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Monday, July 23, 2012

Late for Church...again...

~ white tailed deer ~
Yesterday I left 35 minutes early for a 15 mile drive, thinking, "surely I'm leaving enough of a cushion to make it to church on time...?" I made it about a mile from the house, rounded a turn and there she was, standing in the road, trying to decide to go over the fence and down the hill or over the fence and up the hill. It took her a while.
She finally decided to turn and go up the hill. I gave her all the time she needed; I didn't want her to panic and injure herself. When I glanced in the rear view mirror, there was a motorcyclist, seated on a rice burner, aka crotch rocket, and not exhibiting any patience. 
My attitude is the jerk should buy me an ice cream cone because I, probably, saved him from wrecking his motorcycle and, probably, injuring himself. 
Yep, a few miles up the road, he decided to pass on a double yellow line. And motorcyclists wonder why car drivers don't respect them. Well, when they start respecting themselves and the laws of the road, perhaps they'll garner respect. Or not.

So, I was late for church, again, but only by a couple of minutes. Not too bad, eh?
A recent thrift store find...
A Singer serger although someone told me they thought it was also an embroidery machine. What do you think? Whatever it is, it was an absolute find for $8.95. The best find in a long while...hurrah!
~ Gracie, in the forefront; Sadie, behind and Abbie, far right ~
Dr. Lois, the vet came today, to see Gracie and Abbie, my old girls. The diagnosis is, probably, nothing serious other than old age...which is terminal, as we all know. While Dr. Lois and Steven...or is it Stephen, not sure...were here, they trimmed Gracies nails. Poor dear old thing; she cried, moaned, barked, squealed like a girl. All that was before they started cutting her nails; when they actually started, she quieted down. She went on arthritis meds about two months ago and now feels like a young gal; so much better!
~ Abbie ~
Abbie is going on arthritis meds as well; she has old bones and I want both Abbie and Gracie to be as comfortable as possible for as long as possible. They've been good friends, great companions and I believe in taking care of my own. 
As for me, I had a bad fall tonight, not even sure what happened but I found myself crumpled on the driveway rocks while the horses milled around. Fortunately, the all sidestepped me but Sadie knocked into me as she ran away from the horses. Basically, I'm okay but you'd think otherwise if you could see the bumps, lumps, bruises and vibrant colors. It's at times like this, as well as every other minute of the day, that I really miss Dave. He'd notice if I didn't make it back to the house and come looking for me. Now, I'm on my own. This farming business ain't for sissies! smile

Blessings ~ my furry family ~ good health ~ Steven ~ Dr. Lols ~ 


  1. So glad you only got bumps and bruises! As I've gotten older I realize that my wrecks are more likely to cause serious injury, which is sobering. And of course, you are NOT "on your own" - remember? "I will never leave you, nor forsake you." :-)

  2. Oh my . . . I do hope you are okay. Rally so you can serge and embroider! Wow, what a find!

    Happy your dog family was tended to and all is well for the moment!

    Sometimes bumps and bruises benefit from a doctor visit!

  3. Oh my goodness!! Now I'm sure that somewhere back in the ages that we are related!! Are you sure you're ok ? Did you step in a hole or just decide to hit the dirt like I did!!! Do we need to encourage you to get a Life Alert?? I'm only halfway kidding......

  4. Hope you are all mended,
    sweet friend!!

    Lovely find at GW...amazing,
    really!! I would have totally
    scooped up that serger!

    I can relate to all your tender
    emotions about your dogs.
    We also have a Gracie....looks
    like a smooth version of your
    Abbie....and she will be 8 this
    week. Love those sweet pooches!

    Happy Monday,
    xo Suzanne

  5. I'm thankful that you were able to get up and no bones broken. Falls really do me in anymore. Not too often, but when I do it hurts for days. We may have to get us one of those buttons. And you must stop wearing those stilettos to church Sandra!

