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Monday, April 22, 2013

I Reject...

Today is "Earth Day" wildly promoted and celebrated by those who have NO choice and are easily brain washed...public school children.

I reject earth day, the United Nations, Gorbachev, the Earth Charter and the push for One World Government. While I'm at it, let me include supporters G. W. Bush, Jr. and Sr., Bill Clinton and Obama. Those aforementioned who claim to be Christians are traitors both to their country and to their alleged faith. May God have mercy on their souls.

Gorbachev, former President of the USSR and now head of the Gorbachev Foundation, said of his first 1995 meeting, "Human interdependence must now become our watchword as we move into the global civilization which lies ahead: interdependence with each other, interdependence with the earth, interdependence with the Spirit which perennially guide the affairs of humankind." 

Um, this would be the same Gorbachev who, as President of the USSR, was responsible for "unequaled environmental devastation"?

Quoted from Crossroad: "UN leader Robert Muller, Chancellor of the University of Peace, told me that both he and Gorbachev are active contenders for the role of UN Secretary General. Both have a plan for streamlining and empowering the international organization. Both share a fascination for New Age mysticism and global values. But Gorbachev has the charisma, international support, and organization skills to accomplish his goals.

"The world's spiritual and environmental leaders who endorse him [Gorbachev] seem to have forgotten that Gorbachev's atheist reign in the USSR spawned unequaled environmental devastation. Could his professed concerns for the poor and for nature be mere political stepping stones to greater power?

"At the end of the conference, the publisher of (defunct) Earth Vision magazine shared with me [Crossroad editor] her disappointment over the hypocrisy she sensed. "I don't believe they really care all that much about the poor," she said. "An evening meal here costs over $120 per person, yet they talk about equality, justice, and raising consciousness. Why couldn't they have served just one meal of rice? That would have done more to raise our awareness than all their promising words."

I reject socialism, all forms of government and all leaders that would seek to displace democracy and God with anything else.

I reject the United Naton's Agenda 21 and One World Government plan. Every time I say or hear the Pledge of Allegiance, I place the USA over all other countries and all other forms of government. 

I reject the Vatican's approval of U.N. Agenda 21.

I reject the Earth Charter that seeks to replace Father God with mother earth.

I reject Al Gore and his fanatical brand of hypocrisy that allows him to buy a $9 Million home while telling the rest of us, "smaller footprint, smaller footprint!". Oh, his $9 Million were spent at a time when unemployment was almost 10%. 

I reject Obama's White House Rural Council Executive Order 13735 because it is intrusive and a grab for more power and control over the lives of 16% of the USA population, those of us living in rural areas.

I have yet to read Glenn Beck's Agenda 21 but it's on my to-read list. No matter what you think of Beck, he's not afraid to address the hard issues and is a militant Christian. That's right...militant! So many Christians should read and heed Beck's military Christianity and then, go thou and do likewise.

I support Democrat's Against U. N. Agenda 21

I support Republican's Against U. N. Agenda 21.

I accept that nothing on this earth and in this world happen without God's knowledge and permission.

I accept, wholeheartedly, the Bible as the inspired Word of God. I accept God's Son, Jesus Christ, as my Savior and Lord...none other...and know I will spend eternity in heaven with God, Christ, the angels and that great cloud of witnesses gone ahead. 

I urge you to accept Christ, immediately.

Happy God's day...
today and all the days to come.

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."
Blessings ~ great cloud of witnesses ~ militant Christians ~ God, the Father; Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son and the Holy Spirit, Comforter ~ 


  1. I agree. If I had children and they were attending government schools, they would be staying home today. I would not want their brains programmed to accept the liberal agendas. Earth Day is a complete farce and fabricated by liberals to promote their values and attack capitalism. I love nature and God's critters (except for insects in the house, LOL), but I despise celebration of Earth Day. And any conservative who participates in Earth Day activities is ill informed & letting themselves be manipulated.


  2. I agree with your philosophy - the earth is God's and the fullness thereof. He will allow us choices and obviously humans continue to make danged poor ones!
    It is earth day every day I'm here - I appreciate the world my Creator established for our temporary home - giving us hints of the world to come!

  3. P.S. And if anybody doubts my love of God's creation, all they have to do is look at my photographs. I celebrate our natural gifts every day, without any prodding by a socialist in "green" clothing.

