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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Hot July Saturday

In the summer I use a lot more sugar than any other time of the year. It's canning season and it's humming bird season; those little friends can suck through some sugar water! The high count for the two feeders that are close to the back porch, is twelve. That's right, a dozen humming birds fighting over two feeders! Still, it doesn't match Aunt Esther's count of thirty-six...36! Of course, she had half dozen feeders and some of those were plastic liter bottles. Humming birds loved Aunt Esther! 
These two little misses were at the parade Tuesday night. Things went swimmingly until the driver became enthralled waving at her adoring public. The passenger kept one hand on the windshield, the other hand near the steering wheel and both eyes on the road. When, seconds later, the driver began driving toward the side of the road, the passenger screamed, grabbed the wheel and began straightening the vehicle. The driver, thoroughly miffed, turned to scream at the passenger, whereby the passenger raised her hand to slap the driver. OH THE DRAMA! Mom, walking beside them, stepped into the melee and got both girls straightened and, for the moment, peace reigned. Perhaps the disagreement began over which young miss could be the driver...I don't really know.
One of my favorite floats...the youngest resident of the garden is three and a half months while the oldest is a woman ninety-one years old. Please note the calf, draped in red, white and blue bunting...big city parades got nothing on us, I'm here to say...proudly!
These were the only two horse riders in the parade and that's a mighty fine palomino gelding the gent is riding. For those who don't know a gelding is a cut, or castrated male horse.
Miss Gypsy Rose Lee is the climbingest cat I've ever known! In the mornings, she goes to the barn with the dogs and I; we do barn chores and then back to the house. She'll climb fence posts, into barn windows and this is the clothes line with bird feeder attached. I don't feed birds in the summer months; there's plenty of forage for them. I do feed in the winter months, starting about November, or earlier, if the weather is bad.
I would dearly love to play around on the computer the rest of this H.O.T. day but lime pickles await as does shredding zucchini for the freezer. I love making zucchini bread in the winter time and with cream cheese it makes either a dandy breakfast or a fine snack. Keeping two cups in baggies means I've always got just enough for a couple loaves of bread.
I've been canning for forty-six years and started by making jelly out of what we called fox grapes. I'm not sure what variety grapes they were but do remember they were large and white in the height of summer. They made delicious jelly!
Gosh...almost forgot...the radio broadcast yesterday isn't going to be put on-line on their site. They are sending me a copy and I'll either figure out -haha- or get someone to help me put it on my blog...IF I have bandwidth...rural areas and bandwidth don't go together.
So, I'm in process of putting my hard won earned information into a book. No, I'm not being morbid but there's SO much one can do to prepare for the death of a loved one. Even if that loved one is you -wry smile-. Come you really want the government to step in and decide where your children are going to live...think foster home!... or take a huge piece of your hard earned money or belongings? There are legal ways to take care of your affairs and some of these legal ways don't cost you a dime...not now, not later! 
You have my permission to keep me on focus; please ask, every so often, "How's the book coming along?" Unless things change, it's going to be an e-book and at an affordable price. As the Good Book says, "a workman work woman is worth his her hire" and, yes, I'll have to charge for my labor. 
Is there anything in particular you'd like me to include?
In the meantime, please pray for me...I need help on the farm because there are chores I'm simply not strong enough, smart enough or have the equipment to handle. I also need wisdom to make intelligent choices regarding my affairs and I need strength to do the work God has placed before me. 
God bless you and thank you for visiting Thistle Cove Farm today.

Blessings ~ summer ~ harvest ~ canning ~ parades ~ prayer ~ book ~ writing ~ 


  1. Oh, another nice visit to Thistle Cove Farm! Thank you! I like the parade photos!
    I pray some kind soul comes in and offers to help with the bigger jobs. You're doing a fantastic work there!

  2. Loved the pictures of the parade. I remember parades with horses from when I was a little girl. Can't remember when I have even seen a parade lately.

    Praying that you get someone to help out with the heavier chores. It must be very frustrating when you see something needs doing and you physically cannot make it happen. I get very upset when I am working in the garden. Can't work as long as I used to and can't do as much heavy lifting. So I am learning how to garden differently with a little less work needed to keep things looking nice and neat.

    It is cooler here in Michigan this afternoon. Outside temps are 71 degrees on the shores of Lake Huron. Hope some of the cooler weather makes it down your way.

