. Forgive him. He doesn't get out much!He is far more interested in carrots, but he like to make friends too. :)

  21. The kitty is adorable. Adorable.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  22. You are one of the few folks who needs quiet for solitude. Me too!

    This post was an interesting idea and a fun read. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Sandra- your animal babies are precious. And your horse is so beautiful. You have such a way with animals- they are blessed to have you to love and care for them.

    I loved reading the interview- its interesting to get to know you better this way.,


  24. Patrice, HayJ says tell Wendell "I'm a stud, man!" He's almost right -LOL-

    KathyB, HayJ is a BIG baby and also spoiled. Lily is becoming a beautiful cat; she's about 3 months now...?

    Pom, You're so sweet!

    Timi, HayJ thinks he's the most handsome thing around -grin-.

    Nancy, being content is a lot easier than being happy; a lot more lasting as well!

    Glenda, you're more than welcome to come sit on my, please!

    Christine, being content is more lasting, you're so right!

    Patrice, no problem, HayJ says tell Wendell, "eat more carrots, your eyes are weak". hahaha

    Sandee, Lily is AAAdorable.

    Leigh, quiet for solitude is an absolutely necessity...isn't it?

    Vicki, seems like all I do is take care of animals -grin- and I love it!


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