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Friday, July 20, 2012

Simple Joys

You'll understand why the poor photo quality when you understand I was sneaking up on the doe and her twin fawns and trying, quite unsuccessfully, to dodge rain, and, more successfully, dodged the thunder and lightening.
There's been an abundance of wild life in the valley, bear, Golden and Bald eagles, deer, turkey, grouse, skunks, possums, foxes...perhaps the lack of water and rain has driven them from the mountains to the pastures.
It's all I can do to capture a glimpse, getting a photo, even a blurry photo, is almost a miracle!
Much more difficult to see the twin fawns but, trust me, both are there; standing close to Mother. I'm not sure but, perhaps, if you double click the image will enlarge...? Might be worth a try. When I say I was sneaking up...I was still a couple of football fields away!
To all who have said a prayer I would get some help on the farm...thank God for answered prayers! A neighbor's son, 16, has been helping me this week and we're both glad...he for the money and groceries, me for the help. I'm old, really, I am! think know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This young buck shows up...bless him!...with no food in his belly. How on earth can he expect to use his equipment with no fuel in the engine?! So, I make sure he gets a meal before we get started...usually it's a pepperoni cheese roll stuffed with fried egg and sausage, lots of protein and carbs. Then, I feel better about working him like I own him! 
Oh, give it up and laugh. It's a joke! Besides, you know I don't; I work him like Mom and Daddy worked teach, instruct, build character and, hopefully, be a good influence in his life.

Blessings ~ farm help ~ doe and her fawns ~ rain ~ work ~ wild life ~


  1. Love the momma and twins but happy as a lark you have a sixteen year old there to help, to be fed and to have you to model life, living and hard work. No doubt, you are a teacher!

    (So difficult to read and prove I am not a robot . . . liked it better leaving a comment when the "robot police" wasn't there. I will try . . .)

  2. The deer are so lovely! Way to go capturing them!
    I am so thankful that that nice 16 year old boy is helping you. Bless you for feeding him a good breakfast! I bet he loves it!

  3. Sweet! we often see deer here as well...I love to watch them even if they are so destructive...we saw a newborn fawn recently on a walk...still wet...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  4. I wish my 18-year-old Peter could have worked for you this summer! He's tall, lean, quick, and love to do outdoor work -- the tougher, the better :) Ah well, maybe another time! I'm so glad you have some help. My impression is that doing a farm alone is too hard!

  5. The photos are really pretty! That's funny about you feeding your helper! My son is 15 and I can't imagine him leaving the house on an empty belly! Hope you're having a nice day!

  6. I am so glad you got some help!!!
    Thanks for the photos! :o)

  7. So glad you are employing a teenager to help you -- all of the "kids" have had such a hard time finding work this summer! And as for feeding him, I ALWAYS feed those who help me out, whether at work or around the house. That's what my grandmother, my mother-in-law and mother did, and it's the right thing to do, joyful appreciation!

  8. that is so so sweet!!

  9. Pretty sweet, Sandra! Both the photos, and the hired hand story! Feed him, then work him! Sounds good to me!

  10. You feed him before you work him. Love that. He comes with an empty stomach because he's a 16 year old, but he might be outsmarting you for a breakfast like yours.


  11. a good influence yes you are...bless your good heart :-)

  12. God works in mysterious ways ;) love the appreciation you have for nature!


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