  6. Oh, ouch, Sandra!! Be careful! It seems as I get older, I occasionally just lose my balance. I mean literally lose it. I had it a minute ago, and then ... oops! ... I'm leaning over and grabbing for something to hold onto. Sorry about the bumps and bruises :( I hope you mend quickly. They say Epsom Salts really helps with that. Love your dear pups. So sweet.

  7. sorry to hear about your bad fall :-( I pray your bumps and aches vanish soon...on a lighter note, the white-tailed deer looks lovely and the dogs are gorgeous, we have an aging dog too who has been away from home for sometime but came home last week and stayed for good...I pray your home be blessed with good health and happiness for all time :-)

  8. I hope you are resting tonight with lots of ice. Wish I was there to bring you a get.better.treat. It has been about a year since I fell (in the Target parking lot) and my knee still swells up off and on.

    And just a few minutes late for church ... very impressive.

  9. Hello Sandra:
    We do so hope that your lumps, bumps and bruises are not too serious and are now disappearing. As you say, farm work is not for the faint hearted and you must take great care when alone around the farm. It is so easy to have an accident.

    The deer looks so very pretty, well worth being late for church for, in our view!

    We are delighted to read that your old companions have been given a new 'spring in their step' with the medication. Keep taking the pills is our motto in life!!!

  10. Oh, Sandra! So glad that fall wasn't worse! And again I am so sorry for your loss of Dave... I know you feel it every day.

    Love those old dogs and your stories about them.. you are such a good soul. Abby is just precious.

    I'm thinking you have outgrown the farm life...perhaps time to simplify so that you can go about the business of living.. alittle easier and SAFER!... not that it's any of my business, you know :-)

  11. You are so right, this farming business is NOT for sissies. I am glad you're O.K. I wonder how many days should go by without you posting should go by before I send an e-mail out asking if you're O.K. ?

    I hope you do have neighbors who do know to look in on you Sandra.

    The dogs look pretty happy, and if the deer knew what it was saved from it would look as happy as a deer can too.

  12. Omigosh, so glad you are OK! Be careful and stay safe. BTW. that first picture of the doe is lovely!

  13. Hoping you soon recover Sandra. I'm sorry that happened to you.
    The dogs are gorgeous. They must be such a comfort. Animals always know when you're hurting, don't they.

  14. I am so sorry that you fell and very glad you didn't break something. I watch my little granddaughter who recently learned to walk. She falls down a lot but always gets right back up. I think if I fell it might be awhile before I got up. Hope your bumps and bruises heal quickly.

    That sewing machine is awesome. I'll have to keep my eyes open for one of those.

  15. I do hope you mend quickly and as painlessly as possible...I know I view falls much differently now than even 20 years ago...

    Aren't you glad there are meds for our aging furry friends?! They deserve that comfort for all those years of faithfulness...

  16. Anonymous7:52 AM EDT

    What sweet pictures of the dogs. Take care of yourself honey chile! Hugs!

  17. I agree with Karen's comment, and there comes a time when we realize that we need help. I am facing that myself. Even though my son is here, I know that I should have sold out years ago. Without my husband here, it is just too much for us to handle. PS...Almost finished spinning that "bump" of romney roving I got from you awhile back!

  18. Oh Sandra - I am so sorry about your fall - those falls hurt more than our pride! I wear my
    contact thingie all the time - not sure it would be coverage for your more remote area - has given me some reassurance about if I DID fall and nobody knew/wasn't able to use cell phone - anyhow accidentally tried it out - punched the button by accident and they immediately answered - asked me a couple of questions to be sure I wasn't saying it was an accidental call because I was under duress - anyhow - not at all the wonderful comfort of having our beloved guys in the house waiting for us to return - but it'll have to do for now. Love to you - hugs and some arnica gel will heal those bruise!

  19. Oh My! I'm sorry that you fell. That's so sad. Hope you'll get back on your feet soon. Get well!


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