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Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm Grounded!

Twice this month I've run across articles that speak to being grounded, as in, grounded to the earth and thus, the energy from the earth. Some natural type e-zines speak to this and say grounding, aka earthing, helps one live a healthier life. (Note, that is not healthy life! grrrr)

The concept of grounding was "developed" by Clint Ober but, let's face it, people have been going barefoot since the Garden of Eden. These days, there are a lot of folks who think of going barefoot as "germy" but I disagree as long as one dodges the pitfalls to be found on a farm smile. I also don't think there's any new age factor because I believe going barefoot is yet another of God's gifts to us. For me to not take advantage of His gift is to deny myself fabulous benefits whether I understand or not.

Apparently, any part of your skin, the body's largest organ, can connect but the most potent part is in the middle of the ball of the foot. Acupuncturists know this as Kidney 1 (K1) the gushing or bubbling spring. This well-know point connects to all acupuncture meridians and thus to every part of the body. I have experienced walking around and, somehow, hitting on a sensitive part of my foot bottom, with the impact being felt throughout my body. WOW!

A transfer of free electrons is made from the Earth into the body when one is grounded. Free electrons, as you know, might very well be the most potent antioxidants known. When the free electrons encounter free radicals in your tissues, those free radicals are electrically neutralized. Electrons are negative, free radicals are positive and cancel each other out. This article on Dr. Mercola's site explains it far better and in depth than can I and Dr. Weil's site has more to say. Dr. Weil also explains there's a major commercial component to a lot of other sites...something I find highly amusing as his site has a large commercial component of folks trying to separate me from my money. 

Some articles say the perfect location for barefootin' (earthing) is at the beach, either in the water or close to the water. Water is a great conductor and our bodies contain, mostly, water so an excellent connection is achieved. If you're not at the beach, a grassy area, covered with dew, is second best. It's said concrete is a good conductor if it hasn't been sealed or painted. Other materials -wood, shoe soles, asphalt- aren't good at all as electrons are prevented from passing through. 

In the shoulder months, I go barefoot a lot and love it. Going barefoot on the farm presents a special set of challenges...all kinds of thistles, burdock, rusty old nails and, worst of all from a yuck, cattle, sheep and dog manure. Still, I do it because I love the feel of my body connected to the earth. I've been know to have a lie down in the yard, dogs, cats and Carly wandering over to give a nudge and sniff, just to feel the outrageous luxury of feeling connected to God's creation. When I close my eyes and am quite still, I imagine I can feel the earth spinning on its axis. Delicious! 

In the photo, I'm standing in my yard, grass wet with rain, staring down at my "passionate pink" toes. I'm also laughing at myself; I rarely paint my toenails, hardly ever my fingernails, because I've got this negative thing going against formaldehyde, DBP, which is banned in the EU but not the USA, and tolune

There ya have it! Going barefoot is good for what ails you; it speeds up tissue repair, causes beneficial changes in heart rates, causes decreased levels of inflammation, can help ease muscle pain and more. Best of's free so...race you to the beach!

Blessings ~ barefootin' ~ grounding ~ earthing ~ nature ~ 


  1. Barefoot is nice, but hazardous in Texas. Between the goathead thorns & burrs, fire ants, doggy landmines, and kiddy-caltrops, I seldom go barefoot. :(

  2. Great post! I love going barefoot - nothing like the grass tickling my feet.


  3. Love the pink toenails! I have some toenail issues (I will spare you the details.. lol!) so I think you are very blessed to be able to have a pretty pedi! I will honestly say I love to do yoga, barefoot back in the pasture (look out for the cow patties..). I then began to read about this grounding thing. I believe! And I find your post very interesting! Thanks! -Tammy

  4. I didn't know any of this about being barefoot. But, now I believe it. Lately I've been feeling the urge to go without shoes, and I wear a lot of sandals so I'm already barefooted in a way. But the naked foot needs to touch the Earth. Well, this was meant to be wasn't it? Love to you and your brood, all of them.

  5. I would definitely go barefoot on the beach, but not here as the beaches are so littered. When my husband and I take the walking path near our house, there is a Kuwaiti woman who walks in the middle where there is grass and she walks barefoot. I wonder if she has read about grounding. :) It's amazing all the things that are allowed in the States while other countries completely ban them. Makes you wonder ....

    Have a great week. Tammy

  6. Love going barefoot, also ... but the old footsies aren't so thrilled anymore. Love you pinkies ... gotta do mine soon for the sandals.

    Hope you are doing well, my friend.
    Big hugs & lots of love,
    TTFN ~

  7. Pink toenails? I'm lucky I can still bend over to clip mine, let alone paint them. [I'm just jealous] *lol* I agree with the going barefoot being good for one. Having grown up in Florida, this was a normal way of life for many of us. It does make one feel "connected", happy and content.

    A little side note, they had a cancer specialist (can't remember his true title) on Fox News recently. He claims that self-made irritations, specifically, tight clothes, HIGH HEALS, etc. have been proven to be one of the contributing causes of cancer. Boy, am I glad I don't wear heels anymore. So, let's all go barefootin' and help give cancer the boot!!