  4. We are in total agreement. Great post!!! Abbey and Sara

  5. Well said! Here is a link to an article you will appreciate, though you won't "enjoy" reading it...

  6. Fired this post with both barrels today, Ms. Sandra. Threw me back in my seat, you did. Thoughtful post, well said, and ya made me go, "Hmmmmm". Now I'm going to have to think on it some more.

  7. No earth day for me either. For us, every day is God's Day (this is the day that the Lord has made) and we appreciate His creation. I'm listening to Glenn too.

  8. I totally agree. And I could hear libtard heads exploding from down here. :)

    The first Earth Day was created in 1970 because it is the birthday of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin — the Russian COMMUNIST who became the first head of the new Soviet state after the October Revolution of 1917. It took many years but our Public Schools are now also communist (thus the keeping of pagan holidays, the accepted murders of unborn, pushing the sub saharan black agenda, etc.). The only way to fight the indoctrination of innocent youth is take the kids out of public school and away from the cluthes of evil intent.

    Sparky ~:)
    My Thoughts Exactly

  9. I agree, I absolutely do. But you will forgive me my suggestion for today?!

  10. Will send this to those close to me.

    They say I over-think this stuff.

    Will never forget graduating with college degree in horticulture. Yuck.

    Will never forget first study of historic European gardens in Scotland. No accident it 'clicked'.

    You make me laugh.

    I just design my gardens, and get paid, to make my living. Feeling the grace of it and knowing I put that grace into each garden.

    Al Gore! A belly laugh. He could have kept a smaller footprint with fewer/no kids and staying with Tipper. You know, all the extra housing.

    Have read Atlas Shrugged 6 times since college. Haven't read it since the turn of the century. I know it will be its most potent now.

    Thanks for throwing your spaghetti on the wall. Yum.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  11. Sandra,
    Long time no comment, my friend. :) Life can just be so busy. But I had to comment here because I love your post. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to write it.
    I am thankful EVERY DAY that my children are home with me and being brought up with the Bible (and Dad and Mom) as their guide.
    I guess I've never really given any thought to earth day as we 1. homeschool and therefore it isn't seen as a special day by any means 2. I actually don't even know it is earth day until I see the Google homepage 3. we live in a rural community where I don't see anyone else doing anything for it.
    But, I am glad I read this post because it brought to light the agenda behind it, as is the agenda behind so many other seemingly harmless things. Nothing put out by the government is ever harmless. This was just one of those "friendly reminders".
    Blessings to you today! ♥

  12. Love reading your post,you hit it right on it's head!Thank you!

  13. I agree that we should take care of the earth because it is God's creation and we are merely the stewards of it. I love the earth and consider it a gift from God. I have some mixed feelings about Glen Beck. I watch his Blaze network on cable and have several of his books. I had never thought of him as a "militant Christian." He is a Mormon convert from the Catholic Church, so he is Christian to be sure. I know that he has some very strong views and stands and if he is in fact right, we are all in big trouble! Thanks for this thought-provoking post!

  14. We are in agreement. On my facebook page I posted instead of hugging a tree why not worship the one true God and give Him thanks today for this earth you love so much

  15. I loved reading this. Sometimes we get to thinking we are alone in this world in the way we think. I am so saying "cheers!"

    Kasse D.

  16. I LOVE your post! We are definately on the same page. I would love to visit more. Thanks for speaking up ...Kasse D's mom, Andy ( Keep up the great work :)

  17. Donna, I fail to understand how a *practicing* Christian can be a liberal...?

    LindaSue, read to go but not homesick -grin-.

    Sara, thank you!

    Vic, you're right...tough read but am grateful you sent it, thanks!

    Hart Roses, so, after thinking, what did you come up with?

    Jody, it's always about God and His creation for me; Glenn is a brave, brave man.

    Sparky, there's all manner of madness in the world and our country!

    Mags, not a problem; I'd written this post prior.

    Tara, you're not over thinking; they aren't thinking.

    MHQ, if Dave and I had children; we'd have home schooled. Truth!

    Barbara, thank you.

    Debbie, yep, he's a militant Christian; speaks his conservative mind.

    Robyn, GOOD FOR YOU!

    Kasse, easy to think we're along; that's why I blog. -smile-

    Andy, thanks for visiting and commenting. You're always welcome here.


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