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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Liz England, GOOD NEWS!

~ Liz England, borrowed photo ~
Don't you just love "feel good" stories? Stories about folks who do well, prosper and are nice as kittens to boot? This is one of those stories. 
Fred, my lawyer, asked me to go by his office and pick up some things for Mrs. Webb.
While I was there, he said, "Want to hear a great story?" Of course, I said, "yes!".
Liz England grew up in Richlands, a small town in our county, and went to Highlight Christian Academy. As a freshman at Clemson, she participated in the U-23 Freshman Development Camp and began her rowing career. Did you catch that? She began her rowing career!
During her Junior year at Washington State University, Liz continued her rowing career and was selected to attend the USRowing 2011 Under-23 National Team Selection Camp. 
Beginning today, July 11, she's in Lithuania, participating in the World Rowing Under-23 Championships in Trakai
Other members of her crew are Daphne Martschenko of Fairfax, VA who attends Stanford; Cathy McDermott of Cazenovia, NY who attends Yale and Molly Bruggeman of Dayton, OH who attends Notre Dame.
In a related interview, Liz said, "For me, it's a culmination of four years of really hard work. As a freshman, I attended the USRowing Freshmen Development Camp. Over the summer of my sophomore year I attended another USRowing development camp. Then, last year I was also accepted to the U-23 Team Camp. It feels like a little pat on the back to be accepted, but it also seems like an open door and an invitation to continue to train hard and push myself and test my limits."
Her parents, David and Patricia, are vintners and her Dad played basketball at Emory and Henry College. just across the mountain and brothers John and James share sibling pride.
Liz is a woman to watch, which will be easy as she stands 6'4". -smile- Please forgive me for injecting the word "I" into this blog entry but I am as pleased as punch and over the moon happy for Liz and her family! Fred tells me she's an exceptional Christian woman, both in sports and in disposition. The world could use another few million just like her, imho. -smile-
Just think...815 athletics from 56 nations will compete in the Championships; Liz is one of them!

Blessings ~ Liz ~ her family ~ rowing ~ Lithuania ~ God given talent and ability ~ feel good stories ~


  1. Congratulations Liz . . . I love "feel good" stories. I am amazed at our athletic youth. Such drive, perseverance and happy too. Reminds me of my Emily!

    Thanks for sharing Sandra . . .

  2. How exciting! I do love to hear good stories (you hear so much of the other kind) and we're not likely to glean that kind of info about anyone from the press news. Thanks for telling us about this incredible young woman. Bet her parents are proud!

  3. Yahoo! Both Bill and I went to Washington State! Go Cougs! What a good story and what a good egg, huh? Thank you for sharing!

  4. For sure, the world needs more stories like this one! Go, Liz!

  5. Wow! Sounds like a great young woman. She's even taller than my very tall nieces.

  6. nice post thanks for sharing looking for to visit more...blessings

  7. Oh I do love your story..marvelous & the smaller story of the two wee girls & the pink car...delightful! x0x

  8. It must have been very exciting to be chosen out of all those people to compete! Hers is an amazing story for sure~ I wish her the best!

  9. This is truly a real feel good story. All America must be proud of Liz. You did a wonderful post.


  10. How incredibly COOL is that?! Wanna have a "small world" moment? I am from Dayton, Ohio (I now live in the country north of Dayton) & the Bruggeman girl is the niece of a girl I went to school with! Ha! Told you...small world.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  11. What a thrill it must be for her to compete in such a prestigious event! Thanks for sharing such a positive story and be sure to keep us all posted on how she does!

    ps.... Did you know that you have the word verification turned on? It was especially hard today. ;(


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