    God bless ~:)

  8. Plants emit wavelengths we absorb thru the skin.

    Large bodies of water react with our body in a pull of attraction....we are mostly water.

    Did not know about the soil/earth pull.

    XO T

  9. This is so funny to me cause i just did before and after pics of my toes! Icky old nail polish, chipped and worn to pretty in pink toes!
    I usually use toe polish in the summer months, but rarely on my hands...ugly, swollen hands from arthritis, plus it never lasts more than a day anyways!

  10. Great post! I too love going barefoot-inside or on the beach but my feet are not nearly as tough as they used to be-thus rocks hurt. I do live in sandals, aka flipflops, all summer long.
    Love your polish-I don't do my hands, just my toes.
    Hugs, Noreen

  11. I knew there had to be a reason I have never really liked shoes! I only wear them because I have to.

  12. Your pink toenails are delightful! I got too many stickers in my youth going barefoot, but the science behind this is fascinating. I may have to try again. Thanks for the info.

  13. I'm with @Monkeywrangler - around here one doesn't go barefoot - goatheads are nasty little thangs! But I agree being connected to the earth is not a bad thing - I garden - a lot - so figure that is a good thing. I get my toenails done once a month - with all the chemicals and junk that has gone into my body in 65 years - my toenails ain't gonna be the thing that kills me!
    your toes look right cute there Miz Sandra -

  14. Some of this got into unproven, "New Agey" areas for me, but I love your happy feet! Awhile back I bought some "Piggy Paint" that has none of those nasty chemicals in it but I have yet to try it. The time to put it on always seems better spent on other things!

  15. Sandra..I'm right there with you .. I don't go barefoot a lot anymore only because I have PF and AT.. so I'm stuck in supportive cork based shoes .but when I can get in the grass or sand the shoes come off ..

    I love the feeling of connecting with the earth too. When we lived on the farm .Mama refused to wear boots to muck the corrals ..she said she loved the feeling of being in her bare feet and that cleaning her feet was a lot easier than cleaning her boots ..LOL !

    I think as people we tend to forget that the earth pays us back in so many beautiful ways and we tend to think things strange such as connecting with the earth through our feet but the Good Lord made everything to work together and we have lost site of that with all the "technological advances" out there that want to make money so they claim such things as bogus ..

    BTW your toes are too cute .Haven't dolled mine up in years ... maybe it's time too !


  16. Between you and Parisienne Farmgirl I am learning lots of new healthy stuff!

    I was an original barefoot girl all my life until 10 years ago. In the house and in the grass. Then came a time I gave up and had orthotics made and the lace up shoes to go with them. Yuck! I miss barefoot days so much. And I miss pretty high heels.

    I would never have imagined that going barefoot in the dewy grass would be good for anything other than a delicious feeling.

  17. Vic, discretion is the better part of valor.

    Beth, just went barefoot this morning, in the dew sodden grass.

    Tammy, two words...white vinegar.

    Marydon, hope you and Harold are well and happy.

    Sparky, gave all that stuff up years life was immediately better for it. Oh, and I do stretching exercises daily.

    Tara, God made it all for His glory and our enjoyment.

    Cyn, great minds and all that, grin.

    Kathy, thank you.

    Noreen, going barefoot also strengthens our feet, helps our balance...everything I NEED!

    Woven, it's skittish, going barefoot around here, too many thistles but I still dare.

    Gail, choose your spots carefully.

    LindaSue, long, skinny feet...quite unlike the rest of me!

    Michelle, like Joseph told his brothers, "you meant it for evil, God worked it for good." He created this earth for our stewardship; unfortunately, there are those who dare to work against Him. We started out barefoot and naked, that tells me plenty...mainly, I should chose carefully where I go naked and barefoot! -lol-

    Sara, going barefoot strengthens our balance and our feet; both very good things. God has given us so much that we've turned from, negated, abused. It's up to Christians to be good stewards.

    Dewena, I've said it before, going barefoot strengthens our feet and our balance...very good things.

  18. I am barefoot all the time indoors, not so much outdoors as I'm allergic to tetanus shots. But I love to sit out on the swing, kick my shoes off and feel the cool grass beneath my feet...

  19. This is very interesting! I should try to do so, when it will be more warm, becaus I have a special pain in my leg (a nerv) - but I think I'll not brave enough to do it at my farm, because I am too afraid of hen's shitt, me stupid! :)))

  20. I love going barefoot but only do it in the grass.. I LOVE to run my toes through cool grass on a nice breezy day.. Something to freeing to the spirit about it..

  21. Aaaaah. The feeling of bare wood under my feet is a wonderful summer indoor delight.
    I am a HUGE fan of barefoot.

  22. This reminds me of the quote "Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting." (Charles Kingsley) The little things--fresh air, cool grass, happy feet--are not little at all. ♥

  23. Linda, gosh, I've never heard of being allergic to tetanus shots, that's terrible.

    Dori, you and me both, stepping into manure isn't so fun -smile-!

    Robyn, I only go barefoot on the farm or at the beach; it's not safe in most places.

    Carol, I join you in the feeling.

    Val, it's all God's and I strive to enjoy His creation, handiwork and beauty; lovely quote.


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