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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Your Input Needed and The Weaver

Your input is needed, please and thanks. As a working title, which do you think is the best fit and why?

~Put Your Affairs In Order - Saving Money Beyond the End
~Life Preparedness Training
~Ready To Go - Leaving Your Affairs in Order
~Proactive, Not Reactive ~ Putting Your Affairs in Order

Daily, it seems, I'm putting new information in the e-book. In talking with people regarding their experiences, one woman told me about "hardship circumstances" and her dealings with the bank. Her husband died suddenly, leaving her with no cash flow and a large mortgage. She spoke with the bank and they worked with her to reduce her mortgage and she's living in their home until she decides it's time to move forward. Let's face it, banks aren't in the home ownership business; they are in the banking business and, generally, will work with folks to arrive at a solution that benefits both. 
I'm not kidding myself. This book won't be popular among some industries. Those industries whose business it is to separate you from your hard earned money won't like what I'm writing. Tough! It's what we need to know to make our lives, and the lives of our loved ones, a tad easier during what is going to be terribly difficult circumstances. It's also what we need to know to keep more of our hard earned money in our pockets!
This week has been difficult and, again, I'm reminded of one step forward, two back. I'm also reminded God is in control and, this week, I've needed to call on Him more than usual. The grieving and healing process is...strange. While I can't say I'm happy, I can say, I'm not as unhappy as I was and that's moving forward.
I am blessed to have meaningful work, a few bone deep friends, good health...yes, even including that nasty fall, animals who are healthy, a beautiful place to live. this has been a week of focusing on the blessings.
When I was 18, Mom sent me away to a Bible college. She thought it would build character and, in retrospect, she was right. What I remember most about that year was the poem, The Weaver. She gave me a bookmark with that poem and the image of a loom printed on the bookmark. I still have it, it still speaks to my heart.

My life is but a weaving
Between my Lord and me,
I cannot choose the colors
He worketh steadily.
Oftimes He weaveth sorrow,
And I in foolish pride
Forget He sees the upper
And I, the under side.
Not till the loom is silent
And the shuttle ceases to fly
Shall God unroll the canvas 
and explain the reason why
The dark threads are as needful
In the Weaver's skillful hand
As the threads of gold and silver
In the pattern He has planned.
What's the pattern of your life?

Blessings ~ good health ~  bone deep friends ~ a beloved sister ~ companion animals ~ meaningful work ~ hope ~


  1. I would choose an eye catcher phrase. Title it . . .

    AFFAIRS: What you need to know!

    Underneath list the topics you are going to address.
    A bit misleading but attention is what you want.
    Knowledgeable friends who have gained information from experience, estate planning (and don't charge) can be an excellent resource.

  2. I like Ready To Go. I think it's catchy and still very on topic.

  3. I like Ready to Go: Leaving Your Affairs in Order. Says it all and kind of catchy.
    Grief is a strange hard emotion, isn't it? So thankful for your words, that while you are not happy, you are less unhappy than you have been. Me too.

  4. Third vote for Ready to Go.

  5. Beautiful poem!
    And I like Ready to Go ...
    And so glad to hear that you are doing better, good friend and good health truly is a blessing!

  6. *ready to go*

    it's so important to prepare (for whatever, but especially the reason you've experienced) and God has been speaking to my heart about it. hm.

    love the poem .. will read it again later. {{hug}}

  7. I think #1 is blah.
    #2 sounds like you could be preparing for anything from a flood to a fire.
    #4 is possible, but just doesn't strike me like #3.

    I agree with the first commentor who said to make it something catchy.
    Using #3, but moving the words a bit, I'd use Affairs: How
    to put your life in order for the time when you leave

    You have been woven well, my friend. I think your book will be a blessing to others.

  8. Hello Sandra:
    The grieving process, and let us all remember that it is a process, is a very strange thing. We really do think that you are coping wonderfully well, especially so as you have so many complications and challenges that you have to face on a daily basis.Your idea of a book to help others through this minefield of decision making and coping is a wonderful one, but, as for a title, well, we just cannot decide.

    You are weaving a beautiful tapestry, dearest Sandra,and doing your very best. More cannot and will not be asked of you.

  9. i like "ready to go", which we're supposed
    to be!

  10. I like the one, "Ready to go..." Sounds like a great book. When my dad died, we learned there are a lot of things that need attention that we didn't know about BEFORE! Hope you're having a nice day.

  11. I prefer "Ready To Go - Leaving Your Affairs in Order." Seems like some others did too. It seems to me that this subject is desperately needed. My husband/pastor told some folks just this past week that a funeral is the only life event where we use only word of mouth to communicate a hugely important event that must occur (usually) without about 3 days. Isn't that insane? But we do it.

  12. I like Ready To Go. I hope you're recovered from your fall by now. My pattern right now - seems to be pretty chaotic - colors that don't work together, loose threads, uneven stitching...but I know one of these days it will all work out. Hugs to you.

  13. Ready To Go ~

    Love the poem, Sandra. What a lovely & wise momento to treasure.

    We have closed down 3 estates & each one brought forth new issues not known. Your book should be invaluable to all of us.

    Think of you & pray for you always.
    TTFN ~

  14. I was not familiar with your poem, Sarah. It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with me. I was happy to read you're healing and that you're not as sad as you once were. I understand completely. And I love your e-book idea. I had the same thought years ago so I commend you for actually making it happen. I like the third title. Best wishes to you!
    Lynn at Cottage and Creek

  15. I think the titles are good starts but not quite there ... where the topic is super clear.

    Ready to Go ... is a little unclear ... ready to go where?

    Nothing specific is coming to my head right now ... I will let you know if I think of anything.

    Such important information.

    "Steps to prepare for the death of a love one." ... I will keep thinking.

    Ah, that pesky grief monster. I continue to pray for you. Are you healing up from the nasty fall?

    Sending love,

  16. Hi Sister! Reading your title, "Ready to GO- Leaving Your Affairs in Order" made me think of, "I'm NOT ready! Now what?" This is how most people find themselves don't they?

    I am grateful that my parents had taken the steps that they did. I don't know what I would have done if they hadn't of made some preparations.

    God bless you on this endeavor! And I like the poem -- a lot of truth.

    Bless you!

  17. I like this: Life Preparedness training: Putting your affairs in order for your final journey (or something to that effect. Life preparedness training really rings with me. And it is open ended so if you feel like writing another ebook you could use Life preparedness training: and whatever the next subject is. It sounds very proactive and strong. I could see you teaching workshops under that title! :)

    I love the poem you posted. Beautiful. It reminds me of poems I use to love reading in these little palm sized booklets of religious & inspirational poetry that my grandma use to get in the mail. I so wish I could remember where those books came from so I could try to find copies. I think they were from a charity or religious organization but no one in my family can remember. She always saved them for me when they came and I lived reading them. Wish I'd been smart enough to keep them. :(

    I've been taking a blogging break and plan to start blogging again in a week or two at:
    My 40th birthday is coming up and I feel a need for change. Lots of change! :)


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