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Monday, October 22, 2012

Three Against The Dark

MKC wrote Three Against the Dark, aka TAD, a few years ago and now wants the sales proceeds to go towards folks who are adopting children. Specifically, children in the Pleven Orphanage in Bulgaria. Pleven is the largest orphanage in Bulgaria and MK wrote about Katie, a girl adopted from Pleven. Katie was adopted by the Mussers, who wrote about the adoption here, and who are now in process of adopting Tommy. The Mussers are raising money to bring Tommy home; visit here for more info.

Orphanages, very often, have a bad reputation and, most often, deserved. Officials at Pleven would underfed the children in order to...wait for money!  Unless they repent, there's a special place in Hell for such people. Hopefully, things are going to change...hopefully.

MK wants to help no surprise there, she's that kinda woman! by donating all Amazon sales proceeds to folks who are adopting children from Pleven Orphanage. TAD costs $2.99 and can be, currently, downloaded to a Kindle or your computer. 

I'm a low-tech geek but, God willing, I'm going to figure out how to download to my Kindle...Dave used to do those sorts of things for me -smile-. How about you? I'm not sure how much coffee costs these days but am pretty sure $2.99 won't break most of us.

Blessings ~ the Musser family ~ Katie ~ Tommy ~ MK ~ 


  1. Sandra, thank you so much!!! I'm excited about this opportunity for these precious children. Many thanks, dear for helping :)

  2. I am a low tech girl too, and don't even have a kindle. But this is a great cause.

  3. Sandra, if anybody needs a direct link to Amazon to the book, here it is:

  4. Sounds like a worthy cause. Thanks for the info!!

  5. This is an awesome cause!

    I'm not so good with computer tech stuff either ;-)

  6. Hello Sandra:
    What a very thoughtful idea to promote this very worthwhile cause. One reads so many distressing stories of children, abandoned and unloved and so anyone prepared to do something about changing even one child's life for the better is to be congratulated and supported.


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