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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Doggie Dash

 Recently, Crab Orchard Vet hosted a Doggie Dash and it was a huge hit. They had close to one hundred participants, some dressed lavishly while others dressed for the cool day. This fine black and white feller is a Great Dane; isn't he gorgeous?! 
 This little lady is about nine and was wearing the cutest necklace of pink tulle with red rosebuds on the end. I took close ups so I could, maybe, make one for Sadie and Sophie. Sam said, "Not on your life, Ma; don't even think about it!" No, I didn't take my clan; I'm pretty sure they would have all behaved but how could I take just one? The other two would have been upset and that's not a good thing. Best to keep peace in the ranks.
Little Miss and Mr. Mr. had a great day. These two are first cousins and, I'm now making this public, they beat up on me every time they see me. They think it's hilarious...or maybe, it's the fact I chase them screaming like a loon when they beat me. Whatever. It's a lot of fun especially as they, generally, use their small hands and not sticks or tree branches. Their small hands on my large rear are a nice combination as neither of us are terribly injured. Mr. Mr. told me in no uncertain terms, next VFD meeting, "You make brownies. I do not like cookies. I likes brownies." He tells me this in very short, stern sentences, looking deeply into my eyes in case I'm a simpleton and need one on one assistance.  I like children this age; they're a hoot, especially these children. All of them, there are four, are being raised to be thinkers and doers with a great sense of humor.  It's easy to love this bunch smile.
There were wonderful prizes for first, second and third but everyone received a Top Dog bone which went over quite well with the younger set. At the end of the race, the Vets and staff gave away tee-shirts and other prizes finishing up a fabulous day. I volunteered but got there just as the runners were bad...that was the Saturday my back decided to keep the rest of me in agony and it took me a while, a very long while, to get moving that morning. I told them next Doggie Dash, they need to get me in the week before to do the grunt work; that's where I shine. Well, that and letting wee ones beat up on me -grin-.

Blessings ~ Little Miss ~ Mr. Mr. ~ Doggie Dash ~ dogs ~ a good day ~ Vets, Dr. Anne and Dr. Lois, beloved by the community ~ 


  1. It must be the season for bad backs. I need to review your post on back exercises; maybe they will assist the naproxen in making mine better soon.

  2. Sandra, isn't this the most fun thing! Loved reading about it.
    Take good care of all those animals of yours. love you...

  3. Looks like a great event! Hope your back feels better soon!

  4. What a fun event. I like that everybody got dog bones in the end! I hope your back is getting better by the minute- xo Diana

  5. Dog's are my absolute favorite critter in the world. They are so loyal, loving and intellegent. Looks like y'all had a good time! With I could have brought my two also. ~:)

  6. What a fun outing! Little Miss and Mr. Mr. are so darn cute.....looks like you had a nice time.

  7. Oh fun! I'd love seeing all those different dogs.

  8. I bet that was fun to see. And the little ones do sound like a hoot - kids always come out with the funniest things. Glad you had a good time and hope your back is better today.

  9. Michelle, when I remember my exercises, the back behaves, more or less. It only takes a morning or two for me to remember - grin.

    Marsha, I do my best. -grin-

    Debbie, when I do my exercises, my back behaves. Need to remember!

    Diana, all the children were given bones and that made them happy.

    Sparky, nothing like a beloved companion dog animal! I adore my 3.

    Debbie, those children are wonderful and adorable, wicked good combination -grin-.

    Lisa, there were some beautiful dogs but I left mine at home; they're too much of a handful.

    Jill, it was fun and my back is better...exercises help.


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