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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake!

Please be advised, this is an excoriating rant of the first degree. I make no apologies because I'm not the one spending million$$$$$$$$$$$$$ of OPM (other people's money) while supposedly representing Americans. However, there will eventually be a day of reckoning and in this we are all equal, when we die, it's ALL left behind except for our names and reputations. The emperor was naked because he had on no clothes.

In a time when more than 50% of Americans are on the public dole...

In a time when unemployment is 7.9% with 12.3 million Americans out of work and, of course, that's not counting the millions of folks who have given up, overcome and overwhelmed by the poor non-existent job market...

In a time when gasoline prices are more than $4.00 per gallon...

In a time when homeowners are losing their homes...

In a time when 1 out of every 624 homes (Jan 2012) got hit with some sort of foreclosure filing...

In a time when the foreclosure market is still active...

In a time when there are 21,000 CHILDREN (not counting adults) sleeping in NYC shelters nightly (and not counting nationwide)...

In a time when 10.4 million people live at or near the poverty line...

At a time when 47.5 MILLION Americans are classified as "working poor" and earn less than $22,811 for a family of four...

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden's actions say...

Biden's one day trips, 2 nights total, to London and Paris cost the US Tax Slave more than...wait for it...


According to the Weekly Standard, the US Tax Slave paid more than $585,000 for a SINGLE NIGHT on 4 February at the Hotel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand, a five-star hotel near the Louvre Museum. This would be for the Presidential Suite (and he only a lowly Vice-President) and rooms for his "crew"; all in all, 129 rooms were charged to the American Tax Payer Slave.

In London, he spent more than $459,000 for the night of 5 February at the Hyatt Regency so he could meet with Prime Minister David Cameron.

WHAT? They did away with telephones in London? 

This US government doc shows the numbers; read it and weep, fellow Tax Slaves!

Indeed, His Royal Supremacy Biden has taken THREE vacations already in 2013! Hey Joe, suck it up and work for a while, earn your keep already. There are millions of Americans who won't get ANY vacations this year while the Obama's have been to Hawaii THREE times since Christmas 2012. And, taking separate jets at double expense to us Tax Slaves and bringing their vacations, all of 'em, to the $20 MILLION mark.


Obama has increased the national debt of the USA to the tune of $16 TRILLION; do you even know how many zeros that means? "We now owe more on the national debt than the entire US economy produced in goods and services in all of 2012!"  You better think about learning Mandarin.

Since Michelle has been spending, her vacations have cost the US Tax Slave millions. On President's Day, 2012, she took family and friends on a ski WEEKEND in Aspen that cost more than $83,000.00...FOR A WEEKEND! This, after three weeks earlier, spending a grueling 17 days for Christmas in Hawaii that cost a cool $4 MILLION. Then, her 2010 Spain trip cost close to half a million and her more recent South Africa trip another  half million or more...Folks, that's a ton of fun; more fun than I've had in a lifetime and she's only been at it a few years! If you've got the stomach, read here and here then join me in weeping. Do I begrudge them vacations? Hedoublehockeysticks YES! At least, I begrudge them so many and taking friends? Hey, pay for your own &^%* friends.

When White House Tours have been stopped, apparently Biden and Obama feel it's entirely appropriate to spend Tax Slave dollars on pointless meetings and (too much) fun? 



My last rant: impeachable offenses. Yes, folks, in recent years both Bush and Obama have made serious decisions, some regarding the "War on Terror", that are violations of our Constitutional rights. BAH! The top three terrors I'm terrified of are Bush, Obama and Big Government. You're sensible people, read here and here; what do you think?

So, in case I've not made myself clear...why, yes, I DO resent the outrageous spending by government employees, elected though they be! Americans are struggling to put food on the table, keep a roof over their heads, gasoline in their vehicles and in the People's house...the White House...employees are thumbing their noses at us. What part of this do you feel is all right? Because if you voted for the current administration, you're getting what you voted for; trouble is, you've dragged the rest of us right along with you.

Blessings ~  term limits ~



  2. I have to confess that what I like best about this is your use of the word excoriating. I'm just off to find out what it means....

