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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stranger Than Strange

~ the original friends: Shaddie, Grace, Abigail ~
Yesterday morning, Gracie went to join Abbie and Dave. Gracie was much older than Abbie and, frankly, it surprised me when Abbie went first. Gracie had been diagnosed with a possible tumor in her nasal cavity but, with meds, she seemed to be enjoying life. Over the weekend, she seemed to slip downhill, just a tad. On Saturday, I doubled her pain meds and she seemed to rally. On Sunday, doubled meds and she spent the day, with us, her family, on the back porch where she enjoyed the fresh air, sunshine, bird song and watching the cats play. But I we knew it was time. On Monday, I drove Sophie, Sam and Grace to the vet office and we all said good-bye. 
It's been said before; grief is strange. Just when a person thinks I think I'm getting a grip, it flies in my face and, like Yogi Berra said, "It's deju vu all over again."
About 1:30 a.m., the night Abbie died, Jake shows up at the back door. I'd given Jake up for dead; it's been three weeks, perhaps longer, since he'd been here. Then, I heard he was living down the road and wondered why he didn't come 'round any more. Jake is his own dog, he comes and goes at will and Dr. Ann had given him a rabies shot. There's no keeping Jake in the yard, unless it's on a chain and I can't do that. I hate seeing a dog chained! Anyway, Jake comes, stands tall and puts both arms on my shoulders and nuzzles his head in my throat. He loves to give hugs and he's a really good hugger! 
Gracie died yesterday morning, and this morning about 1:30, Jake is at the back door. Again, he comes in, gives me a hug, eats, sleeps in the kitchen and leaves this morning. How is it a dog knows what to do and goes about doing it? Unconditional love...we could all learn something from Jake and the other animals at Thistle Cove Farm.
~ Miss Emma ~
Remember Miss Emma? A few weeks ago I posted she was missing; had gone missing about three weeks and had no idea what had happened to her.
~ Miss Emma tonight ~
A while ago, I came upstairs, sat down at Dave's desk and a cat came to rub against my leg. Absently, I bent down and began rubbing her ears...I only have female cats...and glanced down. It was MISS EMMA!!! She's a lot thinner, but healthy, and starved for affection and attention. Where has she been all this time? It's been more than a month! Let me tell you, it was a trifle spooky when I realized it was Miss Emma! She ate a bit of supper and has been in my lap ever since; she and I can't get enough of each other!
~ part of the current crew ~
Sadie, Gypsy, Sophie and Sam are part of the current compliment of critters on the farm. With Miss Emma returned home, Hattie Cat and Tippy Cat our little family is complete. Or, as complete as it's going to get this side of the veil. 
"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." Isn't that true in life? Firmly, I believe we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses that we cannot see with earthly eyes...humans and animals alike... God uses His animals to work His will. Remember Balaam's ass and the colt Christ rode into Jerusalem or when the rider "Faithful and True" will ride the white stallion? The Bible abounds with stories of animals interacting with humans; those stories continue today, although, I must admit, I'm as gobsmacked as Balaam when I think about Jake, Miss Emma, etc. There are more things in heaven and earth than I could possibly dream!

Blessings ~ Shaddie ~ Abbie ~ Gracie ~ Miss Emma ~ Sam ~ Gypsy ~ Sophie ~ Sadie ~ Hattie Cat ~ Tippy ~ and all the rest of the crew at Thistle Cove Farm, seen and unseen ~


  1. So very sorry about the loss of Abbie. How wonderful that Jake and Miss Emma returned. Pets have a way of touching our hearts when not much else can help. Love the pics you have shared tonight. God bless you all.

  2. So sorry about your Abbie. I am so glad your others " just showed up." I know it is so hard to keep loosing friends. You are always in my prayers.

  3. Jeepers, Sandra! Let's hope the end of July brings the end of this rough patch! I haven't gotten around to answering your bad, but I am doing ok. I have been released from both doctors and now just have to concentrate on getting better with both limbs. Keeping you in my prayers as always....with a special little addendum for the past two weeks!

  4. Rest in peace, Abbie.
    I love to think about the "cloud of witnesses" and Jake is indeed a godsend. Hooray for Miss Emma!

  5. So sorry about Abbie, my heart is sad for you. It is amazing the intuition that animals have, I often wonder how much they really do communicate with each other.

  6. I'm so sorry about a loss among your little family once again. Also happy that your little kitty came home. She appears to have gotten caught somewhere and is relieved to be home. I agree about the cloud of witnessing and now I'm going to look up 'gobsmacked'. It is too high, I cannot obtain to it. ;)

  7. So much loss in such a short time ... I am sorry about Abbie and Gracie ... your philosophy about pets in Heaven mirrors my own ... love like we have for them, and them for us, cannot possibly just end at death. Jake and Miss Emma know this ... how wonderful that Emma came back and that Jake checked in on you at just the right time.

    I thoroughly understand three beer nights.

  8. I am sad that you have lost your sweet Abbie. I don't know much about animals but I loved the stories you told in this post.

    Praying for you, dearest.


  9. Sad for your loss . . . WOW for Jake!
    Take those dog hugs and his watchful eye into your heart. He has your back!

  10. God Bless you and your animal/angel companions!

    We recently lost a longtime companion.
    A sweet kitty has now come home,
    and together we will go on
    with gratitude for the blessings
    of life;
    blessings like YOU, friend.

    Your faith is a powerful thing; I can feel it out here!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  11. Hello Sandra:
    Out of all this certain misery and unhappiness, for which we are so very sorry, there is a little joy in the affection shown to you by Jake and, of course, the return of Miss Emma. We are so pleased to hear this for an animal missing is rather like a continuous sore which will not heal. And now there is some, albeit a little, healing.

  12. Unconditional love...that is soooo true!!! :o)

  13. So sorry about Gracie, Sandra.... but that is an amazing story. Anyone who thinks animals don't know what is going on around them is a fool.

  14. And rest in peace, Gracie.

  15. Hi Sandra...I've been following for awhile now by email and just wanted you to know how your posts touch are a woman of wisdom and grace. I'm so sorry to hear about Abbie and Gracie...xo

  16. Isn't that something that your long lost pets came back during a time of loss?

    I think that was God's way of giving you a wink. You are in His Hands and so are those sweet pets of yours.



  17. Dave, Abbie, and Gracie...together again and waiting.
    Yes, animals so know when a human needs love, affection! These two just knew it was time to come home :)

    Our cat, Fred (who is a girl) was here when we moved in. Each year about April she leaves for a month! Where she goes, we have no idea! She always comes home skinny! I used to panic, sure a bobcat got her. Not anymore. Now J and I just say Fred is on her "walkabout"!

    You have been in my thoughts and prayers this week, Sandra.
    xo, misha


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