  3. I've grated so much zucchini that I think I might just turn green! I think your book sounds like a wonderful idea. Eighteen years ago I was giving birth to a terminally ills baby. She turned out to be stillborn. How I wished there was some encouragement in a book. I did find one, but there wasn't much out there. Only someone who has walked in certain shoes can truly understand what others go through.
    Stay cool- we're having 104 degrees today.

  4. Excited to read your book! Happy for you . . .

    You motivated me . . . Guess I will invest in a few more hummingbird feeders. Can't be wrong . . .!

  5. My hummers have been non-existent this summer and I have about four feeders. What the heck?

    Your parade reminded me of the one in our town about a month ago. So cute and small-town. Nothing better!

    Thank you for updating us on your doings, Sandra. It's good to know you are doing the things you love. xo

  6. Great post, as always. We have our first hummingbird feeder up, but only have one male coming to visit, and no one else, period, except the occasional earwig floating in the top (of course we discard, wash, and refill). What are we doing wrong? I was so thrilled about the one hummer until I find that you have so MANY. I thought maybe it was too soon, but nope.

    Secondly, I applaud your determination for the book. As a writer and retired (does one EVER really retire?) grief specialist/therapist, I have often wanted to write a full book on the subject. I've written many booklets that I've used with my clients in the past, and in fact, wrote a full length book that was the three year journey (journal) of my life following my infant son's death, but haven't published. Now, in the light of e-publishing, i think I have the courage to try. Would you be willing to walk with me in this endeavor, with mutual emotional support? I mean, nothing more than sharing ideas and progress, I mean. No pressure.

    You can reach me at if you'd like. I really need to get my book OUT there, as it has been reviewed by many and even used by a church in Maine as a manual on grief (!). It's time. It's been 20 years, so it's past time. Yours is so fresh that I hope you can do it right away. Your writing is excellent!

    Thirdly, I have committed to praying for you daily and that includes praying for real live HELP.

    Love in Him,

  7. Anonymous9:45 PM EDT

    You remain in our prayers, Sandra. I enjoyed visiting this evening - I love your cat and the parade photos bring back sweet memories! Canning is lots of work but oh, won't that bread taste good on a cold morning? All the best with the book. Blessings to you.

  8. How is the book coming?

    Great parade glad the Paramedics didn't need to be called in for the squabble between driver and passenger!

    You my dear are always in my prayers. New soap fragrances on the way, email me your physical again and you can become my official taste tester!

  9. Ha, those two little girls! What a brave Mom to let them drive their weapon -- uh, I mean vehicle -- in the parade. :o)

    Oh Sandra, I think that is a wonderful idea about the book! I have played with the idea of writing a book about what to expect when watching your parents die. Sigh. Even though there is really no way to prepare yourself emotionally -- at least you can somewhat be aware.

    God bless you today!

  10. You're always in my prayers Sandra. Hugs!

  11. Wonderful celebratory parade by the looks of it - and especially the pink car dramah! Writing a book - is that a winter job to keep yourself busy? Goodness Sandra - impressive list of whatcha doing. I did and still do so many things "wrong" about death of loved one - thinking about my own isn't high on my Ta Dah list - but it IS there. At least I know where my physical remains will go and am assured of my eternal destination.

  12. What a great peak into your world!

    Love the parade photos!! I'd take that palomino home! And I wish I could fit in the little pink car! ;)

    The woman in the middle on the float couldn't possibly have been in her 90's??

    Your book is much needed, so keep at it and I've no doubt that it will bring help to others.

    Blessings to you Sandra!

  13. I just stopped on by and loved your account of your community parade. But then was so saddened to read of the loss of your dear sweet husband. May the Lord provide you with the help you need to get your work done! May He give you wisdom to know what steps to take next. And may He provide you with lots of loved ones to give you a hug. I cannot imagine trying to run a farm on your own. May He strengthen you for the necessary tasks!

  14. Those two babies are so precious.
    Hope you are doing better and
    hoping you take it easy with that farm. yvonne

  15. Wow! I've never seen humming birds...I mean alive :o)!
    Please, take care Sandra, in this hot weather!!! We pray for you!!!

  16. Great parade pictures! I love lime pickles -- especially in potato salad. That was the only kind my mom made. I've never seen lime pickles for sale in a store.


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