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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Questions and Answers

1. Are you part of the back to nature/ecological group or are you more of the mindset of "I'll do what I want and everything will work out in the end"?

I'm a steward of God's creation and am held to a different and higher standard than nature or ecological groups. I worship the Creator and not His creation while trying to tend to the gifts He's given me.  My family was re-cycling long before it became popular...the Appalachian mindset has always been use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without. I suppose all that means...there's nothing new under the sun smile.

2. What's a favorite dinner dish to make?

Pasta is a big hit around, easy and inexpensive. On weekends, pork roasts are a favorite and during the summer time, I love to make a chunky gazpacho with home made bread.

3. What animals have you seen give live birth?

Kittens, dogs, calves, horses, sheep, pigs and have assisted kittens, dogs, sheep and horses give birth.

4. If you had the opportunity to teach something, what would you teach?

I've taught folks in Sunday School, high school, university, conferences, conventions and fiber festivals. The agriculture tourism class I developed for university I taught in Russia which was a blast. I'm still teaching; just spoke to a group of folks at a local church and the topic was getting your affairs in order, the same subject matter of the book I'm writing.

5. What did you love most about school? Learning! Although the school supplies were, and still are, pretty spectacular. I adore buying notebooks, pens, everything about school and a good teacher makes it wonderful.

I'm visiting Patrice at Everday Ruralty.

Blessings ~ Patrice ~ a blessed life ~ good food ~ good teachers ~ learning ~


  1. You have certainly seen many things being born! It's so beautiful.

  2. I really agree with you about a lot of things. We should look at the earth as God's and we are the stewards of this wonderful creation so we need to take care of it! I love and live that old adage - fix it up, wear it out, make it do or do without! Thanks and have a great week!

  3. It's good to know more about one of my favorite bloggers! :)



  4. Anonymous10:58 PM EDT

    I loved your answers! You have a lot of knowledge and those you have shared that with are very fortunate. Have a great week. :)

  5. Thank you for the reminder of that old adage. I am looking for more ways to reuse various things, especially all of the paper that makes its way into our home. Upcycling also sounds like something interesting, though I haven't quite figured out what it is exactly.

    I enjoyed reading your post. Have a great week!

  6. I love the view from your window.

    Unfortunately technology/progress is at warp speed making us a disposable society. The days of buying flour in a cloth sack, make a dress or shirt out of the cloth, when the clothes wore out the scraps were made into quilts are gone. I think those were called the good old days.

    Everyone wants the new phone or new car with the latest bells and whistles vs. keeping something more that one to three years.

    PS. I drive a 95 Dodge pickup, I bought used, and it has all the bells and whistles I need. I don't have an Iphone or an Ipad, yet I will survive. We all need to learn to slow down and smell the roses.

  7. Answers:
    1. I try to be a steward.
    2. Taco Rice and Cheese. (Email me for recipe if interested)
    3. Guinea pigs, a cat, and my own children (I was definitely there for all 3 of them!)
    4. I'd like to teach marksmanship some day.
    5. I had many favorite subjects in school, but what truly made it memorable were certain teachers who not only loved their subject, but were truly able to teach it well.

  8. Good to learn more about you!

  9. Sandra you sure have done a lot in your life so far..Russia! Wow!..Thats just awesome. ...You're a very talented intelligent woman and. I am so very happy to know more about you.

  10. What interesting questions and answers! I'm a recent follower who really appreciates your blog! Also, I'm 57 years old and never seen or helped anything be born!

  11. Oh, Sandra~ this was a wonderful post! I'm right with you on the pasta~ love it. And the first question... we also use and re-use until something is used up around here. And I'm happy to do it, too... *grin*
    And I loved your answer to being a "farm midwife"... I learned years ago that if you're gonna have animals, you better be ready for anything, and "birthing" is one of them! :)
    (Oh, and by the way... I love buying notebooks and new pens, too... *smile*)

  12. I want to see a horse foal.I think it's wonderful that you are teaching on the topic of your book. You can help SO many folks that way.Have a good week!

  13. Yes, stationary supplies, love 'em!

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  15. Debby, birth is a miracle and God has blessed me to witness and help.

    Debbie, when we recognize we're stewards, we do a better job for God.

    Andie, you are so kind, thank you!

    softiesplace, thank you for your kind comment and for visiting.

    Suzanne, I think upcycling is taking something old and redoing it into a new way to use...skirt into apron for instance.

    Tombstone, the view is always fabulous...each day of the year!

    Vic, great answers especially 5.

    Charlotte, okey dokey -grin-.

    Robyn, that's because I'm much older than you and taken advantage of what God has sent me.

    Lottie, thank you for commenting and glad you're here. You're always welcome at Thistle Cove Farm.

    Paula, we have so much in common. Having my arm stuck up to the shoulder in somebody's rear end is a farm job requirement.

    Patrice, I helped my mare foal; she was in distress and the foal was large. I just grabbed hold of the foal's front legs and held on so he stopped slipping back inside. It was enough for the mare to give two more pushes and her son slipped out. At that point, I just sat on the ground, amazed, at what God had allowed me to do.

    Leslie, at any and all times of the stationary supplies!


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