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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Radio Interview Today at 3:00

NOTE: If you click on this link, you can go to the LIving Better at 50 website and listen to the interview. It's the July 5th broadcast; Freedom in Christ: Woman and the Widow.

Today, July 5 at 3:00, Living Better at 50's Prudence Lay is interviewing Carol Marie of He's my Husband ministries. Prudence has graciously included me in the interview and we're discussing the experience of widowhood. If you've read my blog for any length of time, you know this is a club I was dragged into kicking and screaming! While I am a willing, and grateful, participate of the radio show...not so much the club. -smile-

Hope your schedule allows you to listen and then, let me know your thoughts, please and thanks. If you go to the Living Better at 50 radio site, you'll find instructions on how to listen to the interview. Please, let me know what you think and, if you're so inclined, please leave a comment on the broadcast site.

As an aside, this morning is the 8th month anniversary of Dave's death and this morning was the first time since Dave died, I awoke, having dreamed of Dave. It was a sweet dream and thank God for both the dream and the man. I am blessed.

Blessings ~ as much time as Dave and I had ~ Living Better at 50 ~ Prudence ~ sweet dreams ~ precious memories ~


  1. Oh I wish I had gotten on here this morning but I've missed it by about an hour. I hope it went well and am glad you had a sweet dream. Hugs!

  2. I just tuned in and missed the program. Would like to have heard this. Hope it was a good experience and was healing to many.
    Sweet Summer blessings to you.

    Everyday that goes by is a victory,

  3. I listened for a little while (got on late!) and I thought you sounded very relaxed and serene.

  4. It takes amazing strength to do what you did today.

    Be proud of yourself!

    And while I don't believe in ET, Bigfoot or ghosts, I do have a strong belief in dreams and their meanings and interpretations. I believe you were given a beautiful gift this morning.

  5. I've followed the link but can't seem to find the program or a way to listen?

    I'm so glad that you awoke to such a pleasant feeling this morning before your big day!


  6. What a wonderful opportunity for you! Hope you're having a nice day!

  7. Sandra,
    I missed your interview, but would love if you could re-post your link when it's available. God has plans for your life, and I look forward to following along!

  8. I missed it also - need to look closely at your blog and see it you've put up a link - I'm excited for you - someday I'll say - I knew her when - sorta!

  9. Thank you for your kind words on my blog. I read on your blog that you recently lost your husband. I am so sorry. My close friend who is a pastor lost her husband 12 years ago. No one can know your loss. May God bless and keep you; I know He is faithful.


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