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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tax Freedom Day

WOO-HOO! Today, dear Tax Slaves is Tax Freedom Day five (5) days later than last year! If you're good with this, raise your hand but if you're not good with this, keep reading.

According to Newsmax, today is the day you and I begin to work for ourselves. Up until now, we've been working to pay taxes. "According to the Tax Foundation, which does the calculations to determine Tax Freedom Day, the date is later this year "due mainly to the fiscal cliff that raised federal taxes on individual income and payroll. Additional, the Affordable Care Act's investment tax and excise tax went into effect." Um, I think that means Obamacare which has changed, several times, for the worse since it was first forced down our throats. 

No, wait...that cannot be. Obama promised not to raise taxes. Now, what does that mean in plain language? He lied. For a list of Obamacare tax hikes, please click here

The Tax Foundation says this year, you and I will pay more than $2.76 trillion in federal taxes and $1.45 trillion in state taxes. Add up what you spend on food, housing and clothing and taxes will be more than the combined total. yay From January 1 to April 18 is 108 days we're working to pay taxes; that's more than 29 percent of the entire year. 

The Tax Foundation says it will take us

*32 days to pay federal individual income taxes
*24 days to pay federal social insurance taxes
*12 days to pay state and local sales taxes and excise taxes
*12 days to pay property taxes
*8 days to pay federal corporate income taxes
*3 days to pay other federal taxes
*3 days to pay other state and local taxes
*2 days to pay federal excise taxes
*1 day to pay state and local corporate income taxes
*3 hours to pay state and local social insurance taxes

If you live in a higher-income state, like New Jersey, you'll celebrate Tax Freedom Day on May 4, Connecticut on May 13 and New York on May 6. Those living in Louisiana and Mississippi celebrate on March 29.

Blessings ~ I'm working only 108 days to pay taxes ~ Tax Freedom Day ~ 


  1. All this because most of the cash
    was used to help out corps. and banks. Besides all the money spent
    for Highways to nowhere, or Kick backs or promises for $ donations to elect. They steal it we give it.
    I am so off Politicians, to me they are there for the fact they can steal and get rich. Money under the table, sent to out of the country banks. Gifts, like boats, etc.
    They think we all fell off the turnip truck. yvonne

  2. Yvonne, you're forgetting the BILLIONS of tax slave dollars being sent to Muslim countries each year. Obama signs into law, tax advantages for companies like GE to not pay taxes here and then, the following year, move to China taking millions of jobs from Americans. He's raised our debt to $16 TRILLION; more than ALL the other Presidents combined AND he's STILL SPENDING OUR MONEY!! If you don't like what's happening, STOP VOTING Democrat! Republicans aren't much better but at least they don't raise taxes..$$$ out of my pocket.
    We do NOT give the money; it's taken from us by force.

  3. The company my husband used to work for paid no income taxes. They had things set up in trusts and things like that. They also had a huge amount of people working to make sure they didn't. Don't get me started on this, I get quite hot under the collar.

  4. FG, you and me both but greedy sob's keep getting voted in because people will eat dog crap wrapped in bacon if they get a free phone with it.

  5. It's true that we are Paid In Full for "income taxes" by this date BUT we're still paying taxes on: any local purchases, also utilities, telephones, satellite TV, etc. etc. etc. With inflation plus the devaluing of the American dollar purposely carried Forward by O'Blamer and Helicopter Ben added into the unfunded mandate of "minimum wage" are all tax increases that will never be paid.

    You can run, but ya can't hide from our new fascist government.

    Sign me: Wet Blanket aka There's No Such Thing As A Free Cell Phone

  6. Ugh..these numbers make me wanna crap wrapped in bacon?.LOL. Love it..Sadly its true...

  7. You really don't want me to get started on my feelings about our present administration and so called leaders of our country.
    My blood pressure rises every time I just hear his name.
    Like your sign on your side bar I need to Keep Calm and Trust In The Lord.
    Love ya

  8. Oh gosh, and here I was having a pretty good day : ) It's good to have these reminders about the sad state of our affairs, but so frustrating too.
    Our medical insurance has gone up 297% since Obama took office. (We calculated it.) But... birth control pills are now free!

  9. I love it! Tell it like it is! I no longer want tobe a mushroom! Have a beautiful day and I am praying for us all!

  10. Sparky, you're free lunches but morons will always bite.

    Robyn, most days I feel the same way; ill.

    Maggie, Keep Calm and Trust in the Lord is the ONLY way to survive.

    Leonora, it's crazy! And we keep electing the bums.

    Lisa, Talk about it on your blog; it's the only way to spread the news.


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