  3. Sorted. Loving it. Very effective. Nice!

  4. I agree Amen ... ! America want's more but gets less by the votes they cast .. seriously makes no sense what people are thinking.

    You Go Sandra .. we couldn't agree more with you !

  5. Preach it sistah! I soooooo agree!

  6. As if Benghazi is enough of a reason to wake up every morning with disdain for this administration.
    One of the main reasons I home school is so my child grows up with a healthy mistrust of government.
    Remember, only a third of eligible voters chose Barack; many stayed home. We are not alone in our quest to save our constitution from these fascist...and they ARE fascists!



  7. Lest we forget Fast and Furious.
    "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance"
    ~John Philpot Corran

    As an aside, we need to repeal the 17th amendment and get our Republic back in order...


  8. The politics and spending of this current Administration has made me fall more than ill. I have nothing but contempt and disgust for them. And I have the same opinion of the 51% of voters who apparently wanted to keep the circus going.

  9. Couldn't have said it better, my dear!

  10. It all makes me sick. What can we do to change it? Our country is not the country my ancestor came over from Europe to live in!

  11. uh you were thinking I'd disagree? I don't fear what is happening because I have security in the Lord but I am sickened by the calling evil as good and good as evil (as in you are intolerant if you don't swallow the latest fad called social justice and you are a good person if no one is ever held to an absolute standard of right and wrong) - it isn't just the Obama administration but all the spineless wonders who are professional politicians -

  12. You go girl, another post I could not agree more with. Remember the days of gasoline for 33 cents a gallon, yes 3 gallons for less than a dollar. I realize wages are much higher now than then but hey, they pumped your gas for you, checked your water, oil, tires and washed your windshield. If they want to continue to charge $4 a gallon they need to give me some service. And if you want to pay with an ATM card at the pump some gas stations charge an extra 10 cents a gallon, that's because you did not come in and buy sodas, snacks or beer inside.

  13. Robyn, go thou and do likewise; grin.

    Mags, thank you.

    Sara, with more than 50% of folks on government checks, they want more of everything the rest of us provide. I'm more than ready, and hoping, for a HUGE CHANGE.

    Becky, you preach it too!

    Andie, yes, we know Chris Stevens was a homosexual but does that mean he was murdered in vain?
    Apparently so; remember what Clinton said "what difference does it make?"

    Andie, Great quote but it seems so many people are willing to stick their heads in the sand...they want to blog about food, decorating, their children, etc. but are afraid to take the chance to speak about their conservative views. I've lost followers and readers over my conservative views but I can look myself in the mirror.

    Donna, Republicans are as bad as the Dems; almost every politician is a whore.

    Patrice, so say it on your blog -grin. Make your views and your upset public; let people know you're watching and holding them accountable.

    Debbie, write letters, send e-mails, make telephone calls. Let your "representatives" know you're watching and holding them accountable.

    Linda Sue, you and I and the rest of mute conservatives and Christian conservatives have allowed this country to slide into the abyss. If we don't hold elected "representatives" accountable, they'll keep on raping and pillaging.

    Tombstone, I remember buying gas for 25 cents a gallon, back in the early 70's gas wars. The USA has MORE oil, natural gas and mineral supplies than the rest of the world combined (or so I've read) and we're NOT ALLOWED to harvest it due to "environmentalists" like Al Gore (who has become a billionaire spreading lies about "global warming", etc.). Write letters, send e-mails, make telephone calls...hold the government employees, elected or otherwise, accountable!

  14. Excellent post Sandra. Of course, you know I agree. What really galls me is that this POS was re-elected!!!! What in the world happened!? SHAME on those who voted from all these evil characters. They're just trash living on the government dole like their constituents.

    Please, please, please everyone pray that Rand Paul and other like minded Constitutional men will be elected to office so that we can right this ship before it sinks any deeper.

  15. I couldn't agree with you more. Of all the presidents we have had, this one perpetuates more evil than any of them.
    For anyone reading this....
    Pray, and be proactive. Teach the young about God and our country.
    Time is short.
    May God bless you all.

  16. Sparky, when the majority of the country is on the government dole, what can we expect? bunch of lazy good for nothings!

    Grammasheri, we're in agreement!

    Marcie, we're in agreement also!


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